Monday, 30 March 2015

NigeriaDecides DAY 3 - Live Updates Of Results of Nigeria's Presidential, National Assembly Elections

(4:05pm)  - Jega has announced a break in the announcement of the results, saying some results have yet to be collated.
The announcement of the results is to resume by today by 8pm, Nigerian time

As announced by Prof. Findadi VC of Federal University, Lokoja, who is RO for Nasarawa state

AA - 40
ACPN - 95
AD - 74
ADC - 105
APA -310
APC - 236, 838
CPP - 131
HOPE - 4
KOWA - 48
NCP 0 222
PDP - 273, 460 (Winner)
DPN - 164
UPD - 23
UPP - 33
Total votes cast - 511,547
Rejected votes - 10,094
Total - 521, 641

Nigeria 2015′ Live Election Update

Monday, March 30, 2015: 04:16pm:  INEC concludes first set of result announcement. To Continue by 08:00pm.

INEC RECs Begin Announcement of Results from States:   Nasarawa Results: REG. VOTERS: 1,222,054 ACCR VOTERS: 562,959 AA:40 AD:74 ACPN:95 ADC:105 APA:310 APC:236,838 CPP:131 HOPE:4 KOWA:48 NCP:222 PDP:273,460 PPN:164 UDP:23 UPP:33 VALID VOTES:511,547 VOTES CAST:521,641 REJECTED VOTES:10,094
Oyo Results: REG. VOTERS: 2,344,448 ACCR VOTERS: 1,073,849. Results : AA:6331 AD:6282 ACPN:8979 ADC:5000 APA:4,468 APC:528,620 CPP:6,674 HOPE:839 KOWA:1,312, NCP:1895, PDP:303,376, PPN:2842, UDP:1069, UPP:3665.

Presidential Election Results


INEC Results: Live Updates As Jega Announces Results Of Election 2015 At Press Conference

Keep refreshing this page to get updates on the Live Media Briefing where Jega announces the results:

  • 2:01 PM – Presentation of party candidates
  • 2:03 PM – INEC Chairman takes the stage to introduce himself and the guidelines
  • 2:15 PM – Jega is giving highlights about how the coalition officers guideline has helped with calculating the results.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

The most expected day of the recent period has finally come: March 28, the day of the presidential election.
Millions of Nigerians are to go to the polling units to cast their votes for the candidate who will lead the country for the next 4 years.
Fourteen parties and presidential candidates were gunning for presidency.
The toughest competition will apparently take place between President Goodluck Jonathan, running on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, and Muhammadu Buhari, representing the All Progressives Congress.
Both candidates yesterday arrived in their hometowns for the historical event in the political life of Nigeria.
Follow for the freshest updates from across the country.

19:02 BBC Journalist, Kelvin Brown shared this picture of Buhari’s hometown as people still wait in line to cast their vote.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

18:55 Reports coming in, states that River’s state governor, Governor Rotimi Amaechi had clashed with Army Brigade Commander due to his movement with his convoy.
Mr. Amaechi, who drove himself in a bullet-proof BMW jeep, turned and drove towards his family compound in Obima but was stopped by a detachment of troops led by the Commander of the 2nd Brigade, Nigeria Army, Bori Camp, Brigadier General Essien Essien.
A minor altercation ensued between Mr.Essien and the governor over the legality of Mr. Amaechi moving around with a convoy while election is going on.
Mr. Amaechi told the army boss the problem voters were encountering in the area and noted that as the governor of the state, he has the right to make sure that elections are conducted within the ambit of the law. “Brigade Commander, why are you mountings two road blocks near my father’s compound,” he said.
“Are you being sent by President Jonathan to kill me? I had told the world that President Jonathan is trying to kill me and I am saying it again.”
Mr. Essien denied being given any instruction to kill anybody and asked the governor to go back to his home and stop moving about.
“His Excellency, we have instructions not to allow people who are not duly accredited not to move around during the election,” Mr. Essien said.

18:52 Vice-President Namadi Sambo on Saturday made history, for the first time in his political life, when he delivered his polling unit to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

18:28 Youths in Kadunna state  attempted to murder one alleged PDP thug who was said to have been taking Permanent Voters’ Cards of 150 women, according to one witness in the area.

