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SHOCKING: 5-Year-Old Girl Raped By Her Kindergarten Classmates, Describes How It Happened

A mother in the Highlands School District claims her 5-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by two kindergarten classmates in the cafeteria at Fawn Primary Center.
The girl and family are not being identified because the child is the alleged victim of a sex crime.
“This whole situation has me completely sick,” the mother said.
The girl told her mother that on Thursday; the boys put their hands down the back and front of her pants.
The family immediately went to police and then to Children’s Hospital where the medical team examined the little girl using its child abuse protocol.
The mother went on to say, “All of this could have been prevented and my daughter would not have had to go through what she went through, and I want someone held responsible. They thought she was going to have to have a rape kit done yesterday. My 5-year-old daughter should never had had to have that done.”
A district spokesperson gave says:
“Highlands School District administration is aware of the allegations and is working with local authorities regarding the investigation. The district cannot comment on this ongoing legal matter.”

PHOTO: Is Sasha Pregnant?

Nigerian rapper, Yetunde 'Sasha' Alabi was recently spotted at Tuface campus tour in Unilag looking pregnant.
There have been different speculations but Sasha is yet to comment. While some think its probably as a result of too much eating or she just added weight.
What do you think of her look?

Keshi Calls For Constructive Criticism

Super Eagles Coach Stephen Keshi has called for constructive criticism even as he seeks to make it to the next round of the qualifiers next week with a match to spare.
photo Super Eagles Coach Stephen Keshi has called for constructive criticism even as he seeks to make it to the next round of the qualifiers next week with a match to spare.
Talking to journalists at the Hotel Le Mada camp of the Eagles after the match, Keshi said it will be very disheartening to have journalists and Nigerians just criticizing for criticizing sake.
We cannot just start criticizing because we want to criticize or because we do not like Keshi or the President of the NFF.
” If your criticism is positive, I will take it. After all I am not God, I am a human being and I do not have all the knowledge in the world.
” I have been told that there are some Nigerians who are not happy that we won today. That they would have wanted us to lose, for whatever reason. I do not want to believe that, but if it is true then it is very unfortunate”.
He said he will want to thank all those Nigerians who have been praying and fasting for the team to do well and that they should continue praying.
” If the team qualifies for the world cup, it is not Keshi or Mikel Obi that has qualified, but Nigeria and the glory will go to all of us” he said.
On the team’s performance, he said though he would have loved to see the boys scoring more goals, he thanks God for the solitary strike that was just enough to shoot us to the top of the table.
” I am very satisfied with the performance of the team. Kenya was difficult at home, yet we triumphed. You could see the boys giving their all.
They were very determined and played for each other. They deserve commendation today” he said.

My Peak Is Yet To Come – Serena

Serena Williams thinks her best years may still be ahead of her at the age of 31.
photo Serena Williams thinks her best years may still be ahead of her at the age of 31.
She overcame stubborn resistance from defending champion Maria Sharapova in the French Open final Saturday to clinch her 16th Grand Slam title, beating the Russian 6-4, 6-4 and extending her own winning streak to 31 matches.
‘’I want to go out in my peak. That’s my goal. But have I peaked yet?’’ Williams said. ‘’I definitely want to continue my journey to get a few more.’’
Williams has some way to go before retiring, then, and a long way to go to match Australian Margaret Court’s 24 major titles. But she will catch Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert by the end of the year if she wins Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.
That would then leave Helen Wills Moody (19), Steffi Graf (22) and Court – who may just be a little too far off to catch.
‘’I always said that I felt like I have never played my best tennis. I have said that for years, that I feel like I can always do better and play better,’’ Williams said. ‘’The day I feel that I cannot improve, it’s going to be a problem for me. I’m going to have to debate whether I should keep playing. But I feel like as of know I can do a lot of things better.’’
Williams’ elation on clinching her second French Open title almost made up for her despondency after her shocking first-round loss to 111th-ranked Virgine Razzano at Roland Garros last year.
‘’I’m still a little bit upset about that,’’ Williams said. ‘’If I lose all hell breaks loose, literally.’’

Stephan El Shaarawy Plays Down Manchester City Link

AC Milan forward Stephan El Shaarawy has brushed off links with Manchester City by insisting he wants to stay at the San Siro.
photo AC Milan forward Stephan El Shaarawy has brushed off links with Manchester City by insisting he wants to stay at the San Siro.
Reports in Italy had claimed that City were lining up a £30million bid for the 20-year-old international.
However, El Shaarawy insists that he cannot see himself leaving Milan this summer - even though he is 'flattered' at City's reported interest.
"I don't think I will leave Milan," he told La Repubblica
"If City really wants me, it flatters me. But I want to stay here at AC Milan.
"I always felt total confidence from all: the club, coach [Massimiliano] Allegri and team-mates.
"It's also thanks to them that I am in the Italian national team."

Nigeria Risks Internet Shutdown

Unless urgent infrastructural and devices upgrades are carried out soonest, the country’s internet space may be shut down denying Nigerians access to the information superhighway because her Internet protocol (IP) is legacy.
In simple words, the internet protocol 4 (IPv4) on which most connectivity in Nigeria are channeled through is on the verge of extinction.
The Internet Protocol (IP), according to experts, is the principal communications modus operandi in the Internet protocol suite for relaying datagram across network circuits. Its routing function enables internetworking, and essentially establishes the Internet.

IP, as the primary protocol, Wikipedia writes, in the Internet layer of the Internet protocol suite, has the task of delivering packets from the source host to the destination host solely based on the IP addresses.
Engineer Otunte Otueneh, chapter officer, Internet Society Nigeria Chapter, told Nigeria CommunicationsWeek during that the IPv4 is almost finished, warning that, “by the time the IPv4 finishes most PC cannot be connected to the internet”.
Otueneh, who spoke at the sidelines of the IPV6 roundtable organised by DigitalSENSE Africa Media said that “we need to create awareness to tell Nigerians especially that version 4 is almost finished and we need to move on to the new version”
The exhaustion of the IPv4 pool and the inevitable transition to IPv6 has been the talk of many national and international meetings, particularly during a Sociétés de l’Information dedicated to the AfNOG, AfriNIC and INET meetings held in Abuja at the beginning of May 2007.
With IPv4 exhaustion looming and IPv6 taking a slow start, debate heated up at the conference.
According to Alain Patrick Aina, special project manager for AfriNIC, the company in-charge of internet protocol in Africa, stresses the total expiration could be extremely rapid, depending on the rates of consumption.
In Abuja, Bill Woodcock, Board member of ARIN, the North American Regional Internet Registry (RIR), warned that RIRs should get rid of old ways of thinking and start planning their next step.
AfriNic managing the end of IPv4eith less than 1% of the distributed IPv4 address space, AfriNIC is by far the smallest RIR. However, it has anticipated the end of IPv4 at an early stage.
It is foreseen that its current IP address space will run out in no distant time. Two last requests for further allocations to IANA, the global pool’s steward, should allow delaying IPv4’s regional exhaustion until April 2014.
Nevertheless, if IPv4 consumption rate accelerates critically before AfriNIC is able to justify its last request, there could be a major concern to ensure a smooth transition before IPV6 is fully implemented.
Otueneh continued, “It is unimaginable when the version 6 will finish. Now, we need to create awareness to tell Nigerians especially that version 4 is almost finished and we need to move on to the new version. Communication providers and end users have to be aware of this, if not they risk losing connectivity because the version they are using is on brick of extinction.
"Original Equipment manufacturers while manufacturing their equipment or devices they have to make sure that the technologies are IPv6 enabled. And the end user has to be wise enough that while you are going to shop you should request for IPv6 enables device. The problem will start when someone with internet protocol version 4 approaches an internet service provider that runs on IPv6, there will not be compatibility; at the end the user will lack connection to the internet”. He added
Nigeria CommunicationsWeek search further revealed that IPv6 and IPv4 are two completely separate protocols and IPv6 is not backwards compatible with IPv4.
IPv4 hosts and routers will not be able to deal directly with IPv6 traffic and vice versa, unfortunately,  there will be extreme difficulties with address allocation and routing if the Internet is to continue be run indefinitely using IPv4 and it is impossible to switch the entire Internet over to IPv6 overnight.
Asked when IPv4 will be exhausted, Otueneh said that developed countries have started implementing IPv6, “but we are yet to do that in Nigeria. Meanwhile, we have a very minimal time. Very soon, AfriNIC may stop allocating version 4, because they told us that it is almost out. So, if there are a lot of demands for IP addresses today, it can get exhausted today”.
In his contribution, Benedict Othello, head, Information Systems, Phase 3 Telecoms, said that, “it is like being warned there is going to be flood, the question is: how do I get prepared so not to be affected or survive it”.
On the implication on mobile phone market in the country, he said, “before the danger loaming takes place, we are creating awareness. It is a two way thing. The service provider will be on version 6, the smartphones should be version 6 enabled. When that happens, they will flow seamlessly.
 “Now, those on IPv4 platform cannot be accommodated by the service providers at a point. For instance if telecom operators in Nigeria roll out Sim cards and fail to expand their modules for more subscribers it will affect their businesses.  It is all about upgrading to that new version to accommodate more customers”.
Otueneh said that some Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are already taking cover for the rainy days.
“Some of the laptops in circulation are already running on version 6. One can use the networking interface card to check the version of a particular device. OEMs have stated manufacturing internet protocol version 6 enabled equipments,” he observed.
He urged the government, especially the telecom regulators to compel service providers to brazen up for IPv6 migration.
“We need to proactive by training our technical personnel so that when the time comes, we will not lack qualified or competent people to handle that; if not we are creating room for expatriates to flood the IT environment which is indirectly creating channels for capital flight. But if we are ready now, at a time we shall be exporting the technical personnel, because it will take people by surprise,” he added.

