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ICT Savvy Youths, A Good Step In Addressing Unemployment - Experts

With the rising levels of unemployment and under-capacity utilisation in the country, one model that has been identified as critical in addressing the challenges is the application of Information and Communication Technology to the day-to-day life processes.
These applications cut across direct use of ICTs by the citizenry and the opportunities and benefits ICTs provide to empower people.
In as much as the current government is making efforts to build structures that will drive this motive, players in the private sector also have key roles to play to make this dream realisable.
One segment that had enjoyed good attention in this light, is the Small and Medium Enterprise of business establishments.
Speaking at the first Annual Electronic Commerce Conference hosted in Lagos recently, the Minister of Communications Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson, said ICT was a catalyst for economic growth in Nigeria, and one area that had proven its worth is the e-Commerce ecosystem.
The sector, she argued, had the capacity to significantly extend the reach of wholesale and retail trade in the country, leading to accelerated economic growth and job creation.
According to her, using ICTs to build capacities in business is very unique and key as it can bring together many sectors and players, all working for economic gains. Citing the e-Commerce model, she said one transaction had the potential of adding value to participating entities in the wholesale and retail trade sector, financial services sector, transport sector, postal sector and telecoms sector.
These, however, according to the Minister, were some of the areas businesses and people could be directly impacted courtesy ICTs. Players in the ICT sector, sometimes, leverage on their Corporate Social Responsibility programme to indirectly impact lives of the citizenry as well as businesses.
A recent development in this regard is the Business Next Titan Reality TV Show put together by telecoms operator, MTN Nigeria.
The show is seen by many as an attempt to encourage entrepreneurship among Nigerian youths with the goal of reducing unemployment in the country.
The event attracted the best minds in Nigeria, including professionals, entrepreneurs and trailblazers in commerce and other sectors.
Commenting on the initiative, the Chief Enterprise Solution Officer, MTN, Mr. Babatunde Osho, said belief in the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians informed the creation of the idea.
He stressed the need for Nigerian youths to continue to push forward in pursuit of worthy goals in spite of challenges, saying the benefits accruable from the show cut across participants as well as wider spectrum of Nigerians who are viewers, owing to the fact that it exposed business ideas and ideal managerial skills. The initiative had successfully empowered some young entrepreneurs with mental and financial wherewithal to take calculated business risks.
With the global economy shrinking, with business people finding it increasingly difficult to get funding for their businesses, especially small business owners, empowering SMEs had become very critical. The situation is even alarming in Africa, where such businesses are just gaining scant attention.
In the face of an overwhelming youth unemployment population standing at a staggering 60 per cent level, with the youth accounting for 70 per cent of Nigeria’s 150 million population, ICTs, either directly or indirectly, remain a reliable tool of respite.

Curbing Excessive Spending Habit

Obsessive spending can result in serious debt problems and a sense of mixed up budgeting priorities, such as taking care of wants before needs rather than tending to needs and savings first and budgeting appropriately for wants. These difficulties can result in bigger long-term problems such as relationship issues or the inability to pay back debts that are owed.
People, who have an uncontrollable spending problem, always have a feeling to spend excessive amounts of money on items and services that are unnecessary in their lives in an attempt to accomplish an inner emotional desire.
The money spending problem may be as obvious as spending large amounts through mesmerising shopping for unnecessary items in hopes that they can find their happiness or sense of self worth through that purchase.
If you recognise this problem within yourself or within someone you know, here are some ideas for the compulsive spender to use for recognising where the problem stemmed from and how to overcome their addiction to compulsive spending, according to experts.
Track your spending and emotions
Keep track of your purchases or transactions and how much you spend. Realise how you feel before you decide to make a purchase or go gambling, how it feels when you’re thinking about making the transaction, how you feel immediately after the transaction, and how you feel about the transaction later in that day, the day after, or a week after. At the end of each week, add up your total transaction amounts and consider how much of your emotional needs were actually fulfilled.
Understand the cycle of spending addiction
The reason why compulsive spending is considered an addiction is due to the cycle that all addictions form. The cycle tends to start with a situation that leads to a feeling of emptiness, incompleteness, or negative self worth. This feeling, which stems from prior and unresolved issues, leads the compulsive spender to believe that if they had something, it would fulfill them in some way and make them feel more complete and worthy. Upon the time of the transaction, the compulsive spender will feel elated, powerful and fulfilled. But then the financial issues arise and the item no longer leaves them feeling sated, thus the negative feelings begin to rise again, putting them back at the beginning of the cycle. The cycle repeats itself over and over with a life of its own. The cycle can only be stopped when the compulsive spender does something to redirect the patterns and throw the cycle off of the addiction track.