18:24 Rivers State Soldier alongside two other by standers killed as election turns bloody.

17:54 According to Twitter users, In Osun and Lagos polling unit, The APC is currently winning while in Abuja PU’s Jonathan is clearly the favorite. Official results are not yet out.

17:22 Dr Bukola Saraki and Alh Abubakar Kawu Baraje have expressed optimism that the party’s presidential candidte, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari will emerge victorious in today’s election.

17:18 source in OYI LGA, Anambra, reports “Trouble as pdp official caught sharing #1500 to voter.police are everyhere and units voting might be cancelled according to police,” “Pdp money holder arrested and taking away by police,”

17:10 Emir of Kano casting his vote sometime earlier
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader TodayPresidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

17:00 General Buhari finally arrives his Daura PU to vote and is currently casting his vote.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

16:52 Former Presidents Babangida and Abubakar at their polling unit.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Former Presidents Babangida and Abubakar at their polling unit

 16:47 As we wait for Buhari, See What the APC candidate was doing after getting accredited.

16:36 Accreditation almost done at PU003 where Muhammadu Buhari will be casting his vote.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

16:25 The World’s Richest black man, Aliko Dangote votes. Have you voted?
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Aliko Dangote casts his vote

16:20 Straight from the INEC twitter handle on their recent changes to their guidelines. Another chance to cast a vote tomorrow for those who did not make it today!

16:00 Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomhole laments Army’s decision to not allow INEC officials get into his home town and do their job.

15:53 INEC tweets: “If the CR [card reader] can’t read your fingerprint but authenticates your PVC, an incident form will be filled and you’ll vote.”

15:49 Counting of votes has already started at Ward 009, police college, Ikeja (The Punch).

15:44 People waiting patiently for voting to commence at a polling unit in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: @Premium Times

15:35 Like Plateau Governor Jang, Adamawa state Governor Bala Ngilari also encountered problems, as the card reader failed to capture the biometrics in Yola (PT).

15:33 One Ozemena Odeta was arrested at Ekawoke Ward in Ikwo LGA, Ebonyi state, while he was distributing PVCS allegedly snatched from the INEC staff during the last distribution exercise in the area (Vanguard).

15:22 GEJ briefs journalists after voting:
“I don’t think the issue of card readers is limited to my LGA, to Bayelsa state. It’s nationwide issue. When the card readers are not working, definitely we’ll take manual option.
“I don’t think it’s limited to PDP-controlled state.
“I’m not aware of violence in Enugu state. I called the governor, there were some vehicles that came from the north, someone suspected there was an IED.
“What happened in Gombe: you know the war against terrorism is still going on. There was some fighting between the soldiers and the terrorists, but this has nothing to do with elections.
“I voted for myself, and I voted for the PDP, just like in all the other elections.”

15: 14 Patience Jonathan right after her husband.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

15:13 Goodluck Jonathan casts his vote.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: snapshot from NTA video

15:05 APC asks the INEC to extend the time for accreditation and voting due to delays caused by technical issues (problems card readers).
The Saturday statement reads:
“The card reader is a novel tool in our elections and naturally there will be some initial hiccups. We understand that the delays were due to the failure to remove the protective films on the lenses of many card readers, the poor network of some of the sim cards in the machines and the effect of jamming devices on the card readers.”

14:53 Olusegun Obasanjo is done with voting!
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: Premium Times

14:50 Speaking about the problematic locations, Yemi Osinbajo, the APC vice presidential candidate, urged residents to remain calm by saying: “We need to be patient and don’t allow delays to discourage us from voting.” (Sahara Reporters)
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: @MrSleevesUp

14:30 Imad Mesdoua, Political Analyst at Africa Matters Limited, tweets that 3 deaths have been confirmed in Yobe state. The tragedy was said to have been caused by Boko Haram activities as the voters were going to the polling stations.

14:05 The Punch confirmed an explosion in Awka, Anambra state. The incident reportedly took place at Atom a polling unit at Umuokpara Primary School.

14:00 readers from all over the country have been informing us that the accreditation has finished and voting has started (Ona-Ara local government and Oyo State, Abeokuta South LGA). In some other areas the accreditation process was extended (for example, Uyo, Oku).