Response Of Chief MKO Abiola: ‘I Will Not Surrender My Mandate’

On Wednesday, June 23 1993, the Federal Military Government issued a short statement terminating, by fiat, the entire transition programme.
The very manner in which the statement was made public indicated a de-liberate intention to insult and ridicule the entire Nigerian people. The statement was undated, unsigned, un-authorised, and made on a plane sheet of paper. But for the fact that it was distributed to the press by the Chief Press Secretary to the Vice-President, it could very well have been issued by the Association for Better Nigeria.
The effect of this statement was to render everything done in the last six years in promotion of the transition programme an absolute nullity. There have been amendments before. There have been disqualifications, postponements and cancellations before. But never before has there been such a cynical and contemptuous abrogation of solemn commitments and fixed programmes.
In the three previous abortions of the transition programme, the whipping boy was the political class, who were derided and reviled as corrupt and selfish. But this time around, this same political class conducted itself, in the campaign leading to the June 12 election, and on June 12 itself, with unprecedented dignity and restraint, to avoid offering the authorities any excuse that could once again be used to abort the transition process.
Photo - Response Of Chief MKO Abiola

Most reasonable observers concluded that the election of June 12 was the freest and fairest in Nigerian history The international community unanimously confirmed this verdict. But because the purported ineptitude of the political class could not be blamed, this time, we are now being told that n is the judiciary that must be held responsible for the termination of the transition programme. Before making the personal decision to vie for the presidency, knowing fully well the misfortune of other distinguished Nigerians in the recent past, I consulted widely, and sought assurances that I would not be chasing shadows. These assurances were given, in some cases from the highest levels of government including the president him self. I was therefore convinced that the commitment to civilian rule, come August 27 this year, was firm, settled and irrevocable. 1 could not imagine that the purported transgressions of the judiciary could possibly be used as the excuse for cancelling the election of June 12.
I never went to court. Alhaji Tofa never did. The two  political parties never initiated any litigation on any  matter relating to the election. The only person who went to court was Arthur   Nzeribe, in the guise of a 1egally banned organisation  called ABN. Nzeribe was not a candidate. He did not even   vote. His association is not  even registered. And yet the  Abuja courts granted him injunctions at the unprecedented hour of 9.30pm  which, in retrospect, now  seem contrived and deliberately intended to cause the greatest possible confusion. And NEC too was suspended and all its actions to date cancelled. But you do not take the extreme measure of killing a new born child just because the midwife  is a bad woman. The judiciary was peripheral to the election process. Assuming that there was good faith on the part of government, all matters relating the election should have gone to the tribunals set up by law for such cases, and should only have been initiated by persons or bodies that had a  genuine interest in the election.
Instead, we are being told that the judiciary behaved so badly that  Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola should be penalised for its conduct. It  is incredible In view of all this, I find the conclusion unfortunate but inescapably that the Federal Military Government is guilty of bad faith, pure and simple. No one has accused me of any offence against any known electoral law or regulation. The people of this country went to the polls on Saturday, June 12, 1993, and, without  let or hinderance, chose me as their president. The figures  say so. The agencies of government: MAMSER, CDS and the Presidential Election Monitoring Group say so. The International Observer Group say so.  NEC knows so and says so. In its affidavit to the Court of Appeal, NEC said that results were ready and known. I won.
Yet the Federal Military Government, on the most unconvincing and disingenuous premise, that the judiciary caught itself in a web of ludicrous contradictions, has decided to cancel the election and its results. I say, categorically, that this decision is unfair, unjust, and consequently unacceptable.
Prior to June 12, 1993, it was possible for the Federal Military Government to claim that those who spoke their minds and opposed its policies represented none but themselves, and were self-appointed critics who had no mandate from the people of this country. That situation changed on June 12. As I speak today, I am, by the infinite grace of God, and the wishes of the people of this country, the president elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I am the custodian of a sacred mandate, freely given, which I cannot surrender unless the people so demand, and it is by virtue of this mandate that I say that the  decision of  the Federal Military Government to cancel the election of June 12, 1993 is invidious, unpatriotic  and capable of causing undue and  unnecessary confusion in the country.
I therefore call on all our people who have yearned and worked for a speedy return of our beloved country to civilian democracy to reject any act  by anybody which takes away their inalienable and fundamental human right to decide  who governs them. No other institution or group can confer legitimacy on the presidency except through a free and fair election throughout Nigeria based on universal adult suffrage such as the one in which I was elected president.
I also call on the international community and all democratic forces to stand by the Nigerian people in our just struggle for democracy, freedom and justice in our fatherland.
From now on, the struggle in Nigeria is between the people and a small clique in the military determined to cling to power at all costs. We are fully convinced that a majority of the Armed Forces are law abiding and wish for Nigeria to become a democratic nation.
It is inconceivable that a few people in government should claim to know so much better about politics and government than the 14 million Nigerians who actually went to the polls on June 12. It is gratuitous insult to suppose that any government, no matter how impressed it is by its own knowledge and wisdom, should, against the people’s will, continue to make laws and regulations whose only permanent characteristic is inconsistency. The people of Nigeria have spoken. They have loudly and firmly proclaimed  their preference for democracy. They have chosen me as their president for the next four years. They have determined  that August 27, 1993 shall be the terminal date of military dictatorship in Nigeria. On that date, the people of Nigeria,  through their democratic decision of June 12, 1993, expect me to  assume the reins of government
I fully intend to keep that date with history.

Robin van Persie Determined To Land More Titles At Manchester United

Robin van Persie believes there is more to come from Manchester United and has set his sights on 'many more trophies'.
photo Robin van Persie believes there is more to come from Manchester United and has set his sights on 'many more trophies'.
United were crowned Premier League champions for a 13th time in 2012/13, with the Red Devils dominating the English top flight.
Van Persie led the title charge in his first season at Old Trafford and landed the golden boot as he found the target on 26 occasions.
A summer of change at United has seen Sir Alex Ferguson slip into retirement and David Moyes succeed his fellow Scot, but there is a feeling within the camp that a seamless transition will be made in the pursuit of further top honours.
Van Persie said in the Daily Mirror: "I have a feeling that we can do much more and that we can win many more trophies.
"I've had a year to work with everyone and now the whole coaching staff is changing, which makes it a new challenge.
"I've got to know the players through and through and I've a feeling they have a lot more in them. A whole lot more.
"The season began as a nice challenge but you never know how these things will turn out."
On Ferguson's decision to call time on a 27-year stint in the Old Trafford hot-seat, Van Persie added: "I'd have preferred it if he'd stayed on a few more years. But I understand his decision.
"I'm even prouder that I could work under him for a year. I could see he was a legendary man."

Food Poisoning: Only Surviving Son Begs For Assistance To Bury Family

An appeal has gone to Imo State Government and all good spirited individuals to assist in burying the widow, Madam Gladys Nwosu and her six children that mysteriously died after consuming an  evening meal.
The gory incident, which took place recently at Umuezeukwu, Egbelu-Nguru, Ngor Okpala local council area of Imo State, has since attracted widespread commentary.
The only surviving son of the family, Mr. Maxwell Nwosu, who made the appeal while speaking to newsmen, however expressed worry that as an applicant, he did not have the financial muscle to weather the storm.
Nwosu said: “I am the only son of the family. I am an applicant and the burden of burying my mother and six sisters is emotionally and financially too much for me to bear.”
The traumatized Nwosu said he probably would have also been a victim of the meal that turned sour if he had been at home.
“I have been in Onitsha, Anambra State, for a while and painstakingly looking for a gainful employment that has remained a mirage. I would have been a victim of the family’s last supper if I had been at home,” Nwosu lamented.
Already, the Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, has visited the community to commiserate with them over the death of their loved ones in suspicious circumstances.
Ihedioha lamented the way an entire family was nearly wiped out after consuming a local delicacy, stressing that he would give his support, as well as make sure that the cause of death was ascertained.
Responding, the community’s President General, Mr. Linus Eke, described the incident as “the worst incident in known history that has befallen the community”.
Meanwhile, some leaders of Cherubim and Seraphim Church, where three members of the family died, had reportedly been arrested by the state police command.
Rev. Anthony Alozie, who confirmed this to newsmen, also explained that Madam Nwosu, a member of the church, rushed the dying children to the place for prayers, pointing out that three of them died in the process.

WICKEDNESS! 22-Year-Old Man Hires Hitman To Kill His Girlfriend After She Refuses Abortion

A 21-year-old man is accused of hiring a hitman to kill his pregnant girlfriend, because she didn’t want to get an abortion, prosecutors say.

photoA Connecticut man, Carlton Bryan enraged that his pregnant girlfriend, Shamari Jenkins wouldn’t get an abortion allegedly hired a hitman to kill her, according to court documents.

Carlton Bryan, 21, was riding with Shamari Jenkins, who was four months pregnant, when she was fatally shot April 29 while driving in Hartford’s North End, police said.

Alleged trigger man Matthew Allen Hall-Davis fired through the back window and struck 20-year-old Jenkins.

Shamari Jenkins, 20, was killed in April. Police say her boyfriend put a hit on her because she was pregnant and wouldn’t get an abortion.