Ombatse Cult Massacre: Parents Stage Protest, Demand Justice

Ombatse Cult Massacre: Parents Stage Protest, Demand Justice
Tuesday, July 30, 2013 -- Yesterday, the parents of the ten State Security Service (SSS) operatives killed May 7, 2013 by the Ombatse cult in Alakyo, Nasarawa State, staged a protest up in front of the Federal High Court building in Lafia where Vice President Namadi Sambo was due to commission. The protesters demanded justice and claimed they would never forgive the 'killer-cult'.
It would be recalled that two months after the security service operatives were killed, the director general of the State Security Service (SSS) Ita Ekpenyong declared the SSS had 'forgiven' the culprits.
Yesterday, the parents of the slain men were seen crowding as early as 9am, carrying placards and chanting slogans, claiming there would be 'no forgiveness for the Ombatse cult.' They lined up along the road where Vice President Sambo's convoy would pass on its way to the court premises.
Sambo, who was accompanied by Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura and Information Minister Labaran Maku, an indigene of the state, was greeted by the protesters' shouts: "We want justice, we want justice for our children!"
However, security agents prevented the protesters from coming anywhere near the complex during the event.

Angelina Jolie is Hollywood's Highest Paid Actress (See Forbes Top Ten List)

Angelina Jolie is Hollywood's highest paid actress according the Forbes.com, and she pocketed an incredibly robust $33 million between June 2012 and June 2013.

photo Angelina Jolie is Hollywood's highest paid actress according the Forbes.com, and she pocketed an incredibly robust $33 million between June 2012 and June 2013.
The 38-year-old star has topped Forbes Hollywood's Highest Paid Actresses list after pocketing $33 million between June 2012 and June 2013, which is $13 million more than she earned last year.

According to Forbes.com, the screen beauty - who hasn't been seen on the big screen for three years since 2010's thriller 'The Tourist' - will make her comeback next summer in Disney's 'Maleficent' for which she will make $15 million.

Angelina, who in the interim directed and wrote Bosnian War movie 'In The Land of Blood and Honey', earned $9 million more than the second-ranked actress on the list, Jennifer Lawrence.

The 22-year-old actress helped the first movie in 'The Hunger Games' franchise bank $690 million at the box office and while she was paid under $1 million for the first film, production company Lionsgate will be paying her substantially more for the sequel 'Catching Fire'.

Kristen Stewart, who topped the list last year with $34.5 million, has dropped to third place with $22 million.

The 23-year-old made her main fortune playing female lead Bella Swan in the 'Twilight Saga' series and has been doing smaller productions since the vampire saga finished.

Jennifer Aniston takes the fourth spot with $20 million and Emma Stone makes the top five with an estimated $16 million.

Hollywood's Highest Paid Actresses according to Forbes top 10:

1) Angelina Jolie - $33 million

2) Jennifer Lawrence - $26 million

3) Kristen Stewart $22 - million

4) Jennifer Aniston - $20 million

5) Emma Stone - $16 million

6) Charlize Theron - $15 million

7) Sandra Bullock - $14 million

8) Natalie Portman - $14 million

9) Mila Kunis - $11 million

10) Julia Roberts - $11 million

SPOTTED: Oprah Winfrey Having Dinner With Tina Turner And New Husband (PHOTO)

Recently, a picture of Oprah Winfrey having dinner with Tina Turner and her new husband, Erwin Bach surfaced online.

See photo below..

How I Predicted The Death Of The Mother Of The First Lady! Tinubu Be Careful - Pastor Chris Warns

The General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation And Miracle Ministry, Pastor Chris Okafor has said he predicted the death of the mother of the first lady which recently happened.

It was said that the man of God predicted that, there will be death in the President's household, and it was meant to take away someone close to them mysteriously but could be averted if they showed interest.

He has also advised Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to beware because some of his strong opponent have vowed to ensure that he will not see May 29, 2015.

Lastly, this one is for the people of Anambra State. Senator Chris Ngige is going to rule you again, the Pastor said.

