Tuesday, 2 July 2013

SHOCKING: Chaos As Robbers Escape Court After Death Sentence: Judge Runs For Dear Life

It was a chaotic scene on Monday at the Asaba High Court In Delta, when two armed0robbers escaped from the court immediately the judge sentenced them to death.
The men, who were found guilty of conspiracy and armed robbery were eventually re-arrested by two prison guards.
According to some court officials, immediately the judge announced the sentence, one of them, known as Elvis Agbofodo escaped and ran into a nearby church where the prison guard found him and shot him in the leg to keep him immobilized.
The other convict, Frank Okedema, ran in a different direction before he was apprehended by another prison guard with the aid of residents of the area.
Court proceedings were reportedly disrupted by the escape attempt as this caused the prison guards to start shooting sporadically. The judge, court officials, lawyers and other persons in the area ran for their lives to avoid being hit by flying bullets.

SHOCKING: Catholic Priest Beheaded By Jihadist Rebels

A catholic priest, Father Francois Murad has been beheaded by Syrian terrorists in a shocking public execution that was captured on video.
The Vatican confirmed his death on Monday and ather Murad he was taken from the convent for the Custody of the Holy Land, where he was hiding.
Reports have it that the Catholic priest was attacked by militant Syrans linked to a jihadi group called Jabhat al-Nusra.
A recording of the priest’s beheading was posted to the internet on Monday, showing a crowd of spectators that included two other people recording the execution with smartphones. The video showed a man identified as Murad sitting on the grass with his hands tied together. A gathers, shouting at him in Arabic.
After the Catholic priest was beheaded, onlookers moved in close to view the aftermath.

Govt Merges EFCC, ICPC; Scraps BPE, NAPEP, Six Other Agencies

Federal Government is making plans to scrap least eight federal agencies, commissions, and parastatals out of about 220 recommended for abolition in the report of the Stephen Oronsaye-led Presidential Committee on the Rationalisation and Restructuring of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies.
It was reported that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Commission (ICPC) are also to be merged together to form a single entity.
The agencies to be scrapped completely include the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE); Fiscal Responsibility Commission (FRC); Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC); National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission (NSIWC); National Poverty Eradication programme (NAPEP); Utilities Charges Commission (UCC); the National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC) and the Public Complaints Commission (PCC).

Presidency Can’t Pick Service Chiefs Alone – Court

A Federal High Court in Abuja, yesterday, barred President  from appointing Service Chiefs for the federation without the consent of the National Assembly.
Delivering judgment in a suit filed before the  court by Lagos-based activist, Mr Festus Keyamo, Justice Adamu Bello, maintained that it was unconstitutional, illegal, null and void  for the President to single handedly okay persons for appointment as Service Chiefs.
Though the court did not order their immediate removal from office, those whose appointment were adversely affected by the judgment yesterday were the Chief of Air Staff, Chief of Army Staff and  Chief of Naval Staff.
The court also held that Section 18 (1) & (2) of the Armed Forces Act, Cap. A.20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, is in conformity with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution and do not fall within the category of existing laws under Section 315 (2) of the constitution which any sitting President may by an order, modify its text to bring it into conformity with the provisions of the constitution.
Specifically, Keyamo had in his suit, urged the court to among other things, determine: “Whether by the combined interpretation of the provisions of Section 218 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 and Section 18 of the Armed Forces Act, Cap. A.20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, the 1st Defendant can appoint the Chief of Air Staff, the Chief of Army Staff, and the Chief of Naval Staff without the confirmation of the National Assembly sought and obtained.
He also asked the court to determine “whether Section 18 (1) & (2) of the Armed Forces Act, Cap. A.20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 is not in conformity with the provision of the 1999 Constitution so as to fall within the category of existing laws under Section 315 (2) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, that the President, may, by Order, modify its text, to bring it into conformity with the provisions of the Constitution.”
Keyamo insisted that the practice of side-stepping the constitutional requirement of involving the National Assembly in the appointment of Service Chiefs began under former President Olusegun Obasanjo, adding that subsequent administrations adopted the illegal practice.
Therefore, he beseeched the court for: “A declaration that the appointment of Service Chiefs for the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the President, without the confirmation of the National Assembly is illegal, unconstitutional and void.
“A declaration that Section 18 (1) & (2) of the Armed Forces Act, Cap. A.20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, is in conformity with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution so as not to fall within the category of existing laws under Section 315 (2) – of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, that the President, may, by order, modify its text, to bring it into conformity with the provisions of the Constitution.”
He also prayed the court for:  “An order restraining the President from further appointing Service Chiefs for the Federation without first obtaining the confirmation of the National Assembly”.
Justice Bello in his judgment, yesterday, upheld his arguments and granted all the prayers that were sought by the plaintiff.

Amaechi Cannot Leave - PDP

Peoples Democratic Party leadership has asked Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State not to leave the party.
It noted that with the ongoing reconciliation in the party, there was no need for any of its aggrieved members to defect to another party.
The party’s acting National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Tony Okeke, stated this in Abuja on Monday.
Okeke was responding to a threat by Amaechi that he could defect to another party if the PDP no longer wanted to accommodate him.
But Okeke, who spoke to one of our correspondents on Monday, said, “There is no need for him (Amaechi) or anyone to leave the party. The reconciliation efforts going on in the party now are all encompassing and we are very positive and hopeful and because of this, there is no need for anyone to leave the party, not even now or in the future.”
The PDP, which suspended Amaechi from the party on May 27, set up a committee to investigate the anti-party activities accusations levelled against him.
Meanwhile, a former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Austin Opara, has dismissed Amaechi’s claim that he made him (Opara) a principal officer of the House of Representatives.
Opara, who spoke with journalists in Abuja, also said it was wrong for the governor to tag him a betrayer.
He wondered how Amaechi, as the then Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, could have influenced his emergence as a principal officer of the House of Representatives, when he was not even a member of the National Assembly.
He said, “The process of electing the presiding officers of the House of Representatives is well known. It is through election on the floor of the House.
“Since the office of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives was zoned to the South-South, I spoke to all the governors from the zone and my state governor. How did Amaechi make me the Deputy Speaker?”
Also, a member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dakuku Peterside, has warned that the PDP will lose the 2015 election if it fails to reconcile its aggrieved members and resolve the crisis rocking it.
Peterside, who represents Opobo/Nkoro/Andoni Federal Constituency, stated that without reconciling members of the party, it would be difficult for it to win the next general elections in the country.
The lawmaker said the PDP was currently in disarray, adding that any political party in such a situation would not win any election.
Peterside, who is the Chairman, House Committee on Petroleum Downstream, said though Amaechi was still in the PDP, he would not hesitate to leave the party if the governor decides to defect to another party.
The lawmaker said, “If you say the PDP in Rivers State is in disarray, are you not sure the party (PDP) in Nigeria is in disarray?”