The bullet hit her shoulder and traveled through her torso, police said. She and her unborn baby boy were pronounced dead at the hospital.

During Bryan’s arraignment Friday, Prosecutor Cathryn Krinitsky called the crime “egregious,” and said that he wanted Jenkins dead because she “previously decided to have an abortion but decided not to,” The Hartford Courant reported.

Matthew Allen Hall-Davis, 24, is accused of killing his friend’s pregnant girlfriend, Shamari Jenkins.

Bryan’s bail was set at $2.5 million, and he was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, carrying a pistol without a permit and second-degree making a false statement.

Police said the gun — a .44-caliber magnum revolver — belonged to Bryan, but his friend, Hall-Davis, was the shooter.

Hall-Davis, 24, allegedly confessed to the shooting, but told police that he intended to double-cross Bryan and shoot him instead — not Jenkins, The Journal Inquirer reported.

PHOTOS: Tonto Dikeh's Breasts On Display As She Falls On Stage At Iyanya's Concert

Tonto Dikeh performed at Iyanya's Kukere's Concert which took place in London last night and things got a little wild.
The singer first got audience thinking she was under the influence of alcohol when she said something about not wanting to wave because her armpit wasn't shaved and kept mouthing off.
But what got everyone wide-mouthed was when she literally fell of the stage.
See photos below;

Tension In APC Over Sharing Of Offices

There is tension in the yet-to-be registered main merger opposition party, All Progressive Congress, over distribution of offices.
The APC is a product of a merger between the Action Congress of Nigeria, Congress for Progressive Change, All Nigeria Peoples Party and a faction of the All Progressives Grand Alliance and it has an avowed mission to dislodge the PDP from power in 2015.
Already, sources within the APC on Sunday confided in our correspondents that there had been disagreements over the sharing of party offices among the stakeholders from the different parties.
Investigations showed that the CPC and the ANPP disagreed over the post of the National Secretary, which the former insisted must be given to it.
A source within the APC confided in one of our correspondents that, “the ANPP, specifically Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, wanted the position of the protem National Secretary but was schemed out.
“The CPC and the ACN conspired. The CPC insisted on the position of secretary or nothing. Those in the ANPP are not excited about this.
“There is also a proposal that the CPC in addition to producing the secretary will get the presidential slot while the ACN gets the chairmanship of the party in addition to producing the Vice-Presidential candidate.”
Shekarau was the ANPP presidential candidate in the 2011 elections and he has been  one of the major forces behind the merger agreement.
The ACN, CPC and ANPP have already scheduled a meeting for this week to resolve alleged disagreements over sharing of offices.
National Publicity Secretary of the ANPP, Chief Emma Eneukwu, however said he was unaware of any such disagreement.
According to him, there is nothing to suggest that the ANPP has any disagreement with the arrangement made by the leadership of the APC.
He said, “I am not aware of this. I know of the arrangement that we have with regards to the constitution of the Interim Management Committee. If there is any disagreement, my party has not told me about it.
“But I know that there is an agreement that each of the three parties will produce one member each in the IMC.
“There are only three positions: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, so there is no way one party can take two positions out of three.”
He noted that the desperation of those who are scared of the rising profile of the APC could be responsible for the spreading of deliberate falsehood and misinformation.
Speaking in the same vein, National Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, accused the PDP and some unnamed “jittery forces” of peddling the rumour about the disagreement within the ranks of the opposition on the sharing of offices.
He said there was no iota of truth in the rumour making the rounds that the ranks of the APC had been polarised because of this.
“That is the handiwork of the ruling party and those jittery because of the coming together of the opposition political parties under the banner of APC,” Mohammed said.
Asked about when the yet-to-be registered party would submit its application to the Independent National Electoral Commission for registration, he said that would be done “soon.”
The National Publicity Secretary of the CPC, Mr. Rotimi Fashakin, said the main business before the proposed party at the moment was the issue of registration.
According to him, it is when the party becomes duly registered that the issue of the distribution of offices will come to play.
 “It is when the issue of registration is settled that we can discuss other issues. Even at that, we recognise the fact that no sacrifice is too much to remove this indignity that the (President Goodluck) Jonathan administration represents,” he said in a telephone interview with one of our correspondents on Sunday.
He also took time off to explain that the national leadership of the party was doing everything within its power to ensure that no loose end was left untied.
Fahakin said, “What we have done is that the national leadership of our party reasoned that, look, since we don’t have a template, even INEC doesn’t have a template to hand to us; you know the concept of merger is a novelty in this country.
“That is why everybody is looking at the Constitution and the Electoral Act, we are trying our best to ensure we get things right.
“For now, the National Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of each of the merging political parties making a total of nine, have been saddled with the responsibility of writing to INEC.”
He explained that only political parties who had held their conventions and had agreed to the merger at this level were entitled to write INEC.
The ACN, ANPP and CPC are expected to write INEC, signifying their intension to merge this week.
In a related development, there are strong indications that APGA may not field candidates in the next set of elections in 2015.
This is due to the protracted crisis rocking the party. Informed sources within the factionalised party confided in The PUNCH that APGA’s internal crisis is not likely to end soon.
Chief Victor Umeh leads one faction of the party while Chief Maxi Okwu leads the other.
A leading member of the party and Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, has approached the leadership of the APC signalling his intension to drag APGA into the merger.

Andres Iniesta Accuses Jose Mourinho of Damaging Football

Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta has accused former Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho of damaging football.
photo Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta has accused former Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho of damaging football.
Mourinho has walked away from the Spanish game to return to Chelsea after a three-year stay in Madrid that saw him clash with players, coaches and the media.
His controversial antics include an incident in 2011 when Mourinho gouged the eye of Barca coach Tito Vilanova, and Iniesta is far from sad to see the Portuguese leaving the country.
"You just have to look at the facts," Iniesta told El Pais.
"Yes, he damaged Spanish football in general more harm than good.
"But I don't like talking about that person at all. So, if you don't mind, we'll leave it at that."
Mourinho won one Primera Liga title and a Copa del Rey in his three seasons in charge at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Saudi Prince Kidnaps, Rapes and Murders Girl – Dumps Her Body on Street

According to local Iranian media, Khalid bin Saad bin Abdulaziz al-Saud kidnapped, raped and murdered a Saudi girl then dumped her body on a street.
Saudi Prince Kidnaps, Rapes and Murders Girl – Dumps Her Body on StreetThe photos were released of Saudi Prince Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud and the body on the street
Police in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has confirmed the news that a girl had been raped and murdered by a Saudi prince.
The scandal was another loop in a chain of moral and ethical scandals on Saudi corrupt princes and their crime against Saudi citizens.
The story began when the witnesses in Samer, a Jeddah suburb, saw that a girl was dropped out of a JMC automobile and the car drives away, evening May 30.
People witnessing the event immediately wrapped the girl in a blanket and contact the police.
After police arrived, preliminary investigation indicated that the girl had died.
Saudi Prince Kidnaps, Rapes and Murders Girl – Dumps Her Body on Street
JMC plate number fed into the automobile surveillance system of traffic police and it revealed that it belonged to a Saudi prince.
Then, extensive investigation was launched, with the initial result that the prince was no other person than Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, who, met the girl in Wednesday evening in famous Al-Tuhayat shopping mall. The girl defied the prince.
Then, the girl was kidnapped by complicity of Tariq al-Maqrebi, an associate of the prince’s, and transferred to an unknown place, where she was sexually harassed

Pressure Mounts On In Edo's Husband To Dump Her

If information reaching us is anything to go by, then there is fire on the mountain for popular actress, Ini Edo and nobody seems to be on the run, as Asa would say.

photoAccording to a fresh gist getting to us, Ini Edo is not a happy woman at the moment. The reason is that if urgent steps are not taken, her marriage might crumble and she would join the league of Nollywood actress with failed marriages.

Grapevines alleged that pressure is being mounted on her handsome husband, Philip Ehigwina, by his family members to dump the charming actress.

According to what tale-bearers told, Ini Edo's in-laws are not happy that the glamorous actress hasn't given them a child after about four years of marriage.

"These Edo people are just too funny, they have already told Philip to chase away Ini Edo since she can't give them a child," one of the gossips lashed out.

Another said, "but come to think of it, why would Ini Edo's in-laws interfere with her marriage?" This was quickly answered by the first busy-body, "that's Edo culture for you. Their sons don't have much say in their marriages."

We were told by the industry grapevines that Ini Edo has been telling some of her close allies that with the way things are going; Philip might eventually give in to his family's demands. Tale bearers further told us that after Ini Edo attended her hubby's late mother's burial in April 2013, things have really not been well with the once upon a time happy couple.

However, the actress has denied that her marriage is being troubled. She disclosed this when we called her to get her reaction on the story that the rumour is unfounded.

According to the Akwa-Ibom-born beauty, “no matter what you people (press) write, it is not going to change the fact that I am happily married. I think you guys should be tired of all these. From the first day I got married, you people have been plotting all sort of evils, I don't know why you are not giving up on it. It is never going to happen. That's what I have to say.”