Exodus: Sen Ohiare, 1000 Others Dump PDP For APC

Exodus: Sen Ohiare, 1000 Others Dump PDP For APC
Over one thousand (1,000) ruling Peoples' Democratic Party's (PDP) devotees of central senatorial district of Kogi State, with Senator Muhammed Salami Ohiare in the forefront, have over the weekend defected to the yet-to-be-registered All Progressives Congress (APC). 
Ohiare had, at a press conference, explained their decision to seek alternative platform: "We have waited too long for better life to be ushered into this country in general and Kogi State in particular, but like an 'abracadabra', the more we expect it, the further it is made to elude us."
Stressing the fact that Kogi State situation is 'most pathetic' in terms of putting concrete infrastructures on ground, he further said, "It is most disheartening that a party, All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), that ruled this state for four years can still point to greater achievements than the one that has been in power for almost triple same period."
Ohiare, a former governorship candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in 2007, expressed his regret that other states created in the same period as Kogi are enjoying 'better infrastructural provisions'. He added that the lives of the Kogi people have been 'wasted in endless expectations'.
Speaking on the reasons to leave the PDP and call on his comrades to do the same, he described the situation metaphorically: "If you are travelling in a vehicle that either breaks down often or too slow to take you to your destination for an important and urgent purpose, the wise thing to do is to disembark from it and take a healthier and faster vehicle."
According to Ohiare, the expected accelerated development can only be attained when good governance evolves from the actions of politicians who have the conscience of bringing the greatest happiness to greater number of the electorate.

Want To Be Better At Blogging? Try These

There is no doubt that we are in the information age, an age where everything is influenced by the correct use of appropriate information.  It is no surprise that the currency of this age is information. As expected, the individual that has the correct quantity of information at the right time has the potential to increase popularity and create wealth.
Blogging has taken centrestage with more and more individuals making an effort to drift a blog as one of the ways to establish a digital presence. Most blogs on the Internet are not optimally utilised. However, the few that have been able to stand out have become a resource centre and an avenue for wealth for their respective owners.
Here are a few of the recommendations on becoming a successful blogger -
Find your niche: It is important that you find a niche and be known for it. You could decide to blog about vehicle, health, current happenings etc. It is important to keep your information fresh and relevant.
Keep it short:  In my opinion, you should endeavour to keep each post less than 600 words.  Most readers would prefer a brief post to a lengthy one.
Define your ideal readers: Once you’ve found your niche, you need to know who your readers are. For example, if you write about child care; the ideal readers are child care givers. Tailor your writing to your readers and it would be more meaningful.
Be original: The amount of originality you put into your blog would help establish your blog and make it standout from the numerous others on the Internet.
Be interesting: Find a place for humour on your blog; make your blog interesting enough; give your readers something to look forward to on every paragraph.
Feedback: Create a system that allows you to receive comments and feedbacks from readers on your blog. It is important that you provide your audience with an opportunity to participate. Their input would also inspire the kind of content you provide.
Negative criticism:  It is important that you prepare your mind because it is very certain that you would receive some negative criticism. Some individuals will question your motive, your source etc. Learn what you can from them and move on.

10 Things Women Want From Men

A smart woman shares the10 basic things women REALLY want from men;

1. We love the way you courted us when we met. The texts, calls, flowers, chocolates, cards, airport pick-ups, weekends away. Please don't stop this when you know you 'have us'.

2. We like security and a feeling of familiarity. Give us a chance to get to know you, before hitting on us.

3. We want to be treated as ladies. Not as unequals. We don't expect you to open every door and foot every bill, but it doesn't mean we don't find your gestures of genuine chivalry very attractive. Even the most independent woman wants to feel she is treasured and adored as an object of beauty, just as long as it doesn't go so far that the man insists on making her every decision.

4. We like to talk. This does not mean we are asking for your opinion or that we want you to magically fix all our problems. Mostly, we just need to vent. And we love it so much when you really hear us. Listen cos that's all you need to do.

5. We expect you to remember relationship landmarks. You love technology, so when we tell you our anniversary is coming, or our birthday, put it in your planner, so you remember. You remember meetings, and football scores, so remember birthdays, it's not that hard.

6. We love an excuse to get dressed up. Give us the chance to sizzle in our glam wardrobe. Don't get nervous if other guys look at us.

Remember we're on your arm.