SEX KILLS! The Truth About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sometimes, the way alternative medicine hawkers trivialise issues relating to sexually-transmitted infections/diseases is astounding.
For one, they dwell more on obscene description of sexuality; while they also call STIs the diseases of the socially active persons.
Well, whether this latter aspect is true or not, the undeniable fact is that STDs are dangerous infections that can wreak systematic havoc on the body, internally and externally; and, in extreme cases, they can result in agonising death.
Epidemiologists say there are more than 20 STDs, including crabs, scabies, genital warts, syphilis, AIDS, Chlamydia, Herpes, among others.
Researchers say every year, millions of STDs are passed from person to person, primarily through sexual contact, though some infections are also transmitted non-sexually.
They note that because the infections are sexually-transmitted, people don’t like to talk about them and therefore leave them untreated.
“Sometimes, the infections will go away; but usually, an untreated STD will return and the infected person will suffer grave consequences as a result,” epidemiologist, Mr. Segilola Araoye, warns.
Doctors also warn that STDs are dangerous for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.
Family physician, Dr. Damilare Okikiolu, notes that a pregnant woman with an STD can infect her baby before, during, or after delivery.
“She may also go into early labour or suffer early rupture of the membranes surrounding the baby in the uterus.”
Worse still, doctors say, the complications of STIs in pregnant women can result in   cervical cancer and other cancers for the mother. As for the unborn baby, he may suffer chronic hepatitis, neonatal sepsis (infection in the blood), damage to the brain, blindness, deafness, acute hepatitis, meningitis, and chronic liver disease.
Okikiolu laments that some of the effects of birth-related sexually-transmitted diseases may not be detected for months or sometimes, even years.
Physicians warn that there are no vaccines for the prevention of some of these STDs and that even after a patient must have been treated for any of them, he or she could still get a new infection if they don’t adhere to strict sexual health practices.
Okikiolu advises sexually active people who have more than one partner or those who engage in risky sexual behaviours to regularly screen for STIs.
While we may not be able to mention all the STDs in the books, a brief examination of some of them would do. So, here we go…
Okikiolu says typically, most people who have Chlamydia don’t know they do because the bacterial infection often has no symptoms, though it’s one of the most reported STDs.
He warns, “Chlamydia is easy to cure, but if left untreated, it can affect a woman’s ability to conceive; just as it can affect the genitals, rectum, eyes and eyelids.
“Indeed, about 10-15 per cent of women with Chlamydia will develop pelvic inflammatory disease, which affects the upper genital tract. This may cause permanent damage to the fallopian tubes, uterus, and surrounding tissues, and can lead to infertility. It may also lead to ectopic pregnancy. In men, Chlamydia infection can spread to the testes, and can result in sterility,” the doctor warns.
The signs and symptoms of Chlamydia, Okikiolu says, usually include painful urination, lower abdominal pain, vaginal discharge in women, discharge from the penis in men, pain during sexual intercourse in women, and testicular pain in men.”
He warns that any sexually frivolous person can get Chlamydia, “but female teens are more likely to be infected because of immature cervix.”
This STI, also called Trich, presents no symptom, physicians say; and is one of the most common causes of vaginitis — an irritation of the vulva or vagina. It takes between three and 28 days for symptoms to appear, if ever they do. Consequently, victims — especially men — don’t know they have it until they start having discharge from the urethra, or when they feel the urge to urinate frequently — often with pain and burning.
Okikiolu notes that when women have Trich symptoms, they may have frothy, often unpleasant-smelling vaginal discharge, blood spotting in the discharge, itching in and around the vagina, and swelling in the groin.
This STD is one of the most versatile, as it presents in four stages —primary, secondary, latent, and tertiary — when left untreated.
Okikiolu explains that, “The primary stage classically presents with firm, painless, non-itchy skin ulceration (chancre); secondary stage comes with a diffuse rash which frequently involves the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Latent syphilis presents little or no symptoms, but by the time it graduates to tertiary stage, you can have a soft, non-cancerous growth (gummas, commonly found in the liver, brain, heart, skin, bone, testis, and other tissues). These can lead to a variety of potential problems, including neurological disorders or heart valve disease.”
Signs and symptoms of syphilis include a firm, round, small, and painless sore on the genitals, anus, or mouth; or a rash on the body, especially on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet, researchers say.
This STD is also called pubic lice, which physicians describe as “small parasites that feed on human blood and usually found on the pubic hair.” They can also be found on other parts of the body where a person has coarse hair, such as armpits, eyelashes, and facial hair. Crabs rarely infest head hair, scientists say.
“The most noticeable symptom of crabs is itching in the pubic area, which usually starts about five days after infection,” Okikiolu says.
Doctors warn that crabs are also transmitted non-sexually when one sleeps in an infested bed or uses infested towel, wears infested cloth or uses an infested toilet seat.
While all the aforementioned STDs are treatable, not so herpes. Doctors say “there is no cure for this infection, though treatment can reduce symptoms and decrease the risk of transmission to another person.”
Okikiolu says herpes presents no symptoms or have very mild symptoms that go unnoticed or are mistaken for another skin condition.
The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention warns that when symptoms do occur, they typically appear as one or more blisters on or around the genitals, rectum or mouth. “The blisters break and leave painful sores that may take two to four weeks to heal. The first time someone has an outbreak, they may also experience flu-like symptoms such as fever, body aches and swollen glands.”
As deadly as herpes is, scientists say, the infection can remain in the body indefinitely; and if a person with genital herpes touches his/her sores, he may transfer the infection to another part of the body, including the eyes.
Again, physicians warn, “The genital sores caused by herpes can bleed easily. When the sores come into contact with the mouth, vagina, or rectum during sex, they increase the risk of HIV transmission if either partner is HIV-infected.”
Genital HPV infection
Okikiolu says there are more than 40 types of Human Papilloma Virus that not only infect the male and female genitals, but can also infect the mouth and throat. Also incurable, as HPV lingers in the body, it can cause serious health problems such as genital warts and certain cancers, physicians warn.
Experts say though in about 90 per cent of the cases, HPV infections go away by themselves within two years, sometimes, they may persist and cause a variety of serious health problems such as genital warts, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis — a rare condition in which warts grow in the throat; cervical cancer, cancer of the vulva, vagina, penis, or anus; and a type of head/neck cancer called oropharyngeal cancer (cancer in the back of throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils).