Oritsejafor Working For Jonathan’s 2015 Agenda –Buhari

A former Head of State, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has accused the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, of working for the re-election bid of President Goodluck Jonathan.
Buhari said with many statements credited to the pastor concerning him (Buhari), it was evident that he was desperate to help the electoral fortunes of the President.
The former head of state, in a statement on Sunday, said this while responding to the call for his arrest by the CAN President.
The CAN president had said in a statement last week that Buhari was a prime leader of the Boko Haram sect, and should therefore be arrested for questioning.
Oritsejafor had said, “He (Buhari) is, therefore, the prime leader of this religious and blood thirsty sect called Boko Haram, a movement that is based on a warped interpretation of a strict adherence to force people of other religions into Islam.
“This kind of fundamentalism is the driving force behind his failure in each election in the country.”
But Buhari, in a statement by the National Publicity Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change, Rotimi Fashakin, described Oritsejafor’s statement as lacking in facts.
He said, “It is our view that this statement is utterly tendentious and unsupportable by incontrovertible facts.
“We are aware that as it was before and after the 2011 elections, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is keen on helping the electoral fortunes of his friend, President Goodluck Jonathan.”
While enumerating Buhari’s stand on Boko Haram, whose activities he said had been condemned by the former head of state, Fashakin also described the CAN’s president’s call as reckless.
He said, “We leave discerning Nigerians to judge and see the incongruity in Pastor Oritsejafor’s reckless call and GMB’s unwavering patriotic stand on Nigeria’s insecurity.
“Again, Pastor Oritsejafor has proven to be a willing implement for destabilisation in the hands of the Presidency, in the orchestrated heckling of GMB ahead of the 2015 elections.
“The moral rectitude, personal discipline and patriotic love for Nigeria by GMB is head and shoulder above what the current leaders of the nation possess.
“GMB is not in the mould of leaders that do not match their words with deeds. In the run to the 2011 election, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan told an unsuspecting nation, “My ambition is not worth the blood of anybody. But truly, his electioneering campaign was trailed by blood, tears and woes.”

11-Year-Old Orphan Raped To Death In Anambra

An 11-year-old girl, Chinecherem from Uruagu Nnewi, Anambra State who was allegedly raped by a 32-year-old son of her mistress is reportedly died.
Chinecherem, an orphan and the only surviving child of her parents, according to the source, was raped in the night by her mistress’s son on May 27, 2013 at Uruezi Egbema Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government Area where she was serving as a maid.
Daily Sun was informed that on the night of the incident, the victim’s madam had travelled out leaving Chinecherem and her son to take care of the house.
“When Ifeanyi defiled her, she started bleeding in the morning.  The boy disappeared after raping Chinemerem and it was his father (Ifeanyi’s father) who discovered that something was wrong in the morning and took the little girl to a hospital, where she was crying in agony, touching her private part before she gave up on June 3, 2013,” the source said.
The source said that hospital authorities confirmed that there was a lot of semen deposited in her private part. The victim was said to have lived with the family for seven years and had taken her common entrance to enter junior secondary school before she met her death.
When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the Anambra State Police Command, Awka, Mr. Emeka Chukwuemeka confirmed the incident and said investigation was still ongoing while the suspect is still at large.

Lagos Renews Crackdown On Agberos, Nabs 46

Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement Unit) says it has begun a fresh crackdown on touts, popularly called agberos, who collect illegal dues outside motor parks.
Task Force Chairman, Bayo Sulaiman, said on Sunday that since the state Road Traffic Law 2012 prohibits collection of dues by union members and others outside their parks, the task force had a duty to enforce it.
He said, “The government will not allow miscreants to behave lawlessly. There is no room for miscreants and criminals in Lagos  State because we will make life uncomfortable for them.”
Sulaiman said the task force arrested 46 agberos between Mile 12 and Agric Bus stop on Ikorodu Road, who were collecting illegal dues.
He said, “Magistrate Jadesola Adeyemi of the Special Offences Court in Alausa sentenced the 46 miscreants to 50-hour community service for constituting an environmental menace.
“We believe that the punishment will serve as a deterrent to others who might want to constitute a menace to law-abiding Lagosians.”
The task force boss said the unit’s officials had been going round the state in under-cover vehicles to make it easy for them to nab violators of the traffic law.
He said,  “They (agberos) should stop collecting illegal dues from commercial vehicles outside the parks. They left the road before and are now back and we are after them.”
The PUNCH had on Tuesday published an expose on the return of the agberos on Lagos roads despite the traffic law. It was alleged that the agberos obeyed the restriction order for only one month.

Serena Williams Targets 17th Grand Slam Title At Wimbledon

Serena Williams says she has been handed extra motivation by Roger Federer to win her 17th grand slam singles title at Wimbledon.
photo Serena Williams says she has been handed extra motivation by Roger Federer to win her 17th grand slam singles title at Wimbledon.
The American won her 16th major title thanks to a straight sets victory over Maria Sharapova in the French Open final on Saturday, which ended her 11-year wait for a second title at Roland Garros.
Of current players, only Swiss ace Federer, who leads the men's list with 17, is ahead of her.
And the 31-year-old thought she had already drawn level with Federer courtesy of her victory in Paris, but now has her sights set on a sixth Wimbledon title.
She said: "I thought Roger had 16 but he has 17, so I was like, 'Honestly Roger, you have to win this much'.
"I guess he does and I'm happy for him obviously. It just keeps me going. It would be cool if I could be even with him.
"How awesome would it be if I could do it at Wimbledon. But the competition's really tough.
"It's not going to be easy for me. I'm going to have to get really serious about my game and be really focused to ever catch Roger Federer."

Rafael Nadal Claims His Eighth Roland Garros Title Against David Ferrer

Rafael Nadal claimed an historic eighth French Open title after defeating compatriot David Ferrer 6-3 6-2 6-3 in a one-sided encounter.
photo Rafael Nadal claimed an historic eighth French Open title after defeating compatriot David Ferrer 6-3 6-2 6-3 in a one-sided encounter.
The defending champion Nadal became the undisputed 'King of Clay' after winning the same major eight times and his 12th Grand Slam title overall.
He has now won 59 out of 60 matches at Roland Garros and has been the sensation of 2013, winning 43 of 45 matches and seven titles since his return in February from a seven-month injury lay-off to rest his troublesome knees.

Two Women Sacked For Being Pregnant

It sounds incredible, but it’s true. Two mothers, Sarah Poppy, 29, and Nona Stanley, 36, who claim they were sacked while on maternity leave are suing their former employers for unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment.
They have file a law suit in the Federal Court in Adelaide alleging their employer –  South  Service to Youth Council – discriminated against them on the basis of their “sex, pregnancy and family responsibilities”.
In court documents, Poppy says she worked with the council from June 2006 and was promoted to marketing manager on $60,000 a year before she fell pregnant with son Hudson in 2009 and told work she would takematernity leave.
In her claim, she alleges that after this request she was moved from her office to a “common work area” and was told to no longer attend management meetings.
She claims she was informed her position was redundant in June 2010 while on maternity leave.
She also alleges that her work duties were undertaken by another employee during her maternity leave and after Ms Poppy was made redundant.
Stanley, on her part, says she was employed from November 2009 in the council’s property department and took maternity leave on September 19, 2011, after the birth of her daughter Olivia.
Five months later, while still on maternity leave, she was told “her position was redundant” and there were no other positions available in her department, she alleges.
The pair, whose case is being funded by the Federal Attorney-General’s Department, also claim they were subjected to comments of a sexual nature which “offended, humiliated and intimidated” them.
The women are seeking an apology and compensation for loss of income, leave, chance of promotion, “hurt and humiliation” and legal costs.
In a statement, the SYC said it “strongly refutes the allegations” brought against it “relating to alleged breaches of the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 and the Fair Work Act 2009″ and will fight the claims in court.
On its website the council describes itself as a “community organisation centred on employment, training and youth services”.
Latest figures show the state Equal Opportunities Commission has received more than 100 complaints this financial year from employees about sexual harassment, caring responsibilities and pregnancy.

Video: Liberian Player Attacks Ref After 1-0 Defeat Against Uganda

Liberia footballer Alakanideh Omega will be lucky to escape fines and ban by CAF for confronting and attacking the referee after his country''s 1-0 loss to Uganda.

Omega charged on the referee Adam Cordier in Kampala after the final whistle had gone to protest a defeat which leaves his side rock bottom in Group J of the African qualification section for the 2014 World Cup.

It wasn’t long before tempers frayed and the Libera player tried to get at the ref, with players and then soldiers entering the pitch to try and separate the pair.

See The Gift That Beyonce And Jay-Z Gave Kim Kardashian For Her Baby Shower

Beyonce and Jay-Z couldn't attend Kim Kardashian's baby shower, but they sent a gift.

photo"Beyonce and Jay-Z's gift could not be outdone, a £9,000 [about $13,700] Swarovski crystal-studded high chair, designed by Carla Monchen," a source told Sunday's Mirror in the U.K. "They had a similar one for their daughter Blue Ivy."

The Carla Monchen-designed Icansit is a modern baby chair that is embellished with hundreds of Swarovski crystals on its footrest and table. It comes in either black or white, but looks like it would be a pain to clean once splattered with mushy baby food.

The U.K. paper also reports that Beyonce's bestie Gwenyth Paltrow was also invited to Kardashian's baby shower, but didn't attend. In lieu of her presence, the Oscar-winning actress sent out a more affordable gift: a £350 Vitamix blender and a 21-day cleanse to help Kardashian get back into shape after giving birth. (They share the same personal trainer.)

It is believed that Beyonce couldn't make it to the baby shower due to her touring schedule, while Paltrow doesn't really know Kim that well.

Kim Kardashian and her baby daddy Kanye West are expecting a girl this July.