7. Keep your promises. We like simple courtesies. Be on time, do whatever you said you were going to, and if things have changed, muster up the courage to tell us upfront.

8. Love for us begins in the mind. Just like you like the sensuous curves, we like the dinners, romance and dreamy conversation.

9. We also love sports, but it does not mean that it has to be the same game you play.

10. We don't want you to give up on guys nights. Believe it or not, we understand that you need space. We love our all-girl time as well.

Delta Government Under Attack Over Planned Demolition, Relocation Of Market

Market women in Ughelli and civil rights groups have accused Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan’s administration of high-handedness as the government reportedly proceeds with a plan to evict traders from a 50-year old market that has been slated for demolition.

The state government plans to demolish the old market and relocate it to a new site in a different community.
The plan has drawn condemnation from women traders across the state as well as civil groups.The affected traders, who are mostly widows and single mothers, and youths in the area, have vowed to resist the government’s eviction and demolition plan by all means.
Over the last three days, economic and social activities have ground to a virtual halt, with stores and businesses shut down in solidarity with the Ughelli women traders protesting the planned relocation of the market. “This is the only market owned by the [Ughelli] kingdom,” one of the protesters said. “So why is it that the government now wants to close it down and move it?”
Many of the women, who are carrying out a peaceful protest, harped on the fact that the market has existed in Ughelli market for more than 50 years. They argued that customers would find it difficult to access the proposed site of a new market. They stressed that the neighboring communities, including Ekakpamre, Ufuoma, Eruemukokurie, and Effurun-Otor, trade in the Ughelli main market.
A protesting woman told SaharaReporters that the government’s plan market re-allotment program would engender poverty. “The amount of economic loss will be enormous because we women run our businesses on micro-credit and loans from micro-finance and commercial banks. And we service these loans with quick turn-over from our businesses.”
Several of the visibly angry women said the government’s plan also threatened the educational future of their children, noting that the new market location has no schools around it. “So many of us have [more than] six children each who attend various schools around Iwreko and Ekiugbo. How can we leave our stalls to go and carry our children after school hours?” 
Another protester stated that the new site is located along the East-West Road, under construction, adding that the location was hard for mothers and children to access.
Last Sunday, a large group of protesters gathered at the palace of the Ughelli monarch for prayers and consultations. A letter containing their position was presented to the monarch.
The letter called on Mr. Uduaghan to “stay action on the threatened eviction, demolition and relocation of Ughelli goods market because the adverse socio-economic consequences and impact that it will create will be too difficult for the state government to handle.”

PHOTOS: Check Out Singer Vast's Special Woman

Singer Vast, one half of the Pop group Bracket has not been too eager to show off his beautiful girlfriend but meet Tillya, a Tanzanian Managing Director/blogger who resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
As you can see from the photos, Tillya is quite stylish with her looks and her ‘boy toy’ appreciates it.
"Just d smile makes me happy, of cause its not all about the big things, it’s about the little things that counts", Vast wrote about his girl as he posted a photo of her on Instagram.
In case you’re doubting, here’s what she wrote on his page this morning, "Baby ur so funny oooh, u know am sleeping but thanks for the love my darling king. i love u Vastlicious".
Vast replied, "Yeah I know but it’s already morning over there..anyways,thanks love u too".
Check out more photos of Tillya…

Wande Coal Parts Ways With Mavin Records

Wande Coal after years of staying loyal to his bosses, Dbanj and Don Jazzy has allegedly finally parted ways with Mavin Records owned by Don Jazzy to form his own label known as Black Diamond Entertainment.

photo Wande Coal after years of staying loyal to his bosses, Dbanj and Don Jazzy has allegedly finally parted ways with Mavin Records owned by Don Jazzy to form his own label known as Black Diamond Entertainment.
During the post Mohit era which saw Dbanj and Don Jazzy parting ways to form their own record label, Wande Coal pitched his tent with the super producer, Don Jazzy and released a number of hits under the Mavin blueprint.
With the likes of Wizkid and Iyanya running their own label and making it bigtime, Wande Coal finally summoned the courage to untie himself from the apron strings of Mavin to become his own boss.
His new single ‘Kilaju’ produced by Maleek Berry, which dropped yesterday was released under his Black Diamond imprint.
A member of his new team who pleaded anonymity confirmed the split saying WC’s twitter bio says it all, while attempt to reach Don Jazzy was not possible as at the time of filing this report.