18 Soldiers In Trouble For Aiding Boko Haram

Eighteen  soldiers, including a  lieutenant,  on Monday appeared  before  a General  Court Martial in Jos, Plateau State for aiding members of the  fundamentalist Islamic sect, Boko Haram,  and other insurgent groups in their  activities.
The soldiers are members of  the Joint Task Force code named Operation Restore Order in Borno State and the Special Task Force also known as Operation Safe Heaven in Plateau State.
The  JTF and STF were deployed in  the two states following the menace of  insurgent groups in the country. While the JTF is also  battling with Boko Haram members  in Adamawa,  and Yobe states,  the STF has been grasping with Fulani herdsmen who,  in the past 10 years had taken Plateau State by the jugular.
The soldiers are being tried under charges termed, “communication with the enemies, cowardly behaviour,  murder and manslaughter.”
The  General  Officer Commanding the 3 Division of the Nigerian Army, Maj.-Gen. Ebisowei Awala,  said before  the inauguration of the five-member panel that  the soldiers were duly investigated by the military police.
 Awala described the  court martial  as  one of the instruments conferred on him by the  Armed Forces Act chapter A 20 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria to address problems in the army.
He explained  that any officer who wanted to succeed in the military should be disciplined and loyal, adding that these were two “essential requirements” an officer should not lack.
The GOC said,   “Discipline is the foundation on which the military career rests; as a matter of fact, discipline and loyalty are two essential requirements no officer or soldier, who wants to succeed in professional soldiering, can afford to lack.
“It is the duty of superiors to observe, correct and instantly deal with negligence or any misconduct on the part of subordinates.
“When there is any breach, it is expected that appropriate disciplinary measures must be taken by commanders to forestall future occurrences.
“This way, the Nigerian Army can continue to play its constitutional role and sustain its accolade as the pride of the Nigerian nation.”
Awala said that the  court martial was  necessary so as to ensure that the high level of professionalism required to confront the lingering security challenges  in the country, especially in the North-East  was sustained.
He enjoined the parties in the court martial to discharge their duties expeditiously and with a high degree of commitment, to enable the accused persons to get justice.
According to him, justice is a three-way traffic that involves the accused, the   army and the state; hence the need for fairness and equity.
“I want to implore this general court martial to ensure that no effort is spared to achieve this three-way traffic of the justice system; in this case, of the accused, the Nigerian Army and the state.
“Where a person is convicted of an offence, sentence ought to be passed. Such sentences must be humanely meted out.
“Punishment is among the means available for the maintenance of discipline in the Nigerian  Army; as such the kind and amount of punishment should be adequate enough to achieve its purpose and serve as a deterrent to others.’’
He  stressed that the GCM was convened  to sustain a high level of professionalism required to confront the mounting security  challenges in the Division’s  area of responsibility.
Judge Advocate, Col.  Dorothy Wilson-Ekwo, told  newsmen  after the convening of the GCM  that the suspects  would be given a fair hearing.
When the charges were read to the soldiers,  they pleaded not guilty. No lawyer appeared for them.
Thereafter the court rose without announcing any adjourning date.
However one of the lawyers present, Mr. A. B. James, told journalists  that he was only there as an observer.
Another court martial is  also trying 14 officers and men under the 3 Armoured Division for various acts of misdemeanour.
A former  Commander of the 33 Artillery Brigade in Bauchi, Brig.-Gen. Muraina Raji, was  tried by a Special Court Martial at the 3 Armoured Division, Jos for his alleged role in the escape of two high-profile Boko Haram suspects.
Though he was  discharged and acquitted of all the three charges, he was convicted on “special findings” by the court and sentenced to a three-month loss of seniority in his rank.

REVEALED: Real Reasons Why Obasanjo Is Angry With Jonathan

Facts have emerged on why Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo have assumed an anti-Goodluck Jonathan stance, even as the 2015 intrigues continue to gather steam.
A source privy to a recent meeting where Obasanjo openly expressed his displeasure to some close allies on how President Jonathan has been relating with him, said it all started when:
Obasanjo indicated his intention to resign as the chairman of the Board of Trustees of PDP. The situation was allegedly handled poorly by President Jonathan and this angered Obasanjo.
According to the source, the former president had expected the president to engage him in order to seek clarification on why he was leaving the office beyond the excuses he had advanced.
Commenting on the Obasanjo/Jonathan grudge, the source said the former president was shocked when about a week after serving the notice of his intention to resign, he received a letter from Jonathan, accepting his resignation without either an attempt to persuade him against it or give personal attention to the plan.
Obasanjo was said to have described President Jonathan’s action as both insensitive and a display of poor understanding of the nuances of power.
“Baba had expected that given his place in the party and especially the role he played in the emergence of Mr Goodluck Jonathan as President, he would have prevailed on him not to go but stay back and help moderate things at the highest level in the party,” the source said.
Another source told Thisday that Jonathan just “acted naively” without knowing the implications.
The source, who gave a rundown of Jonathan’s alleged many infractions against Obasanjo, confirmed that the former president is not happy with the way the Jonathan groups were going about his re-election bid.
According to him, Obasanjo had put a lot at stake by brokering a one-term deal that is now being vehemently denied, adding that even if there was plan to seek re-election, the brazen approach is certainly counter-productive in the light of the prevailing political developments in the country.
The source recalled that apart from easing out former governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Osun State as national secretary, Bode Mustapha, as auditor-general and former Ekiti State governor, Segun Oni, as vice-chairman of the PDP, South-west zone, the PDP in Ogun State had also been taken away from Obasanjo and handed over to someone regarded as “unrepentantly anti-Obasanjo”, Mr. Buruji Kashamu.
Worthy of note, the source mentioned, was that Obasanjo didn’t take kindly, the way Jonathan took his position on the issue of insecurity, especially when the President was reported as saying he would not handle the issue of terrorism the military way, alluding to Obasanjo’s invasion of Odi and Zaki Biam.
Another instance, according to the source, was that Obasanjo sometime ago visited one of his farms in Cross River State and observed that the road to the farm was in deplorable state.
“So, Baba expressed his disappointment to the Cross River State governor on the state of the road but the man replied and said it was the President that had not approved of it being a federal road.
“Right there, Baba called the president and narrated his encounter with the governor and told the president that he had appealed to the governor to go ahead with the road and that he’ll be reimbursed by the president, to which Jonathan was said to have replied in the affirmative.
“But Baba was later shocked to hear that the president had sent for the governor and dressed him down for what he considered ‘reporting him to Baba’. So, these are some of the things that people do not know that are annoying Baba. If not for these infractions, the source said, “Baba was not and never would have been against the president because of the role he played in his emergence. It is depressing for Baba.”