13:35 Dire photo from the scene of Enugu explosion (Channels TV).
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

13:25 INEC website is back online.

13:17 Elections staff explain to US Ambassador to Nigeria James F. Entwistle and US assistant secretary of state Linda Thomas-Greenfield the malfunctioning card readers.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: @geoffreyyork

13:07 Some Kaduna state voters who registered to cast their votes in places away from their residences were stopped by the police from going to the polling units. The police spokesman promised to sort out the misunderstanding (PT).

13:05 INEC officials at Gbagada unit 001 and 062, Lagos, refuse to manually accredit voters despite failure of card readers (Vanguard).

12:57 BBC Africa reports with reference to Transitional Monitoring Group that 68% of polling units in Nigeria opened by 11:30. When the scheduled opening time was 8:00.

12:50 Again, issues with the card readers. This time the machine refused to capture biometrics of Plateau state Governor Jonah Jang and his wife Talatu. The politician commented: “I am disappointed in the process, since the card reader can reject the number one citizen of the state.”

12:30 At least 2 people killed in a suspected Boko Haram attack on polling stations in the villages of Birin Bolawa and Birin Fulani in the Nafada district of Gombe state (Vanguard). An anonymous election official commented: “We could hear the gunmen shouting, ‘Didn’t we warn you about staying away from (the) election?'”

12:19 INEC say they are aware of the cyber attack. Currently investigating the incident.

12:00 Photo of a 117-year-old voter at Yahaya Umar polling unit, Gombe state, goes viral!
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

11:56 Unconfirmed information about unrest in Gombe, with one person killed.

11:48 BREAKING: INEC website hacked
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

11:44 Jonathan addresses people for the second time, after having been accredited without the card reader
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: Channels TV

11:33 Nobel Prize laureate Wole Soyinka going through the accreditation in Ogun state
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: @Gidi_Traffic

11:30 According to the Twitter handle of the NBA Lawyers-Nigeria, there was “heavy shooting in Ekiti Oke Osun ward, Ikire Ekiti, over argument between Deputy Gov and a Party Agent. A security and a Voter badly wounded.”

11:25 Nigeria’s former president Olusegun Obasanjo accredited at Ward 11, Unit 22 Totoro/Sokori, Abeokuta North.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: @Gidi_Traffic
11:05 Now for sure, GEJ gets accredited, Channels TV reports. Confirmed by Daily Trust. Says he will be back by 13:00 to cast his vote.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: Reuben Abati
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: Reuben Abati

10:45 Meanwhile Aisha gets successfully accredited in Daura
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: PT

10:35 BREAKING: Despite previous updates that Jonathan was accredited, the freshest news suggest that three voter card readers have yet failed to read President Goodluck Jonathan’s biometrics and accredit him.

10:33 People displaced by Boko Haram are voting in Maiduguri camps.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: ‏Daily Trust

10:11 Soldiers reportedly barricaded the Abuja-Kuje road turning back journalists and observers heading to the town. A witness said even European Union observers were blocked at a military checkpoint at Dantata on the way to Kuje. One of the locked journalists said he has information that some ruling party politicians plot to rig in the town (Premium Times).

10:07 Speaking about accreditation problems, Jonathan said:
“I am not worried that Card Reader did not work well we have to be patient with the INEC.”

10:00  Kaduna state governorship candidate Nasir El-Rufai heading to his polling unit to cast a vote.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: @IamKevinJasper

9:55 ANOTHER explosion is said to have taken place in Anambra state. Luckily, no casualties. Details not clear.

9:44 @nkemifejika tweets: “Water & ‘omo’ recommended. Card reader friendlier to clean hands. Apparently.”
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

9:40 Finally, done! The accreditation process accreditation took at least 6 minutes at the card reader stage. Based on the social media mesages, it all went quicker with Buhari.

9:37 Seems like GEJ still can’t complete the accreditation. Why is that?

9:23 Goodluck and Patience Jonathan being accredited in Otuoke, Bayelsa state.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
President Jonathan, the First Lady arrived at a polling unit around 9am. Snapshot from a video: ChannelsTV

9:20 BREAKING: A car bomb exploded at the WTC Primary School polling booth in Enugu North LGA at about 7:38 Saturday (The Advocate).  No casualty recorded. The experts dismantled the second bomb which was timed to explode during the voting and detonated it at 8:45. As shocking as it might be, there was a third device which detonated at 9:05.  Screening in progress.