PHOTOS: 2 Swiss Trains Collide, Dozens Injured

Two commuter trains collided head-on Monday evening in western Switzerland, injuring dozens, officials said.
One locomotive's driver was missing after the crash, police said, and search crews were trying to pry open the train's crushed cab.
At least 40 people were injured, five of them seriously, Swiss Federal Railways spokesman Reto Schaerli told CNN.
The collision happened in the village of Granges-près-Marnand, about 8 km south of Payerne, around 6:45 p.m.
Rescue teams at the scene included paramedics, firefighters, police and an air rescue helicopter, police said.
Authorities are investigating what caused the crash.

Mass Funeral For Italy Bus Victims

A funeral has been held near the southern Italian town of Pozzuoli for the 38 victims of Sunday's bus crash.

Prime Minister Enrico Letta was among about 4,000 people at the service, which was held in a sports hall.
Bishop of Pozzuoli, Gennaro Pascarella, urged the authorities to clarify the causes of the accident, saying: "We must ensure this never happens again." The coach lost control on a viaduct near Monteforte Irpino, hitting several other cars and plunging into a ravine.
In his homily, Bishop Pascarella appealed for support for the bereaved families. "Political and religious institutions should not leave our brothers alone, especially those who have found themselves without any economic support,'' he said.
Families and friends of those killed in the accident crowded around the flower-draped coffins, lined up in front of the altar.
"We feel terrible. We all know each other here. We are all a bit like brothers and sisters," said one man, Franco, who said he had lost a friend in the accident.
Before the ceremony, relatives of the dead wept and clutched the coffins, placing flowers, photographs and other memorabilia for their loved ones.
One coffin was adorned with a photo of the deceased's wedding day, and a scarf in the colours of the football team, Napoli.

Michael Jackson's Doctor Planning To Reveal ‘Explosive’ Secrets After Prison

Photo - Michael Jackson's Doctor Planning To Reveal ‘Explosive’ Secrets After Prison
Conrad Murray is reportedly threatening to reveal ‘explosive‘ secrets about Michael Jackson and his family on TV when he is released from prison in October.
The disgraced former doctor – who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after delivering a fatal dose of Propofol to the King of Pop in June 2009 – has reportedly been fielding multi-million dollar deals to tell-all about the late singer and his family when he is granted an early release from prison in October.
Murray has warned the ‘Thriller‘ star’s family that if they continue to push him ‘to the limit’ by slating him in the press and in their wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoters AEG Live, he will not hesitate to dish the dirt on Michael’s relatives – which he claims could ‘tarnish’ their reputations.
In a statement obtained by the Daily Star newspaper, he said: "Though I have encountered so much sorrow and I have a great deal of explosive information that is fodder for tarnishing images, I’ve remained loyal to Michael and to foes over the past four years.
"I will continue to be faithful and endure unless and until I’m pushed to the limit and endurance is no more."
The jailed physician has angered Michael’s family by refusing to aid his motherKatherine Jackson’s $100 million lawsuit against AEG – who she claims is responsible for the star’s death by negligently hiring Murray – and has insisted he won’t give evidence in the trial.
Meanwhile, it was recently confirmed that Murray will receive early release from prison in October for good behaviour.
Murray – who lost his medical license when he was found guilty – was jailed in November 2011 and will leave prison having served just under half of his four-year sentence.

Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur Hunt For Nigerian Striker

Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur Hunt For Nigerian Striker
Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are among the Premier League clubs being linked with a move for Nigerian striker Uche Nwofor.
The 21-year-old scored ten goals for VVV Venlo in the Eredivisie last season, but couldn't stop his side from sliding out of the Dutch top flight.
His form was rewarded with an international call-up from the Super Eagles, and he nearly joined CSKA Moscow back in January.
However, a move to Russia failed to materialise, and now the Daily Star claims Premier League clubs are keen on bringing the player to England.
Arsenal, Spurs and Newcastle United are the clubs mooted by the paper, which also claims that Chelsea were keen on signing the player before his move to Holland in 2011.
The Gunners have already added a striker this summer, with Yaya Sanogo moving to the Emirates Stadium from Auxerre.
However, Arsene Wenger remains relatively light in the position, and would love to add some additional depth to Arsenal attack.
Tottenham Hotspur are another side short of attacking options, with Jermain Defoe and Emmanuel Adebayor the only strikers available at White Hart Lane.
Andre Villas-Boas had been chasing Christian Benteke earlier in the summer, but after missing out on the Belgian, he now appears keen to bring a player dubbed 'the new Benteke' to north London.