Blackface Reminds Tuface About Debt

As per reports, Blackface has said he has not been paid for co-writing song ‘African Queen’ along with his fellow Tuface Idibia, who sang the song.
The issue is surrounding the song. Blackface was a member of Plantashun Boiz and Idibia was also part of it. He claims both of them had written song together but he has not yet received financial benefits for his work officially.
Though he was little upset over the same, when asked he said it doesn’t make much difference. He argued he was still a writer even if they had omitted him.
Also, he averred that the song African Queen was redone by a Jamaican artiste. He disclosed he was not aware of the fact though he should have been since he co-wrote the song. He asserted he is trying to get the answer to the same and has got it yet.
“Now is all like am a writer, I have 50 per cent of the publishing, which I didn’t used to have before, so it’s a different ball game right now”, he said about issue of getting credit for the song. African Queen was a hit song, which was sung by Idibia and was released in 'Face 2 Face' album in 2004.

10 Wrong Reasons Why People Marry!

10 Wrong Reasons Why People Marry!1. Good sex – This is part of reason for marriage but should not be the only reason.
2. Good food – Sorry, you don’t need a wife to eat good food. Cooking yourself or just grabbing some fast food can be an option.
3. Solution partner – It is true that you need someone you can pour your heart to at all time. But you need to know that the other person also needs your care. If all you want is only yourself to be heard without considering the other person, then what you need is a counsellor, not a husband or wife.
4. Beauty – Never marry because someone is beautiful or handsome! Beauty fades. Simplicity is the key. However, you must be attracted to the person.
5. Money – You may have financial need but marrying someone just because he/she is rich won’t sustain the marriage
6. Pressure – “I am getting old”, “My friends are all married”, “My family are complaining” – These and many more are the excuses some people marry! But remember that you are the one that will live with that spouse and not your parents or friends.
7. Spirituality – “He speaks in tongues”, “He attend church regularly!”, we know them by their fruits and not by their being religious.
8. Conversion – I will change him/her after marriage. 99% chances are that he/she will not change after marriage if they didn’t change before marriage.
9. Fantasy – Some just get married because others are married and they don’t want to be left out.
10. Low self-esteem – Some people feel they would not get someone to marry them, else they quickly rush in with anyone that comes their way, not knowing them to an extent.

PHOTO: Meet 30 Year-Old-Woman Who Looks 70

A 30 year old woman, Helen Gillespie who has starved herself for twenty years in a bid to stay young has been left with the body of an elderly woman.
Helen began dieting when she was just ten years old, because she was afraid of growing up and as she got older, she began dreading adult responsibilities, giving her more reason to starve herself.
As a result of her drastic dieting she missed puberty as a teenager and didn't have her first period until she was 26.
More so, she never developed breasts and was forced to wear prosthetics made for cancer patients.
She said: “I never developed properly, so I’ve got a child’s frame - I don’t have hips and I’m completely flat chested.
When she started dieting, Helen limited her food intake to just 60 calories a day and by the time she was 14, she weighed just four-and-a-half stone.
But far from not developing, the eating disorder has left her with varicose veins and the crumbling bones of a 70-year-old woman.
Helen, from Perth, Scotland, explained: "Doctors tell me my bones are so weak that I broke my wrist after a fall when I was 14. If I don’t improve, I’ll continue to age prematurely.
“I’m sharing my story because I want to warn others that anorexia can take your childhood away."
However she is still unable to bring herself to eat a healthy adult diet.Instead she eats just 750 calories a day; a small bowl of cereal for breakfast, four pieces of fruit at 5pm, then two pieces of toast and a tin of baked beans around 2am - just over half of the recommended amount for a child aged one to three

Trailer Driver Smashes Vehicles To Escape Accident Scene

There were reports of panic on Monday caused by a trailer driver when he attempted to escape the scene of an accident.
The incident, which involved a Sinotruk trailer with number plate KANO MKK 37 XA belonging to Dangote Cement Company, and a Nissan Vanette bus, marked LAGOS EKY 631 XC, happened on the Calabar-Itu highway.
It occurred when one of the side tail-boards of the trailer opened unexpectedly, smashing a bus, to its side.
The driver, who was obviously aware of what had happened, however, ignored the people  who flagged him down. He brushed two other trailers and shoved some vehicles on the road aside.
On getting to the Ekim-Itam junction in Akwa Ibom State, the driver veered off the road, destroying security barricades. No fewer than 15 vehicles, including a police van followed the fleeing trailer were involved.
Immediately Umar halted the trailer, he jumped down and attempted to escape alongside three other occupants of the trailer, but they were apprehended.
Umar and the three others, who identified themselves as Iliasu, Sumaila and Talihu, narrowly escaped being lynched by some occupants of the vehicles that pursued them. It took the intervention of two riot policemen to calm down the angry commuters.
When asked why he did not stop after the accident, Umar claimed that he “was not aware of what happened.” But one of the occupants of the trailer contradicted his claim, insisting that the driver was actually trying to escape.
Umar said the truck was detailed to Calabar to supply bags of cement to a customer, adding that they were on their way back to Obajana in Kogi State.
The police detained Umar and his accomplices, while the trailer and the bus were taken to the Police Station at Itu.

OPINION: "Terrible Idea" of a Six-Year Single Term

OPINION: "Terrible Idea" of a Six-Year Single Term
While basking in the euphoria of his election in 2011, President Goodluck Jonathan mulled a single term. Also, at the height of oil subsidy protests in January 2012, his special adviser on media and publicity, Dr Reuben Abati, hinted that the president had a plan to send a constitution amendment bill to the National Assembly that would provide for a six-year single tenure for the president and the governors. With the "ratification" of the Senate ad-hoc Committee on Constitution Amendment of a single term of six years for the president and state governors, the idea is no longer hidden.
In its report, the Senate committee seeks an amendment to sections 135 and 180 of the constitution to allow for a single tenure for executive offices. Also to be amended is Section 137 barring incumbents from benefitting from it. At the public hearings and town hall meetings, it was clear that the idea had no backing of the Nigerian people. So, it remains unclear how the committee came to that conclusion and included it in its report.
Concerns about the current two-term tenure of four years each might be legitimate, but there are still reasons to maintain it. Most elected governors tend to do more in their first term in office with the hope that they will be rewarded with re-election. This is the practice in most democracies of the world. Rejection at the polls is the price for a dismal first term. So why do we want to do away with this democratic incentive for hard work? A single term of six years may present plausible prospect for reducing the cost of election or governance, but it could also engender avarice and heat up the polity as beneficiaries of single tenure of six years could also, mid-way into their tenure, brook tenure elongation and change the provision to enable them serve for two terms of 12 years.
From whichever perspective, the proposition is not only tendentious but profoundly undemocratic. It will certainly mean the INEC updating the voter register every six years and leaving new entrants into the voting age bracket in abeyance for years. The cost of providing security for elections will become invariably higher because of the fear that losing out would mean being in the political wilderness for six years. The truth is that the cost of elections is not necessarily a function of its frequency. Above all, global statistics indicate that the concept of a six-year single presidency is not fashionable in virtually all the six continents of the world: 196 countries in the six continents practise two terms of four years, and, of the 54 countries in Africa, only Senegal and Ethiopia operate two terms of six years.
Indeed, almost all the advanced democracies do not favour the idea. Virtually all the American leaders who shared such sentiments often expressed contrary views in later years. Professor Arthur Schlesinger of City University of New York concluded in his analysis of the six-year presidency that it is "a terrible idea" because it is completely antithetical to the "philosophy of democracy". We cannot agree less.