4 Teenagers Set Islamic Boarding School On Fire

Four teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of arson in connection with a fire at an Islamic boarding school.
About 130 children and staff were evacuated from Darul Uloom, a Muslim madrassa or religious school, in south east London, just before midnight on Saturday.
Two 17-year-olds and two 18-year-olds were detained late last night and taken to a south London police station, where they remain in custody.
School principal Mustafa Musa said today the fire was started in the teaching area and damaged about 10 per cent of the building.
Two boys received treatment for smoke inhalation, but were not taken to hospital.
The attack happened only days after an Islamic centre in London's Muswell Hill was burnt to the ground amid allegations it was a racist attack.
The building was daubed with the letters 'EDL,' apparently referencing the English Defence League.
That blaze prompted fears that the fire may have been a reprisal attack in the wake of the Woolwich murder of Drummer Lee Rigby

Horror In Anambra As Man Slaughtered His Mother And Stabbed His Father

Fear pervaded the air in Anambra State at the weekend when a 22-year-old man, Chidiebele Mmadubuko, went berserk and slaughtered his mother and an uncle. He also stabbed his father and five other villagers.
The tragic incident happened at on Saturday at Oraukwu village in Amanuke, Awka-North Local Government area of Anambra State. It was gathered that the culprit was overpowered by an angry mob, who allegedly beat him to death in anger for his murderous act.
Reliable sources told our reporters that the late Mmadubuko started acting strange on Saturday night when he returned to the village from a neighbouring community. He allegedly ordered everybody to put off the lights in their homes and went about with a cutlass, attacking anybody that stood in his way.
According to the source, Mmadubuko first descended on a four-year-old boy, who was on his way to get his parent’s phone where it was being charged, before he went for his mother.
Mmadubuko’s younger sister, Ugochukwu, said their mother was slaughtered while trying to rescue the boy from the hands of her son.
The assailant also descended on Nwakwudo Igwebudu and macheted him to death. His father, Mr. Goddy Mmadubuko, was, however, lucky, as he survived the attack with deep machete cuts all over his body. He was rushed to St Anthony’s Hospital, Isuaniocha for treatment.
No fewer than five other villagers sustained various degrees of machete wounds during the attack.
With tears in her eyes, Ugochukwu narrated her mother’s last moments. “After our dinner last night, my mother and I went to bed. So my phone rang, and it was a call from one guy called Ndubuisi. He said I should come and call my brother to order, that he was talking and acting abnormally. So I woke my mother who now rushed to the scene of the incident, possibly to know what was happening and call him to order. But unfortunately, that was how he killed our mother.”
Ugochukwu said his brother had no record of mental illness, as she wondered why he could behave in such a strange manner. She said he had no criminal records in the town, noting that the tragic incident shocked the entire family.
The father of the assailant, Mr. Mmadubuko, who survived the attack by the whiskers, admitted that his son was smoking Indian hemp while alive. He said he stuck to his smoking habit, in spite of various warnings to stop the habit. He said his late son started causing trouble at Otuocha, Anambra West Local Government Area before returning home to spill blood.
“Our kinsman reported to me that he was called by somebody who informed him that a young man from his town was causing troubles in their community at Otuocha. So he came here with the report. They threatened to call the police but we intervened.
So later on, he collected all the photos in our house and ordered that I should explain to him all the persons in the photos and why they were there one by one. But I said I wouldn’t do that. So we nearly quarrelled about that. So later in the night, my daughter brought to my notice a report that the boy was inflicting machete wounds on the people in the main road. So when I rushed to the scene to assist a small boy he had already macheted, he descended on me, cutting me in the head and other parts of my body,” the old man explained.
He added that the deceased had earlier ordered him to give him his own share of his land so he could move on with his life. He said another area of disagreement with his late son was that he wanted to become a musician, a career which he disapproved of.
“He said he wanted to be a musician which I disapproved of. Then he now diverted that he would go to Yola in Adamawa State where he served his master before to continue business. So, he said we must give him his own share of the land so he could sell and generate money for his proposed business at Yola. I disagreed but after much persuasions and consultations with my children, I yielded to his demand. But instead of going for the business, he ventured into music. And from there, when you talk to him, he would harass you in a harsh tone.”
He continued: “I received reports that he smoked Indian hemp and me and his late mother warned him sternly to desist from such act. I threatened to disown him if he continued. So he vowed to me that he would never smoke it again.”
A Christian cleric, Rev. John Ezike of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Amanuke, who assisted in conveying the victims to the hospital, described the incident as pathetic. He said the strange behaviour could not have had any spiritual connection, saying it must have been triggered by an overdose of some hard drugs.
When contacted, the President-General of Amanuke who doubles as the Vice-Chairman of the Peter Obi faction of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, (APGA), Mr. Shedrack Anakwue confirmed the incident, describing it as shocking.
He said: “From the information reaching me, the incident happened around 11pm. The boy that started it, they said the young man was insane, that he has spiritual problem and he first killed his mother before others. he also killed another person who was from the same extended family, from the same Oraukwu. Then the boy was killed, either by himself or some others. I have not got the clear picture of what happened, but I know he is dead already. So we are now calling a meeting of the entire community so we can deliberate on it for a solution.”
He said that the community would henceforth ban both the sale and consumption of cannabis in the area to forestall a recurrence of the incident.
Also speaking, the chairman of Amanuke Vigilante Group, Mr Michael Oraegbuna, said the elders of the community acted immediately they received the information, adding that they were working closely with the police.
When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Anambra State Command, said he was not aware of the incident, promising to get back to the reporters as soon as he confirmed the killings.

Wedding Cancelled In Ekiti Over Bride's Refusal To Show Up

A bride refused to show up at her wedding at the Cathedral Church of Emmanuel, Okesa, Ado-Ekiti, on Saturday resulting in the cancellation of the wedding.
It was learnt that the groom, who is from Ifaki-Ekiti in Ido-Osi Local Government Area of the state, was already in the church but waited in vain for the arrival of his bride.
 Her whereabouts were unknown hours after the service had started.
 The failure of the bride to show up, it was gathered, forced the clerics to cancel the wedding and invited guests reportedly left one after the other, when it dawned on them that the ceremony would no longer hold.
 The Dean of the Cathedral, Very Reverend, F.O Bankole, when contacted on the telephone confirmed the incident to our correspondent.
He said, “It is true that a wedding which was planned to hold in the church today was cancelled. The bride did not show up.”
Bankole said he did not know why the bride failed to showed up, but added that the couple had been “having some issues since they started courting.”

2 Kids Beheaded By Militants, Afghan Authorities Say

Taliban militants beheaded two children in southern Afghanistan, a provincial governor's office said.2 Kids Beheaded By Militants, Afghan Authorities Say
The beheadings occurred in Kandahar province, the provincial governor's office said Monday.
One of those slain was a 10-year-old boy, the other was age 16.
A press release issued by the office said the militants caught and beheaded the 10-year-old Sunday after he had collected food waste from a trash bin in the area of a security checkpoint.
There were no immediate details about the 16-year-old. The Taliban has not commented on the report.
Insurgents have carried out frequent attacks on security forces across Afghanistan in recent months amid a spring offensive by the Taliban.
Fierce battle at Kabul airport Earlier today, Taliban fighters armed with guns and explosives clashed with security forces after taking over a building near the airport in the Afghan capital of Kabul.
The fighting ended with all seven attackers dead, Afghan officials said.
The Taliban said the attack was intended to target Americans in Kabul International Airport, one part of which is used by military forces and another by civilians, the officials said.
In eastern Afghanistan, a service member with NATO's International Security Assistance Force died in a bombing on Monday, the latest in a string of coalition deaths.
Eighteen coalition soldiers have died in June so far. At least nine of them are Americans.

Cannabis Legalised In France

This announcement should create waves throughout Europe and the rest of the world: France, one of the most repressive countries in Europe in regard to cannabis, has just legalized the medicinal use of the substance.Cannabis Legalised In France
The French will however have to wait for the sanctioned publication of this decree before officially celebrating this historical event.
The implementation of the law is left as the responsibility of the Minister of Social Affairs and Health Marisol Touraine, who will be ratifying the decree in the coming weeks.
It is therefore not yet possible to determine the exact consequences of this decree for French patients who could enjoy the benefits of therapeutic cannabis.
Vigilance is however required, due to the mention of necessary authorisation before bringing a (cannabis) product onto the market so as not to be in violation of the law.
This clause suggests that it will be difficult for organizations and patients themselves to produce their own medicinal cannabis despite the low costs related to its cultivation and processing.
It is above all a huge step forward for French patients already using cannabis to relieve the symptoms linked to their illnesses: to witness their drug of choice finally become legal in the eyes of the government.
Sensi Seeds has supported the development of medical marijuana across the world for many years and this news can be considered a victory for all activists who support a legislative change concerning cannabis.
The cannabis plant, removed from the official pharmacopeia in 1953, is making its official comeback, 60 years later.