Jailbreak Frees Hundreds

Taliban militants have freed 248 prisoners in an assault on a prison in north-west Pakistan, officials say.
Militants armed with automatic weapons, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and bombs blasted down the walls of the jail in the town of Dera Ismail Khan and streamed inside, reports said.
A gun battle lasting several hours went on into the early hours of Tuesday. At least 13 died, including six police.
Correspondents say it is a huge embarrassment for authorities.
The attack was similar to an assault on a prison in nearby Bannu in April last year, in which almost 400 prisoners were freed.
The Taliban assault comes on the day parliament is electing a new president. We will never know if the timing was deliberate, but it has hugely embarrassed the government, and once again highlighted the ability of the militants to strike at will.
Suggestions the authorities had advance warning of the attack, but did not act on it, only make matters worse.
No high-profile Taliban members were being held at the Dera prison, but at least 30 militants freed in the assault are described by the authorities as "hardened" Taliban fighters. The attack rekindles memories of a 2012 jailbreak in the nearby city of Bannu in which about 400 prisoners escaped, including Adnan Rashid, a radicalised former member of the military who recently wrote an open letter to child activist Malala Yousafzai explaining why she was attacked by the Taliban.
The Dera jail attack comes a month after the police said they had arrested a group of militants who were planning to launch a similar attack on Karachi Central Jail. This is indicative of an emerging Taliban strategy to break jails instead of negotiating the release of their prisoners by taking hostages, which they have done in the past.
Reports also suggest intelligence had warned of an impending attempt on the jail two weeks ago.
This latest assault demonstrates the weakness of the Pakistani state, says the BBC's Shahzeb Jillani in Karachi.
The state appears not to have the capacity, and some would say the will, to rein in hardened militants, he says.

Mobile Shawarma Palace: Heaven on Wheels…

Mobile Shawarma Palace; heaven on wheels…
Healthy living is a subject that is believed to be anathema to the concept of fast food.
Long have fast food outlets been a pariah for those who love to eat and live healthy, as the general belief is that they tend to serve foods lacking in major minerals and are coincidentally highly fatty in content.
With the choice of Shawarma however, one can easily get a unique blend of health and fun in an oblong wrap of pita.

Mobile Shawarma palace is a unique and innovative fast food concept that offers quality meals at an excellent value and on the go.
Bringing traditional Middle Eastern food to the modern Nigerian lifestyle is a concept our denizens agree we have mastered in a genuine and efficient way, making it easy for all customers to enjoy the goodness of our very own Shawarma which is simply a little piece of heaven right here on earth.
You haven't had a shawarma until you've tasted MSB's shawarma, it elevates fast food to the level of haute cuisine.

Mobile Shawarma Palace takes both mobile and online orders and delivers in a fast and efficient manner anywhere within the Lagos axis. It is simply healthy meals on wheels.
Or call the hotlines on: 01-8445107, 08190458165,08091186756

We Are Losing N1.85trn To Crude Oil Theft And Sabotage -NEITI

Nigeria lost over 146 million barrels of crude oil estimated at about $11.794 billion (about N1.852 trillion) to theft, deliberate sabotage, and pipeline vandalism between 2009 and 2011, the latest audit report by the Nigerian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) released on Monday revealed.

NEITI Chairman, Ledum Mitee, who was speaking at the public presentation of reports, which covered the audit of oil and gas industry for the period 2009 and 2011, and the solid mineral industry for the period 2007 and 2010, said the amount lost represented about 7.7 per cent of about $143.5 billion (about N2.253 trillion) realised as total revenue from equity crude oil sale, royalty, signature bonuses and taxes during the period.
Mr. Mitee said the figure captured only those incidents reported by three multinational oil companies operating in the country during the period, including Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) and Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC). The reports presented by the Minister of Finance and Coordinator for the Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, showed that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) and two other agencies are to refund over N8.138 billion to the Federation Account as fuel subsidy over-recovery collected from petroleum products marketers between 2009 and 2011.
The figure is made up of about N4.423 billion collected from some marketers, which is yet to be remitted to the Federation Account by the PPPRA, while NNPC and two other companies are yet to refund N3.715 billion collected for a similar purpose during the period. In addition, Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala said the NNPC was also yet to reconcile the remittance of another N8.62 billion it received, including dividend payment by the Nigeria LNG Limited, which is yet to be remitted to the Federation Account since 2009.