Kris Kross Rapper's Cause Of Death Revealed

Kris Kross Rapper's Cause Of Death Revealed
Atlanta, U.S. -- Chris Kelly of the '90s rap duo Kriss Kross died of a drug overdose, a medical office investigator said Monday.
A toxicology screening revealed that Kelly, 34, had a mixture of drugs in his system when he was pronounced dead on May 1, said Betty Honey of the Fulton County Medical Examiner's office in Atlanta.
Paramedics found Kelly unresponsive on a living room couch at his Atlanta home and tried to resuscitate him. Kelly, known as "Mac Daddy," was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.
Honey said she did not know which specific drugs Kelly had used before his death. However, a police report from the night of Kelly's death said his mother told investigators her son used cocaine and heroin the night before he died and had a history of drug abuse.
Kriss Kross was introduced to the music world in 1992 by music producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri after he discovered the pair at a mall in southwest Atlanta. Kelly performed alongside Chris Smith, who was known as "Daddy Mac." The duo wore their clothes backward as a gimmick, but they won over fans with their raps.
Their first and most successful song was the 1992 hit "Jump," which became a chart-topper in the United States and around the world. The two were never able to match the tremendous success of their first song, though they had other hits like "Warm It Up," and "Tonite's tha Night."
At a memorial ceremony for Kelly in early May his uncle, Lemar Williams, said Kelly showed a love for music from an early age and mimicked Michael Jackson's dance moves. Williams said Kelly loved Atlanta and never wanted to live anywhere else.
Earlier this year, Kriss Kross performed in Atlanta to celebrate the anniversary of Dupri's record label So So Def and Williams said Kelly was planning to make a comeback.

Nigerian Midfielder Ajilore Out of Dutch FC Groningen

Dutch football club Groningen have not renewed the contract of Nigeria midfielder Oluwafemi Ajilore. This is part of the measures to cut costs, as some top earners at the club like Ajilore did not have their contracts renewed.
Nigerian Midfielder Ajilore Out of Dutch FC Groningen
Ajilore expressed his appreciation to the club for the wonderful years he enjoyed there.
"The appreciation that I have received from the fans makes me feel good. I've had some bad luck with injuries, but had a good time at FC Groningen. To leave a club is also part of football. I want to thank everyone for the wonderful years," said Ajilore on the club website.
Ebenezer Oluwafemi Ajilore, born 18 January 1985, is a Nigerian professional football midfielder. He joined Dutch side FC Groningen in 2004. The Beijing 2008 Olympic silver medalist has played for FC Midtjylland and Brondby IF (both in Denmark).
Kees Kwakman and Tim Sparv were the other players who were released alongside the Nigeria midfielder.

FRESH: Suntai Celebrates Birthday, Opens Up

The Governor of Taraba State Danbaba Suntai gave his interview from New York on a Sunday evening -- amidst an event arranged by a former Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations, Ambassador Kennedy F. Apoe, to honour Suntai's 52nd birthday.
FRESH: Suntai Celebrates Birthday, Opens Up
Your Excellency, how are you, Sir?
Suntai: I am fine [smiles]. I am very fine.
Good. Sir, can you recollect the incident that brought you to the United States?
Suntai: Yes, a crash. They said I was involved in a plane crash, but I do not want to talk about it now because the memory takes me back. The doctors advised that I should not be made to remember the incident. But I am fine now.
Okay, Sir. So how do you feel today, having your family members and some aides around you for your birthday celebration?
Suntai: I am happy that I am alive to witness today. I thank all of them for their supports...
The Governor asked a Christian group, Hillsong, to perform a worship song 'Mighty to Save' for him. After listening to the song and singing along with his daughters, Mariam, Edigwa and Zainab, Suntai confessed he liked the song, as it reminds him he has to forgive his offenders just like God forgived him his own wrongdoings.
Having said this, the Governor also disclosed that he has no grudge against his insulters, including those who "had been heating up Taraba state just because of their selfish interests".
The Governor further admitted that he misses "many things" since he has been away from his homeland, emphasizing the annual Christmas celebration he would hold together with his community people in his hometown.
Dressed in a dark blue suit, sporting a red-coloured T-shirt under it, expressed the desire to be present at the upcoming celebration this year.
Mrs Mabel Apoe, wife of the host and organizer of the indoor celebration, served the Governor some food -- rice, beans, salad, green tea and water-melon, -- which he ate.
During the birthday celebration, which lasted for about three hours, Governor's wife transferred several phone-calls to him, including one from the former Deputy Speaker of the Taraba State House of Assembly, Honorable Abel Diah.
Hajia Hauwa Suntai, the Governor's wife, admitted that her spouse's life is "truly a living testimony", adding that it was only the intervention of God that brought the Governor back to life: "I am quite happy and excited, and I thank God for everything.
"As you can see, we are all over him and everybody here present is happy with him. I do not really care about all the negative reports that some journalists have been writing about my husband, and you can see it for yourself now that he is really doing well. You can even see that he has improved more than the last time you came to visit him at home," she further continued.
Asked about how she received the terrifying news of the notorious plane crash in which her husband was injured, Mrs Suntai remembered thus: "It was so shocking, and it created missed feelings and emotions for him because I never thought he could survive it. It was very tough, but we thank God that he survived it at the end of the day."
Meanwhile, the organizer of the social event, Ambassador Kennedy Apoe, said he was "glad" that the Governor was alive to witness his birthday celebration and went on to described his health condition as "excellent". He added that he and the Governor had spent the last couple of days together discussing several issues, ranging from the Governor's health to the political situation in Nigeria.
Ambassador Apoe stated: "With where the governor is coming from, I will say his health condition is excellent. Anytime we go to see him, he always talks with us normally as against media propaganda by his political opponents. He always remembers previous discussions, so how do you say such a man has lost his memory?"
One of the Governor's daughters, Mariam, disclosed she was "not happy" with her Father's condition, but added that she "thanked God for bringing him back to life."
One of Suntai's physicians confirmed the fact that he had been discharged from the hospital about two weeks ago, but was asked to visit the rehabilitation centre for therapies. This would make his doctors determine when he is fit to undergo a long-distance flight back to Nigeria.