9:15 @shile_02holly posted a photo accompanied by the caption “Dis policemen just seized a PVC frm a man!”
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

9:05 A voter in wheelchair displays his voters card after completing his accreditation at Ido-Osi in Ifaki local government, Ekiti (PT).
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: Premium Times

8:45 Muhammadu Buhari, and his wife Aisha have been accredited in his hometown Daura, Katsina state.
Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today
Credits: @OmanoE

8:40 Nigerians report that accreditation successfully commences in polling units around 8:00.  See the messages dropped from across Lagos. However, in some areas there area delays For example, at Iworoko Ekiti, Irepodun Ifelodun LGA, and in Oyi LGA, Anambra state, voters are waiting for the arrival of INEC officials and materials.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: A 117 Year Old man performing his civic duty at the polling unit

Presidential Election: Nigeria Chooses Its Leader Today

Saudi-led air strikes hit Yemen for third straight day

Raids target Houthi strongholds across country while ground fighting reported in the southern city of Aden.

Saudi-led coalition troops have bombed Houthi targets in Yemen for a third consecutive night, and claim to be in complete control of Yemen's airspace.
The air strikes early on Saturday hit targets in the city of Hudaydah on the Red Sea Coast, the Houthi stronghold of Saada in the north, and military installations in and around the capital Sanaa.
The air strikes also struck the base of Yemen's former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who ruled the country for more than 30 years. Saleh is believed to have fled to Sanhan, near the capital.
The air strikes come amid reports of ground fighting between forces loyal to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the Houthi rebels in the southern port of Aden.
The spokesman for the Arab coalition bombing Houthi targets in Yemen, Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri, said that Saudi Arabia and its allies will do whatever it takes to stop Yemen's second largest city from falling to the Shia rebels.

Nigeria election: Voters head to the polls to pick president

Why Boko Haram isn't the only issue for Nigerians

US Sends Marines For Post-Election Violence In Nigeria

As voters accreditation continues and Nigerians prepare to start casting their votes, the United States government has deployed hundreds of US Marines to be stationed in Ghana in anticipation of post-election violence in Nigeria.
US Sends Marines For Post-Election Violence In Nigeria
US marines
Nigerians will today choose their president and members of the federal legislature.

Buhari Accredited, Commends INEC's Readiness

280315-Buhari-Accreditation.jpg - 280315-Buhari-Accreditation.jpg
Buhari being accredited. Photo: Sunday Aghaeze
  •   Says rigging may not be possible
Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Daura, Katsina

3 card readers fail to accredit Jonathan


Kofi Annan Statement On Nigerian Elections

Army Intimidate Journalists In Benin

By Jethro Ibileke
Operatives of Nigerian Army has begun systematic intimidation of Nigerian journalists this morning in Benin, Edo state.
Journalists who set out to monitor the presidential and national assembly elections were barred from moving in their private vehicles by soldiers who insisted that they could only in official cars.
Gabriel Ordia of Galaxy TV and his crew were turned back from travelling to Edo Central senatorial district.
As at the time of filing this report, the public relations offi‎cer of 4 Brigade, Nigerian Army in Benin, Captain Abubakar Abdulahi, who was called for intervention, promised to talk to the military operatives.
Some members of the public are however sceptical that ‎the presence of the military operatives could intimidate electorates from coming out to exercise their franchise.
Source: PM News

Nigerians In the Diaspora Bemoan Failure To Vote

Only 68% of Polling Units Open by 11:30am

The Transition Monitoring Group Observers indicates that only 68% of polling units were open by 11:30am.

(This is indicative of a sample of 1,207 of 1,507 polling units reporting).
Here is the entire breakdown:

Source: Transition Monitoring Group

Vote with Ink and Not Blood

NIGERIA: Hijacking of Electoral Materials


Ahead of the Saturday’s presidential election, Rivers state has recorded the first report of hijacking of electoral materials meant for the Presidential election in the state.
Violence has dominated the political atmosphere of Rivers State since the build up to the 2015 general elections started in earnest.