RED HANDED: Mother Catches Teacher Under Her Teenage Daughter's Bed

A SCHOOLGIRL’S suspicious mum surprised her by coming home early — and was horrified to look under the teen’s bed and find her MATHS TEACHER.

He and the 16-year-old had sneaked back to the house on the last day of term when the mother suddenly turned up.
She began searching the house for a boy — and was aghast when she discovered the 35-year-old skulking under the mattress.
She called cops who yesterday confirmed: “A man was arrested on suspicion of abusing a position of trust.”
A source said: “The pair had gone back to the girl’s house because they thought no one would be there.
“But the mum came home earlier than expected and caught them.
“She went into her daughter’s room and found the teacher hiding under the bed. It was a terrible shock. I think she had only come home to grab some lunch. The mum went berserk.”
The teacher — arrested and quizzed for several hours — was last night on police bail over the antics in Bolton, Gtr Manchester.
He cannot be identified for legal reasons. The school head — whose staff were last year rated “outstanding” by Ofsted — refused to say if the teacher had been suspended.
Officials there said: “The school is co-operating fully with the ongoing investigation.”
A police spokesman added: “Officers and a number of partner agencies are investigating the circumstances leading up to the incident.
“This investigation will also look at any safeguarding issues that need to be addressed and establish if any offences have been committed.”
The probe comes barely a month after maths teacher Jeremy Forrest, 31, was jailed for running off to France with a girl aged 15. He got 5½ years at Lewes Crown Court in East Sussex for abduction and sexual activity with a child. His victim, now 16, has vowed to marry him when he gets out.

Swearing On The Internet To Be Banned

A year ago a Russian law was passed that introduced a blacklist designed to block access to information on drugs, suicide and child pornography.

Swearing On The Internet To Be Banned
Strangely, that same law was then used to silence leading reporters who dared to criticize the government (bet nobody saw that coming).
Well, Russian politicians are back to thinking of the children now, and want to make further amendments to the law, as this report on the English version of Pravda reveals: State Duma Deputy Yelena Mizulina intends to make further amendments to the Law "On the Protection of Children."
The chairwoman of the Committee on Family, Women and Children put forward a suggestion to punish people for using dirty language in social networks.
According to politician, the pages full of posts and messages containing swear words, will have to be blocked within 24 hours, if harmful information is not deleted.
This should apply to pages on social networks, websites, and various forums. Yes, you read that correctly: the new law would forbid the use of "dirty language" pretty much anywhere online.
If the offending phrases aren't quickly removed, the relevant page will be added to the blacklist.
The chairman of the Moscow Regional Bar Association, Sergei Smirnov, is all for it: "Obscene language offends both children and adults. A ban on its use is not an infringement of human rights.
This is a direction towards a civilized lifestyle. If we do not use foul language in real life, then why do we use it on the Internet?"

KANO BLAST: Death Toll In Kano Explosions Now 12, JTF Confirms

The death toll in the explosions that rocked Sabon gari area of Kano on Monday has risen to 12, military spokesman, Captain Ikedichi Iweha, said on Tuesday.

Mr. Iweha said in a statement that others who sustained injuries had been taken to the hospital for treatment.
According to the statement, “12 persons were confirmed to have died from both incidences, while a couple of others who sustained various degrees of injuries were rushed to hospital for medical attention”.
The statement urged the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious movements or persons to security authorities.
It added that “this latest incidence could have been avoided if citizens had maintained vigilance,” adding that contrary to media reports that the attack was carried out by suicide bombers, the parcel bombs were dropped among revellers.
It restated the determination of security agencies to continue to carry out their duties diligently.
“The JTF and other security agencies will continue to count on the support and cooperation of the people of Kano to achieve an atmosphere of peace conducive for all to live in’’, it added.
The police had earlier confirmed that two explosive devices were set off along Igbo Enugu Road at a drinking spot, while another was set off at New Road where some residents were playing snooker late on Monday evening

Education Is best Legacy –Ekiti Dep. Gov

Ekiti State Deputy Governor Prof. Modupe Adelabu, on Monday identified education as the best legacy parents should strive to give to their children.