Prophet Wants Justice Over Policeman Who Killed His Son

Photo - Police killed my son, I want justice – Prophet
The family of Prophet Omisande Kolawole was thrown into mourning after the 20-year-old Olayinka Kolawole was allegedly killed by policemen attached to Ejigbo Division.
The father of the deceased, Prophet Omisande Kolawole, told Punch Metro that  Kolawole had been trying for three years to further his education after finishing from Sam Glory Secondary School, Ejigbo, Lagos, but the fatal incident occurred on June 15, 2013.
Narrating what transpired on the fateful day, Omisande said, “My son went out to attend his friend’s birthday party not too far from our home. He said he would not stay long and we told him not to stay out too long. The following day, which was a Sunday, we did not see or hear from him and we began to panic.
“Later we heard that police embarked on a raid the previous night. We even thought he had been arrested. His mother, Grace Kolawole, and her nephew, Segun Adio, went to the Ejigbo Police Division but they were told that there were no suspects in their cell.
“However, residents told us that they had seen my son’s corpse being conveyed by policemen. After about three hours later, the policemen opened up and told us that my son had been killed. My wife immediately fainted.”
Prophet Omisande said even after his wife had been revived, the police refused to take her statement as well as the statement of Adio, her nephew.
He stated that Adio and other residents set out to investigate what actually happened and it was discovered that his son was killed by a stray bullet which emanated from the gun of a policeman popularly known as Oba.
He said, “We were told that around 8pm on the fateful day, Titan Hotel, located at Asaolu Close, was holding an event tagged Ladies’ night. At the hotel, one policeman popularly known as Oba was having a drink and dancing with a lady.
“We learnt that Oba left the hotel premises to receive a telephone call but on returning to the hotel, Oba got into a fight with a youth over the lady he was dancing with. The altercation degenerated into fisticuffs and Oba ran out of the premises and called his colleagues for back-up.
“When his colleagues arrived at the scene, a shoot-out ensued. During the shooting, my son, who was on his way home from another party was hit in the head by a stray bullet and died instantly.”
Omisande said since his son’s killing, life had not been the same. He said his wife was hospitalised and was only recently discharged.
The deceased’s mother, Grace, fighting back tears, confessed everything was still like a dream: “Olayinka was the first of my three children. My other children are still young and it feels as if all my labour has been in vain. I want justice for his death,” she said.
Omisande described his son as a responsible boy and wondered why the police would attempt to cover up his murder.
“The policemen at Ejigbo prevented us from seeing the Divisional Police Officer. We are being treated with contempt because we are not rich. All we want is justice for our son’s murder.”
Ngozi Braide, the spokesperson for the state police command, during the phone conversation, confirmed Olayinka’s murder.
She said the matter would be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, for further investigation.

Sexual Offenders Register Opens in Ekiti

Photo - Sexual Offenders Register Opens in EkitiEkiti State Government says it has opened a black book, called the Sexual Offenders Register, to compile a list of convicted sexual offenders in the state.
A statement on Monday said the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Olawale Fapohunda, said this during a visit of the Gender-based Violence Prohibition Law management committee.
The team was led by the wife of the Governor, Mrs. Bisi Fayemi, in her capacity as the chairperson of the committee; and Commissioner for Women Affairs, Social Development and Gender Empowerment, Mrs. Fola Richie-Adewusi.
The commissioner said the sexual offenders register would ensure that perpetrators were ostracised from the society.
Fapohunda said, “This step will serve as a deterrent to men who find pleasure in assaulting women and young girls.”
He told the visitors that the ministry was proposing a bill on rights of persons with disability, especially women and children, adding that works on the Equal Opportunities Bill had reached an advanced stage.
Fayemi urged the commissioner to assign GBV-related cases to lawyers adequately trained for the purpose and who are sensitive to gender issues.
She also called for the retention of such lawyers for a reasonable period of time as prosecuting GBV counsel before they are transferred to other departments of the ministry.
Governor of the state, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, had on November 25, 2011, signed into law the gender-based violence bill, which was initiated and promoted by his wife.
As part of efforts to strengthen the new Law, the delegation had paid similar advocacy visits to the Vice Chancellor, Ekiti State University, Prof. Oladipo Aina; state command’s Commissioner of Police, Mr. Sotonye Wakama; and Chief Judge, Justice Ayodeji Daramola.

Hausa-Fulani Have Ruined FRCN, Says Acting DG, Samson Shaibu

This is an excerpt of a brief interview with the acting Director General of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, Samson Shaibu (SS). He is still in office even though he, by civil service rules, should have retired after turning 60.
You are supposed to retire on June 22, yet you have approval from the Minister of Information to travel to Ireland to represent the country on July 22. Why is that the case?
SS: It is so because I have finished my retirement from service, but I am now acting DG, and that is political appointment. And the antecedents are these. The former DG who left before me was brought from retirement. Eddie Iroh was brought from retirement, and then Kevin Ejiofor was brought from retirement.
The DG’s position is a political appointment. So, people are just being mischievous saying what they are saying. There are antecedents. But, my former career as a civil servant has expired. And I am acting DG, and there are antecedents. You know if you want to go emotional, the former man who finished before me was Hausa-Fulani.
He was brought from retirement to serve as DG. Are there two rules in Nigeria – one for the minority and one for the Hausa-Fulani? There was an Igbo man, who was brought from retirement too (Kevin Ejiofor) and Eddie Iro. So, people are just talking about what they don’t understand. For further information, the assignment I am going on, is funded by Chinese Government and not by Federal Government.
The recent fire incident in the studio at the corporation, how was it handled? Any report of the probe?
SS: The fire incident was teleguided by detractors who feel they should create a crisis situation for somebody they feel is not a team player. For your information, I am not a team player in corruption. I am acting DG for three months now, and if you ask the workforce, they would tell you there is an added difference.
Within these three months, I have bought a bus for FRCN. Within these three months, 22 studios that were conduit pipes for corruption in FRCN have been resuscitated, and there is light there now. And if I have opportunity of meeting with you, I will give you a catalogue of achievements. This has not happened for the past 15 years.
But, people who are corrupt in our system would not like to see the likes of me. For example, there are people being teleguided from the Legal Department and Admin who are beneficiaries of corruption in the system.
There is an allegation that you don’t carry everyone along, particularly on issues of staff welfare
SS: As a journalist, if you can please ask the workforce, through independent investigation, the people who ruled before me, who were carrying people along, what did they do? In these three months time of my tenureship, I have paid more T&B (travelling and basic tours allowance) than any other person in the last two years. Records are there for all to see.
It is said that you employed over 125 people and ignored the people employed in 2012, yet there are no offices and tools for them to work with?
SS: That employment was done by the previous regime that I inherited. The former DG, Barrister Yusuf Nuhu is the one who employed people, and that employment, to be fair to him, I don’t want to condemn my predecessors, was a collective decision of management. I have not employed a single person since I came.
The former DG employed, I don’t know the specific figure. That is what I inherited. So, people are just peddling this. These are people who believe they must rule FRCN forever. And Nigeria is a country of six geo-political zones. I am saying this, not as a slight to any tribe, because I know that Nigeria is a partnership of six geo-political zones. Nigeria is not owned by Hausa-Fulani, neither is it owned by Igbo or Yoruba. It is owned by all Nigerians. There six geo-political zones in this country. The Hausa-Fulani has serially ruled FRCN, or ruined FRCN all these years. Thank you very much.