Girl Circumcision Leads To Death

According to Egyptian media, a 13-year-old Egyptian girl, Suhair al-Bata’a, has died undergoing circumcision at a village in the Daqahliya governorate northeast of Cairo.
Girl Circumcision Leads To Death
"We left our daughter with the doctor and the nurse. 15 minutes later, the nurse took my daughter out of the operation room to a nearby room, along with three other girls whom the doctor was circumcising," Mohammed Ibrahim said.
"I waited half an hour, hoping that my daughter would wake up, but, unfortunately, unlike the rest of the girls, she did not," he said.
The doctor who circumcised Suhair had previously circumcised her elder sister two years ago.
"I want nothing but to hold the doctor accountable and to have justice for my daughter," Suhair’s mother, Hasanat Naeem Fawzy said.
The police ordered an autopsy and summoned the doctor to find the cause of the young girl’s death.
A health inspector report said the cause of the death was due to "a sharp drop in blood pressure resulting from shock trauma," the family’s lawyer, Abdel Salam said.
Egypt's National Council for Women condemned the deadly incident of female circumcision as a criminal act that reflects "extreme savagery," calling on the government to investigate the issue and punish the culprits.
UNICEF Egypt has also condemned the incident, saying female circumcision has neither medical nor religious justification.
Abdel Wahab Suleiman, undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Daqahliya said that the Health Directorate had not yet been notified of the incident and described female genital mutilation as being against the law.
In 1996, Egypt criminalized female genital mutilation, however, many families still illegally circumcise their daughters. In 2009, Egyptian authorities arrested a man for illegally circumcising an eleven-year-old girl, the first time since the ban was introduced.

Zidane: Real Eye Record For Bale

Real Madrid adviser Zinedine Zidane has hinted that his club may be tempted to break the transfer record in their bid to lure Gareth Bale away from Tottenham.
Zidane has spoken of his admiration of Welsh forward Bale on numerous occasions in recent weeks, fuelling speculation that Real Madrid are ready to tempt Spurs with a huge offer for their star turn this summer.
Now the French legend has admitted it may take "record-breaking money" to lure Bale to the Spanish capital, admitting his club may be ready to eclipse the £80 million landmark fee they paid to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United in 2009.
"The talk about Gareth Bale is not a surprise," Zidane in quoted in the Daily Mail. "It is impossible to have the season he just had and not be linked with the biggest clubs in Europe.
"If any club is going to tempt Spurs, then it will take big money - maybe even record-breaking money. There are four or five clubs at the moment who have the finances not to be put off by a record-breaking fee like that."
Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has stated consistently that he expects Bale to remain at the club next season despite their failure to qualify for next season’s Champions League, yet talks over a lucrative new contract for the PFA and Football Writers’ Player of the Year appear to have stalled in the last month.
A transfer bid of magnitude Zidane is hinting at for the 23-year old would test the resolve of the north London club to the full, in what looks set to be a transfer story that will run and run throughout the summer.

Zidane: Real Eye Record For Bale

Real Madrid adviser Zinedine Zidane has hinted that his club may be tempted to break the transfer record in their bid to lure Gareth Bale away from Tottenham.
Zidane has spoken of his admiration of Welsh forward Bale on numerous occasions in recent weeks, fuelling speculation that Real Madrid are ready to tempt Spurs with a huge offer for their star turn this summer.
Now the French legend has admitted it may take "record-breaking money" to lure Bale to the Spanish capital, admitting his club may be ready to eclipse the £80 million landmark fee they paid to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United in 2009.
"The talk about Gareth Bale is not a surprise," Zidane in quoted in the Daily Mail. "It is impossible to have the season he just had and not be linked with the biggest clubs in Europe.
"If any club is going to tempt Spurs, then it will take big money - maybe even record-breaking money. There are four or five clubs at the moment who have the finances not to be put off by a record-breaking fee like that."
Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has stated consistently that he expects Bale to remain at the club next season despite their failure to qualify for next season’s Champions League, yet talks over a lucrative new contract for the PFA and Football Writers’ Player of the Year appear to have stalled in the last month.
A transfer bid of magnitude Zidane is hinting at for the 23-year old would test the resolve of the north London club to the full, in what looks set to be a transfer story that will run and run throughout the summer.

Boko Haram Hide Guns In Coffin, Kill 13

Suspected Islamist insurgents who hid weapons inside a coffin have shot dead 13 people in an attack targeting informants in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, two witnesses said on Sunday.Boko Haram Hide Guns In Coffin, Kill 13
Friday's attack came as Nigeria's military makes its most concerted effort yet to end a four-year insurgency by Boko Haram, a sect that has killed thousands in a campaign to create a state governed by Islamic law in Nigeria's northeast.
The military claim to have driven Boko Haram fighters out of Maiduguri and from their camps near borders with Chad and Niger.
But around ten men pretending to be driving to a burial came to an area of Maiduguri late on Friday, pulled the guns from the coffin and opened fire on some houses where vigilantes who aid the military live, witnesses said.
"The Boko Haram killed 13 residents during their sporadic gunshots," said an eyewitness, Saleh Ibrahim. He said soldiers later shot dead six insurgents whose bodies were left by the road.
A spokesman for the military joint task force (JTF), Sagir Musa, declined to comment on the attack but said vigilante groups in the area of Maiduguri targeted by the gunmen had helped identify Boko Haram suspects.
"People have been assisting the JTF with information to arrest the Boko Haram, so they were not happy and they came to deal with people there," said another witness, Ali Musa.
Boko Haram and other Islamist groups like the al Qaeda-linked Ansaru have become the biggest threat to stability in Africa's second-largest economy and top oil producer.

UNILAG Students Protest High Cost Of Living

Students of the University of Lagos are protesting the high cost of living on campus.
photoIt was gathered that the peaceful protest started yesterday, as the students bemoaned the high cost of food and other basic items on campus, saying it is disheartening that students are paying higher for food and other consumables than their prices outside campus.
The cost of making photocopies is also said to be too expensive for an academic environment.
According to a citizen reporter who seeks anonymity,”Imagine, we students  are buying sachet water at N10 per sachet, Indomie super pack sold for N60 in town is N70 here, same as Indomie hungry man size, which is N100 everywhere except in my school where it goes for N110.
Also soft drinks in plastic bottles such as Viju,Fanta,Pepsi are sold for N120 per bottle instead of its supposed retail price of N100.

Chelsea Return Makes Me 'The Happy One' - Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has christened himself 'The Happy One' at his first press conference since returning to Chelsea.
photo Jose Mourinho has christened himself 'The Happy One' at his first press conference since returning to Chelsea.
Nine years to the month since he swaggered into English football and coined his own nickname 'Special One', Mourinho addressed the assembled media at Stamford Bridge and spoke of his love for the club.
And the 50-year-old was quick to deny suggestions that it was a breakdown in his relationship with Roman Abramovich which led to his 2007 departure.
Asked whether he is still a 'Special One', Mourinho said: "I am 'The Happy One'. I am very happy.
"Time flies. A lot of things happened in my professional life in the last nine years, but I have the same nature, I have the same heart, I have the same kind of emotions related to my passion for football and my job, but I am a different person in this moment.
"If I have to describe myself, I would describe myself as a very happy person because it's the first time I arrive in a club where I already love the club."
Mourinho won five major trophies during his first spell in west London before leaving in what was officially described at the time as a mutual agreement.
Asked whether he had to build bridges with Chelsea owner Abramovich before agreeing his return from Real Madrid, he said: "I keep hearing that I was fired, I was sacked, we had a complete breakdown of our relationship - that was not true.
"Many didn't believe that but it was a mutual agreement. We thought it was best for both of us, for me and the club.
"It was difficult for both of us but it was made by mutual agreement. Only because there was never a breakdown of the relationship is it possible for me to be here today.
"I think I'm back because we are in the best moments of our careers and ready to work together again. There are much better conditions at this time to succeed and have what we want, stability."
Against that backdrop Mourinho, who has signed a four-year contract, is targeting success on a grander scale second time around.
He said: "I want to believe that's possible. I always trust my work.
"In this case I know many of the people that belong to the club and I know the kind of mentality people have here and my career was built and based on success where I was able to reach success and to win trophies.
"I want to everyone to work hard, work with quality. The club means much more compared to ourselves. We are no one without the club. If we work well success will arrive."

Naked Bike Ride Protest In Mexico

Cyclists in Mexico City have bared all for World Naked Bike Ride day to protest against car culture and to campaign for more rights for cyclists.
Thousands of cyclists in Mexico City rode through the streets naked on Saturday to mark the World Naked Bike Ride.
The daring cyclists demand more respect from drivers on the road and also want to raise awareness on environmental and health issues.
The riders, not all of whom were nude, said showing their naked bodies was a way to show drivers the fragility of the human body.
The World Naked Bike Ride movement began on June 12, 2004, in Vancouver, Canada, and has been held every year in 29 cities around the world since then.

"I Caught My Wife In Bed With Another Man"

A school principal, Festus Chibuzor, has told an Alagbado Grade A Customary Court, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, how he caught his wife in bed with another man in their bedroom.
The 41-year-old school administrator at Alagbado who filed for a divorce stated that his wife usually kept late nights and each time he queried her, she abused him.
He accused his wife of fighting him always after he had trained her up to university level.
“I married her traditionally in 2000 when she was just a school certificate holder. I then sponsored her education to university level but now that she is a degree holder, she has become uncontrollable,” Chibuzor said.
According to him, the marriage has produced three children who have been living with their mother for the past one year.
He prayed the court to dissolve the marriage and grant him the custody of the three children.
His wife, Anomache was not in court to defend all the allegations levelled against her.
The case has been adjourned till 17 June, 2013 for further hearing.