Pastor Kumuyi’s Son Renders His Apology To Deeper Life Church Over Marriage Scandal

After the scandal that followed the marriage of John and Love Kumuyi over her make over, the couple have tendered their apology to the church stating that they take full responsibility for any controversy stirred by their wedding.
Here is the full letter below:
June 22nd, 2013
The Church Secretary
Deeper Christian Life Ministry
John and Love Kumuyi, write to express our deepest and most sincere apology for the turn of events, that have resulted on our traditional and wedding ceremonies, that took place in Jamaica on 13th June and 15th June, 2013 respectively.
We unreservedly and wholeheartedly state, that we did not intend that our acts or omissions will in any way undermine the great works that God has done through the Deeper Christian Life Ministry Worldwide and more specifically, through our Father in the Lord, the General Superintendent (GS).
We also use this medium to profusely and sincerely apologies to the general superintendent for the embarrassment and heartaches our actions have caused him, more so that he had earlier declined to be at the events.
We acknowledge that we may have been distracted by cultural differences, as both of us have been outside the country for the past two decades. This notwithstanding, we fully accept that having being nurtured, taught and brought up with the sound teaching of the word of God, we should have been able to draw the line, which we failed to do.
We have now realized the effects of our actions and omission and do plead with the church for forgiveness and also appealing that any action that should be taken be directed at John and Love, as we take this time to prayerfully reflect on our actions.
We take full responsibility for what happened, and this action should in no way be blamed on the GS, or the leaders of the church in Nigeria, United States, Jamaica or United Kingdom and beyond.
Yours Sincerely,
John and Love Kumuyi

Arsenal Signs French International Yaya Sanogo

Arsenal Football Club, has completed the signing of French youth international striker Yaya Sanogo from Auxerre.
The 20-year-old signed a three-year contract with Auxerre in October 2009. It is now confirmed that the French under-20 striker has signed a long-term contract at Arsenal FC when his contract with the Ligue 1 outfit expires.
Sanogo, both of Ivoirian and Malian decent scored 11 goals in 24 appearances for Auxerre, and currently with France at the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Turkey.
He scored twice in the group stages which helped his side qualify for the knock-out stage, where they face the host nation.Responding to the news of the recruitment, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger said Sanogo was a good young signing for the team.
“He has shown he has potential with his recent performances for Auxerre and also for the France Under-20 side.
“We are looking forward to Yaya joining us and continuing his promising career.”
Sanogo will be the Arsenal’s first signing of the summer, with the club keen on bringing in a top-class marksman in the coming days.

We Want To Age Gracefully - Elderly People

Photo - Elders task govt on social security
Scores of elderly persons – particularly septuagenarians and octogenarians – thronged the Lagos Island Local Government Secretariat, Lagos State, to collect stipends and foodstuffs provided by the council last Thursday.
Elderly people appealed passionately to the government, particularly the Federal Government to look into the plight of the elderly.
The main question was the appearance of institution of social security scheme for the elderly to enable them to age gracefully.
Among the beneficiaries at the bi-monthly poverty alleviation programme for the aged in the council were 88-year-old Rafiu Ajakaiye and 80-year-old Salau Amudah.
Ajakaiye, a local government pensioner, said such a scheme was necessary to assist elderly people who had no means of survival to live long.
He said, “There are some old people who do not have anything to depend on. It is proper for the government to support them as it is done in advanced countries.
“The government should institute social security scheme for the aged in the country. As for me, I am fortunate that I have children who are well off and during the time I was working, I had some investments which I depend on now. Not every elderly person has such privilege.”
On how he feels as an octogenarian, Ajakaiye said, “I thank God for giving me good health and for making me have understanding children. I also thank the Lagos Island LG for deeming it necessary to help the elderly. I wish other LGs in the country would emulate this gesture.”
Amudah spoke in similar vein, urging the government to design a scheme to ameliorate the sufferings of the elderly in the country.
He said, “Government should not treat elderly people with disdain. Those in government should know that one day, they will also grow old. They should design a scheme to assist the elderly in the society.
“I am not speaking for myself; I know there are many old people today that cannot feed themselves. Some retirees are not paid their pensions as and when due. Many elderly people have died while queuing for their pension.”
The Chairman, Mr. Wasiu-Sanni Eshilokun, provided cash and foodstuffs to no fewer than 200 elderly persons in the council.
He said, “I want to place on record that 200 beneficiaries of this programme are drawn from various communities and religious groups within this LG.
“This administration will continue to cater for the aged. We shall continue to carry out laudable programmes to meet yearnings of our people.”

Borno ANPP Chairman’s House Set Ablaze By Youths

Civilian Joint Task Force, JTF, yesterday, invaded the residence of All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, Chairman, Alhaji Mala Othman, at the New GRA, Maiduguri, the state capital, and set it ablaze. 
 The angry youths who have decided to take the bull by the horn claimed, they were on the hunt for Boko Haram insurgents.
Sources say that the youths proceeded to the former Governor Ali Modu Sherrif’s multi billion Naira residence in the same area, afterward with the aim to set it ablaze. The timely intervention of the security agents guarding the house however restraint have shot sporadically into the air to scare away the youths who scattered without accomplishing their mission.
However, the party chairman was said to have narrowly escaped as security agents reportedly whisked him away in a tinted Toyota Camry saloon car before the youths arrived.
Youths on a similar mission, had earlier invaded Othman’s house but were stopped from carrying out the action by security agents who informed them that the chairman was not in town.
The youths whose efforts had earlier been commended by Governor Kashim Shettima and other concerned individuals for helping in the arrests of several Boko Haram sect members in Maiduguri and Damaturu, the Yobe State capital in the last couple of weeks have vowed that they would arrest both Othman and former Governor Sheriff and hand them over to security agencies for appropriate action.