Armed Robbery Is My Only Business -Suspect Opens Up

A 20-year old man, Monday Akanni, who was arrested in Mushin, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, has confessed in court that he had no other business except robbing people of their belongings in Lagos and its environs.
Akanni, who hails from Badagary and lives at 12, Ashawokun Street, Olosa, Mushin,  pleaded guilty to the charge of felony to wit, robbery and attempted robbery before Ijeshatedo Magistrates’ Court in Lagos.
Also a locally made pistol which he used for armed robbery operations was recovered from him and tendered as exhibit before the court.
It was learnt that the police from SARS at Alakara Division arrested Akanni along Agege Motor Road, Mushin during their random stop and search in the area when they found in his possession the gun wrapped in a nylon bag.
When asked why he was in possession of the gun at the station, it was reported that he confessed that he used the gun to hustle because robbery was his business.
When he was arraigned in court, he wept bitterly and explained that he promised to marry his fiancée this year and was hustling to raise money for that purpose before he was arrested.
Akanni told the court that he joined armed robbery gang at a tender age immediately he completed his primary school education in Badagry and had no opportunity to attend secondary school.
“I learnt tailoring for four years but I did not have money to open my shop. So one day I followed my brother, Tunde, to Mushin to hustle and since then, I have been in Mushin,” he said.
He said when he first got to Mushin, he did menial jobs to make ends meet.  He was a load carrier and later a bus conductor before he became a full time armed robber.
Akanni said he was introduced into armed robbery by some men he met at a joint where he went to smoke indian hemp.
According to him, the men introduced him to ‘bad guys’ in the area and they started working together before they formed a three-man robbery gang.
He identified two other  members of the gang as KG and Alobo and said their meeting points were  at Akala and Akinbaiyi axis in Mushin.
Akanni  said the gun recovered from him belonged to KG who gave it to him before he was arrested.
He said he promised the police to assist them expose other members of the gang and  how they operate in Mushin area including their armoury with the assurance that he would be set free.  But he said that the police betrayed him and charged him to court.
Akanni  said he was not sure whether he had killed anybody or not, but confessed that he had injured some people during their operations.
“ I don’t think I have killed anybody but I know I have attacked some victims during operations just to rob them of their belonging,” he said.
He revealed that there are other armed robbery gangs in Mushin with sophisticated weapons and armoury and the most dreaded gang is the one led by a disabled man popularly known as Opi.
Following the confession he made in in court, the prosecutor, Inspector E. Ayorinde, informed the court that he wanted to amend the charge and seek for an adjournment.
The court subsequently granted his request and ordered that Akanni should be remanded in  Kirikiri Prisons in Lagos.
The matter was adjourned till 24 June.

House Boy Jailed 2 Years For Stealing N150,000

A 19-year-old house boy, Adebanjo Tosin, who took advantage of the disability of his master and stole his N150, 000, has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by an Evbuoriaria Magistrate’s Court in Benin, Edo State, southsouth Nigeria.
The offence committed at 6, Osagioduwa Street, off Saint Saviour Road, Benin on 3 June, 2013, contravened Section 390 of the Criminal Code.
According to  Gogo Iguodala, he employed Tosin four months ago out of pity.
Narrating how the money was stolen, victim of the theft, Mr. Gogo Ighuodala who came to the court in a wheel chair, said: “Tosin took me into the the bathroom and after rubbing soap on my head and face, he locked me in the bathroom.
“Tosin immediately entered into my bedroom, took my N150, 000 and ran away.”
He further told the court how his disability renders him useless in many areas, adding that the only thing he succeeded in doing perfectly was reading and writing.
He said he would have forgiven Tosin, but that the conviction would serve as deterrent for others who like to take advantage of physically challenged persons.
Narrating how the accused was arrested, the prosecutor, Corporal Kehinde Adebiyi, said that Tosin was set-up with a lady who pretended to have fallen in love with him on phone.
“Tosin then booked an appointment to meet with the lady at Saint Saviour Market. At this time, Mr. Iguodala’s neighbours were already in a hideout. In the process of familiarization between Tosin and the lady, he was apprehended and arrested.”
Seven pairs of knickers, a belt, a pair of socks, two polo shirts, handless top, face-cap, kito slippers, radio ear-phone, phone-charger, wrist-watch and three set of beads recovered from the house boy were tendered as exhibit.
Tosin who owned up to his crime, told the court that he had no mother, adding that he left his grandmother and grandfather in Ondo state in search of daily bread in Benin City.
The presiding Magistrate, Mrs. Precious Edogun, noted that Tosin not having parents in Benin is no excuse for him not being a good boy.
Edogun said, “based on the facts before the court, the accused is found guilty as charged.”
She thereafter sentenced him to two years imprisonment without option of fine.

Wahab Dosunmu Former NADECO Chairman Dies Two Days Before 20th Anniversary Of Historic June 12 Elections

Former chieftain of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) and Second Republic minister, Dr Wahab Dosunmu, is dead.
He died at a United States of America hospital Sunday night after a brief illness. He was aged 74.
Details of his death were sketchy as of press time.
The late politician was one of those who fought for the actualization of the June 12, 1993 presidential mandate of late Chief M.K.O Abiola through NADECO.
In 1999, he aspired to govern Lagos but lost the ticket to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. He won election into the Senate on the banner of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) and later defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) before the end of his term in 2003.
Contacted, former Lagos State Chairman of the PDP, Alhaji Murtala Ashorobi, confirmed the politician’s death.

Referees In Sex Bribe For Match Rigging Jailed

Three Lebanese football referees pleaded guilty Monday to accepting free sex from a gambling-linked global syndicate in return for rigging a match in Singapore, with two jailed and sentencing deferred for the third.
A district court judge jailed assistant referees Ali Eid, 33, and Abdallah Taleb, 37, for three months, but deferred sentencing till Tuesday for referee Ali Sabbagh, whom state prosecutors said was the most culpable.
The assistant referees broke down into sobs and repeatedly looked up as if to thank God after Judge Low Wee Ping said they could be freed by later Monday or Tuesday, after remission for good behaviour and due to time already served awaiting sentence.
Turning to Ali Sabbagh, 34, the judge said: “I need time to consider your sentence. I don’t, for the moment, accept that you should be sentenced to six months.”
Deputy public prosecutor Asoka Markandu described Ali Sabbagh as “the most culpable” among the three as he was the one approached by the syndicate and the one who persuaded the two linesmen to accept the sexual bribe.
The three men were arrested for accepting sexual favours in exchange for agreeing to fix an Asian Football Confederation Cup match on April 3 between Singapore-based club Tampines Rovers and India’s East Bengal.
They were abruptly pulled out before the match began.
The three were denied bail and have been detained at Singapore’s Changi prison since April 4.
Eric Ding Si Yang, 31, a Singaporean businessman who allegedly supplied the prostitutes, has also been charged with corruption and granted bail.
The judge lashed out at the FIFA-accredited referees for bringing disrepute to the sport, saying they were probably the first international football match officials to be charged with corruption in Singapore.
“That alone, the fact that you are international officials, in my view, is already an aggravating factor,” he said.
“The Singapore public has an interest in preserving football as a professional sport in Singapore. This is because it has social, recreational and economic value,” he added.
State prosecutors have said Ali Sabbagh was approached by Ding in “mid-2012″ in Beirut, indicating a “clear international dimension” to the offences.
Ding, described in Singaporean media as a nightclub owner who drives an Aston Martin sports car, is facing three counts of corruption charges but was freed after posting bail of Sg$150,000 ($121,000).
Singapore has a long history of match-fixing, and syndicates from the wealthy Southeast Asian island have been blamed by European police for orchestrating a network responsible for rigging hundreds of games worldwide.

Man Arraigned For Pouring Garri On Policeman

There was a mild drama at Sabo Magistrate’s Court when a 30-year-old man, Ayo Ogori, was arraigned for allegedly assaulting a police officer, Isadare Abiodun, by pouring garri ( Cassava flakes) on him.

Ogori, who was arraigned on two counts of assault, was said to have committed the offence at Ebute Ilaje, Bariga area of Lagos.

However, the magistrate, Mrs. Folarin Williams, interrupted the proceeding, saying there were some inconsistencies in the charge sheet drafted by the prosecutor, Mrs. Nike Abudu.

The charge sheet read in part, “That you, Ayo Ogori, on the same date, time and place in the aforementioned magisterial district did unlawfully assault one Isadare Abiodun by pouring a substance suspected to be garri on his police uniform.”

The offence was said to have breached section 166 of the criminal law of Lagos State Nigeria, 2011.

The magistrate observed that the charge sheet stated that the offence was committed on July 15, 2013 which could not have been true.

Jesus Navas Looking Forward To Linking Up With Manchester City

Jesus Navas claims he is looking forward to embracing a Premier League challenge, as he closes on a move to Manchester City.
photo Jesus Navas claims he is looking forward to embracing a Premier League challenge, as he closes on a move to Manchester City.
The Blues have reached an agreement with Navas' current employers Sevilla and are expected to officially announce his arrival in the coming days.
The Spain international - who has tasted World Cup and European Championship glory with his country - says he cannot wait to get started in England.
The 27-year-old has spent his entire career to date in Andalusia, but feels the time is right to embrace a fresh start at a club who have put great faith in his ability.
Navas told El Confidencial: "I want to keep growing as a player.
"Things have been clear for a few months. City made a strong move for me and I knew my time in Sevilla would come to an end.
"They have shown great interest and I never doubted that I should go to City. It's all been very clear.
"I love the football in the Premier League for its speed and strength. I will know people there like (David) Silva, who has told me great things, so I don't think I will have a problem adapting to the club or the city. I'm sure I can do important things."
On the prospect of working with Manuel Pellegrini, the man poised to inherit the managerial reins at the Etihad Stadium, Navas added: "Everybody knows what Pellegrini brings. Wherever he has been, he has improved the performance of the players he has had. There is no doubting his capacity as a coach.
"But the one factor that made me lean towards City was the club's level of interest. One day I hope I can return to Pizjuan to play a Champions League math. But City loved me, others did not."

Cooking Gas Utilisation Will Reduce Poverty, Hunger In Nigeria - NIPCO

A downstream oil sector company, the Nigerian Independent Petroleum Company (NIPCO) Plc., has said that greater utilisation of cooking gas locally would reduce poverty and hunger in the country.
This was contained in a statement issued and signed by Alhaji Lawal Taofeeq, Head, Corporate Affairs and Communications of NIPCO, and made available to newsmen on Monday in Lagos.
Our gas cylinders in this country are of different sizes and are to the delight of potential users which can go a long way in reducing the suffering of poor Nigerians.
The 12.5kg , 6kg and 3kg gas cylinders with their accessories; the gas stoves locally made here are designed with the ultimate objective of improving access to cooking gas to the populace,`` he said.
He said that NIPCO’s vision was to provide ``a more pocket friendly cylinder`` and gas stove that could be affordable, especially to those in the low income bracket and petty traders.

Prayers For Mandela As Family Urged To ‘Let Him Go’

The South Africa government on Monday said that Nelson Mandela remained in a serious but stable condition, two days after being taken to hospital with a lung infection.
Mandela“Former President Nelson Mandela remains in hospital, and his condition is unchanged,” the South African presidency said in a statement.
The revered anti-apartheid hero, spent a third night in hospital after South Africa prayed for him on Sunday amid calls for his family and nation to “let him go”.
Government officials have given no update on his health since announcing that the 94-year-old was admitted early Saturday and was in a “serious but stable” condition with a recurring lung infection.
“I’ve seen my father and he’s well. He’s a fighter,” his daughter Zindzi told The Guardian newspaper on Sunday.
But South Africans are beginning to come to terms with the mortality of their first black president and father of the “Rainbow Nation”, following a string of recent health scares.
The Sunday Times newspaper’s stark front page headline was: “It’s time to let him go”.
It is the fourth hospital stay since December for the Nobel peace prize laureate, who turns 95 next month, after he was discharged in April following treatment for pneumonia.
Although the government has not identified the hospital treating Mandela, family members were seen leaving a heart clinic in Pretoria where a large media camp is gathered.
“We wish Madiba a speedy recovery, but I think what is important is that his family must release him,” Mandela’s long-time friend Andrew Mlangeni, 87, told the Sunday Times, using his clan name.
“Once the family releases him, the people of South Africa will follow. We will say thank you, God, you have given us this man, and we will release him too,” said the former apartheid era prisoner, who was jailed for life alongside Mandela in 1964.
Mandela is revered as a global symbol of forgiveness following his release from 27 years in prison during white minority rule and his latest hospitalisation has triggered outpourings of concern across the globe.
He has not been seen in public since the World Cup final in July 2010.

4-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots, Kills Father

Authorities in northern Arizona say a 4-year-old boy has accidentally shot and killed his father at a Prescott Valley home.
Prescott Valley police say the shooting occurred just after noon Friday.
The 35-year-old man and his young son were visiting from Phoenix and were at a friend's house.
Police say the boy somehow found a gun in the home's living room and accidentally fired it and a bullet hit his father, who was rushed to a hospital where he died. Police identified the man as Justin Stanfield Thomas.
Police say the boy is with his mother. No other details have been released.

Teenager Executed By Islamists For Blasphemy

Members of an Al Qaeda-linked Islamist group in the Syrian city of Aleppo have allegedly executed a 15-year-old boy in front of his parents as punishment for what the group regarded as blasphemy.Teenager Executed By Islamists For Blasphemy
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based group opposed to the Syrian regime, says Mohammad Qataa was shot in the face and neck a day after being seized.
It has released a photo showing Qataa's face with his mouth and jaw bloodied, as well as a bullet wound in his neck.
"The observatory cannot ignore these crimes, which only serve the enemies of the revolution and the enemies of humanity," the group's leader Rami Abdulrahman said.
The observatory based its report on witness accounts of the killing. It says Qataa was a street vendor selling coffee in the working-class Shaar neighbourhood.
He has reportedly been arguing with someone when he was overheard saying: "Even if the Prophet Mohammad comes down (from heaven), I will not become a believer."
The observatory says that comment got back to the Islamists, who belong to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a militant group that started off known as the Nusra Front.
The observatory says the Islamists took Qatta on Saturday and brought him back alive in the early hours of Sunday, with whiplash marks visible on his body.
"People gathered around him and a member of the fighting brigade said: 'Generous citizens of Aleppo, disbelieving in God is polytheism and cursing the prophet is a polytheism. Whoever curses even once will be punished like this'," the observatory said.
"He then fired two bullets from an automatic rifle in view of the crowd and in front of the boy's mother and father, and got into a car and left."
Mr Abdulrahman says the boy's mother had pleaded with the killers, whose Arabic suggested they might not be Syrian, not to shoot her son.
Qataa's parents say the youth had taken part in pro-democracy demonstrations in Aleppo. Since last year, large parts of the city have fallen under the control of Islamist brigades, including the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, as well as other rebel units.
More than 94,000 people have been killed and some 1.6 million Syrians have fled the country since the civil war began in March 2011 after a crackdown on protests against the regime of president Bashar al-Assad.

Warning: Civil Servants Can’t Be Engaged In Private Practice

The Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Alhaji Bukar Goni Aji has called on civil servants to adhere strictly to the provisions of the law which forbids public officers from engaging in private practice.Warning: Civil Servants Can’t Be Engaged In Private Practice
In a circular signed by Tope Ajakaiye, Director of Communications and titled “Code of Conduct for Public Officers” sent to all Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) of the Federal Government, the Head of Service reiterated the observation made at the 37th meeting of the National Council on Establishments that “some public servants engage in private practice to the detriments of the services they were employed to render to the public.”
In the circular, the Head of Service also drew the attention of all public officers to Part I, Fifth Schedule, Section of 2 (b) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which provides that “without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, a public officer shall not, except where he is not employed on full-time basis engage or participate in the management or running of any private business, profession or trade, but nothing in this sub-paragraph shall prevent a public officer from engaging in farming.”
According to the Head of Service, failure to comply with this directive by civil servants would not only be regarded as an unconstitutional act, but also an act of misconduct under the Public Service Rules.

GRAPHIC PHOTOS: "Drinking Blood Makes Me Strong And Healthy" - "Vampire" Mother Of Two Shares Her Story

A mum of two has revealed she drinks people’s blood “vampire style” – sometimes guzzling nearly two litres a month.
Julia Caples, 45, has been sucking the blood of willing donors for more than 30 years.
She meets fellow vampire enthusiasts at a local occult and oddities store where she cuts them with a pagan-style knife before lapping up their blood.
She believes it keeps her young and vigorous, just like the ageless bloodsuckers from movies such as Twilight.
The blood-thirsty care worker claims there is a huge sub-culture of blood drinkers across the world.
But she is trying to keep her strange hobby away from son Alexi, 11. And daughter Ariel, 24, hates her mum’s obsession – urging her to stop.
Julia, from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, US, said: “When I feed off of a person and drink their blood I feel stronger and healthier.
“I know scientifically there’s not a lot of nutrition in blood, but maybe there’s some value we haven’t discovered yet.
“I feel more beautiful than any other time when I’m regularly drinking.
“I’m also extremely healthy with no major health problems, and I have an abundance of energy all the time.
“At times I’ve drunk half-a-gallon a month.”
Julia’s fascination with blood began as a young girl, during her first kiss as a teenager, when she got the urge to bite her sweetheart.
She said: “It was my natural instinct and I liked the taste. I just got an urge and can’t really explain it. It’s never gone away.
“Needless to say though, he never kissed me again.”
But Julia did not start drinking blood regularly until she met her now ex-husband Donald, 49.
Counsellor Donald and Julia got married in a vampire-themed wedding in October 2000 and even drank from each other to celebrate.
The pair became part of a sub-culture of vamp fans who visited New York nightclubs and drink from each other.
But when the pair had son Alexi, Donald vowed never to drink again.
He said: “I gave up, so Julia didn’t have to. We agreed that one of us would need to stop and focus on parenting full time.
“Julia still likes to drink, but she’s also an amazing mother, and her children come first. She’d never let it stop her mothering her kids.”
Despite his mum’s efforts to keep her lifestyle secret from him, Alexi is beginning to suspect his mum’s ghoulish ways.
He said: “We have all these decorations at home like coffins and dolls. I’m starting to think she’s a vampire.”
And Ariel said: “I think she runs a lot of health risks. I worry she might get a disease from someone through the blood.”
Julia, who blogs about vampirism using her online persona Lady DarkRose, says she’s aware of the health dangers, but all her donors are tested before she’ll drink from them.
She added: “I meet some donors online but I absolutely have to meet them in person first.
 “And they have to get blood tests to make sure that they’re not carrying any blood-borne diseases like AIDS or HIV"
Haematologist Steven Gruenstein, from the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, said:
“There are risks involved. HIV, hepatitis and other viral and bacterial illnesses can be transmitted through blood, so though these risks are not large, they are real and it would be an unnecessary danger.
“Blood does contain chemicals like salt, iron, protein, and people might be driven to drink it because of a deficiency of iron or some other chemical.”
He added: “There has been a resurgence of cult drinking blood vampirism in this country and throughout the world, possibly down to all these TV shows and movies that have become so popular.”