Jibril Calls For The Scrapping Of 36 States

photoElderstateman  and former presidential aspirant, Dr. Lema Jibril has called for the scrapping of the 36 states of the federation, including the 774 local governments due to the cost of running government in the country.
He said this on monday at a Special Memorial Lecture organised by the Northern Youth Forum in honour of the late Dr. Abdulrahaman Okene, the founder and first Chairman of the Northern Elders Forum, in Kaduna.
Jibril described as unacceptable, the huge resources spent by the Federal Government on the existing federal and local government structures.
He said, “The present situation, whereby the Federal Government continues to spend most of the nation’s resources on the maintenance of the 36 states and 774 local government structures is not helpful for the development and growth of the country.
“Today, the federal, states and local governments take 80 per cent of the yearly budget just to service bureaucracy, leaving only 20 per cent for development.
“From the President to governors, the Senate, LGA chairmen, councilors – and all kinds of advisers  – all government workers constitute maybe, just about two per cent of Nigeria’s 160  million population.”
He further spoke about the disunity in the country, saying that there is no more unity among the regions more especially the North.

Okada Riders Drag Edo Government To Court Over Ban

Commercial motorcycle operators in the Edo have dragged the state government before a Federal High Court sitting in Benin City over the recent ban on their operations.
The commercial motorcycle operators are contending in the suit that the ban constituted a violation of their rights to fair hearing and freedom of movement as guaranteed by the Constitution of Nigeria as amended and Articles 7 and 12 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights Act, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004.
The Okada operators in the suit by their counsel, Mr Dele Igbinedion, described the ban on their operations by the state government as unconstitutional and illegal.
Plaintiff, Mr. Charles James on behalf of himself and others is contending that the governor does not have powers to verbally ban Nigerians from using their validly licensed motorcycles; neither can he make laws nor abrogate existing Road Traffic Laws.
In a 24-paragraph affidavit, he averred that Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s verbal ban impliedly cancels his licences, all duly obtained and still valid, adding that the duty of the governor, “is to execute laws validly made by the state House of Assembly,” insisting that the threat to confiscate and destroy his Okada with valid registration number QC 093 GBZ, was ultra vires.
The applicant is therefore, praying the court to restrain the respondents from carrying out the orders of the governor in the affected local government areas.
He also wants the court to set aside Oshiomhole’s verbal ban on the use of motorcycles from plying all roads in the three affected councils, which took effect from Sunday, June 16, 2013 and N50million as damages against the respondents as general and or exemplary damages/compensation for the breach of his fundamental rights.

500 naira NYSC Foundation Levy Not Extortion

photoThe Lagos State Coordinator of the National Youth Service Corps  Scheme, Mrs.   Adenike Adeyemi, has said that the N500 levy being collected from each corps member is not a means of extortion but their own contribution to the NYSC Foundation.
Adenike gave this clarification during a chat after the swearing-in ceremony for the 2,151 corps members deployed to the state for the 2013 Batch B scheme against the backdrop of allegation that the state NYSC was extorting money from corps member.
“It is not true that NYSC has been extorting money from corps members, that is not just possible. The N500 levy per corps member is just their own contribution to the NYSC Foundation and it is known to them and even the management of the scheme. And the money is collected when the corps members are passing out. Corps members are our children, we cannot do that to them; those who are saying that are ignorant,” she said.
During the ceremony, the NYSC boss urged the deployed corps members to use their service year in promoting national unity and integration.
Earlier, she had urged new corps members deployed to the state for the 2013 Batch B scheme to use their service year to promote national unity and integration.
“You should avail yourselves of this once in a lifetime opportunity an experience and assimilate all training modules as packaged for your development. We cannot always build the future for our youth but we can build our youth for the future”.
“You have to be very proud that the NYSC you are enlisting into today has after 40 years of existence become a household name and provides an answer to youth development and productivity. NYSC has become a globally recognised platform for participants to gain practical, experiential knowledge before facing the challenges of the real world,” she said.
Adenike added that the expected outcome of the exercise in the corps members include increased levels of self-confidence, caring, networking and good character and competence and she urged the corp members to obey camp rules and regulations.
She further thanked the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) for his support, assistance, love and consistency he has been demonstrating for the realisation of the objectives of the scheme but however, pleaded with the governor to urgently provide the state NYSC with a befitting permanent orientation camp as this would help the NYSC to be able to accommodate the ever-increasing population of corps members being deployed to the state.

Welcome To The UK Visa Lottery

Congratulations, Nigerians! By paying a mere three thousand pound sterling, you get a visa that enables you to live in the United Kingdom permanently. And it is all legit, courtesy, Ms. Theresa May, the UK Home Secretary.
Now, you can legally become an “eroya” (emigre) with all the rights appertaining to every Briton. Your money qualifies you for a modern day equivalent of the Middle Age’s papal pardon. After you’ve paid to the British Exchequer, you can give the Immigration Department the slip, and overstay your welcome in the UK. The Home Office promises to look the other way. When, like little foxes, you make little holes in the pockets of the Exchequer, your sins will be forgiven. Nigerians should have a more favourable attitude toward the proposed visa bond.
For such a little amount, you can pretend to stay for six months only, and end up staying permanently. You can even form a pressure group to enforce your rights to the facilities that you paid for. Nigerians, just chill, appreciate your good fortune, then hurry up, scrape money from anywhere, everywhere — beg, borrow, liquidate your “esusu” (thrift) contribution or work overtime — and get the visa to the Anglo el dorado. To think that this break comes without the drills and hassles you go through for the American visa lottery.
From November 2013, citizens of British Commonwealth nations such as Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, who propose to visit the United Kingdom through the six-month Tourist or Family Visitor visa plans, must post a refundable three thousand pounds sterling financial bond. Incidentally, these countries contribute the highest number of illegal immigrants to the UK. This bond is to ensure that they will return to their countries when their visa expires. But if they abscond, they forfeit the money to the British Government. And it will be used to defray costs they would incur for using British public services as they extend their stay beyond the six months allowed by their visa. Media reports indicate that of the 2.2 million people who visited the UK in 2012, about 101,000 were Nigerians. But the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Dr. Andrew Pocock, insists that the figure was 125,000, about 70 per cent of the number that actually applied for the visa.