She described all other things as secondary. Adelabu said this in her remark at the third edition of the Reading Parents Initiative Programme, at Holy Trinity Primary School and St. Stephen’s Primary School, Ilawe-Ekiti.
This was contained in a statement by the Special Assistant to the Deputy Governor on Media, Mr. Bunmi Ogunmodede, on Monday.
Adelabu spoke after inspecting parents, including Lagos lawyer, Femi Falana; Bishop of Ekiti Catholic Diocese, Rev. Fr. Felix Ajakaye; and Alawe of Ilawe, Oba Adebanji Alabi, among others, taught the pupils for 35 minutes.
Adelabu said the administration of Governor Kayode Fayemi considered education as critical to development, hence its relentless efforts at reviving education in the state.
According to her, the Reading Parents Programme, is one of the avenues to resuscitate reading culture among the pupils.

Letter To Men: Why You Should Date In Your University Days

I'm writing this letter just to encourage the men that haven't found their better half. Let me tell you this short story.

Letter To Men: Why You Should Date In Your University Days
I met my boyfriend in the university and we've been dating since then. Been almost 4yrs now and I tell you, he (MTL) is the best thing that has happened to me.
He's not entirely rich, and he's not poor. But he gives me what he has and what I ask from him.
And no, I'm not ugly, poor, cripple, blind or dumb. I'm a pretty and an intelligent girl.
We may have our problems (which are usually mighty) but I've got his back and he's got mine.
I appreciate him and I tell anyone who cares to listen.
Back to men. When the right girl comes your way, you'll know.
Don't look for the richest, the most popular, the best dressed, etc.
Look for the girl that sits at the back of the lecture hall and has an A at the end of the semester.
Look for the girl who is an SU than a girl who prefers clubbing every Friday night.
Look for the girl who would rather study with you than use your money to pay someone who will write her exams for her.
Marriages these days end in divorce because you don't know who you're married too.
A person's character is better revealed in the university because that's the first opportunity the person has at freedom. Be guided!

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Tottenham man says selling Gareth Bale would be GOOD for the club

FORMER Tottenham star John Scales reckons a world-record sale of Gareth Bale would be GOOD for the club.

Gareth BaleGareth Bale's future at Spurs is uncertain
The 24-year-old Welsh wizard wants to speak to Real Madrid over a possible move to the Bernabeu.
Spurs are set to land a huge transfer fee of over £80m if he does go - and ex-England international Scales believes the sale of their prized asset is not a bad thing.
Scales told Starsport: "It's not all doom and gloom. Spurs have got themselves an incredible deal on the table.
"It's pretty clear they have made a world-record bid - or are preparing to. Real Madrid could put a couple of players in it too. Fabio Coentrao and Angel di Maria might be part of it.
Tottenham star Gareth BaleTottenham star Gareth Bale
“They've got a great young manager in Andre Villas-Boas - but Real Madrid are huge”
John Scales
"They would both be quality additions to the squad. Spurs would still have money to buy more, too.
"It's a chance for the club to take the next step and push on and become a top-four side.
"They're close to signing Roberto Soldado - he'll be a good buy. Paulinho is a great addition to the midfield too.
"It's all well and good Gareth Bale being a pivotal part of the side but you need depth in the squad.
"Selling him for a fee like that gives Andre Villas-Boas a chance to spend and strengthen. You could be looking at four or five great additions."
John Scales spent four years at TottenhamJohn Scales spent four years at Tottenham
Bale scored 26 goals in all competitions last season and won a host of individual awards.
United sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid in 2009 but Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy wants Real to pay more for their wing wonder.
Scales, who spent four years at White Hart Lane after signing from Liverpool, added: "You can't blame Levy trying to squeeze every penny he can out of them. If he can get an extra £5m, that's a lot of money in itself.
"Gareth's got better and better every year for the past four years. Real Madrid want the best in the world.
"They've signed Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo in the past, although those three were all at big clubs before coming.
Scales expects big things from SoldadoScales expects big things from Soldado
"Ronaldo scored 42 goals in a season - he won the Premier League at United - but Gareth's case is different.
"I'm not surprised at all that Gareth is interested. The way Marca have come out and said what they've said, it's no surprise Bale has asked for talks.
"I understand where he is coming from. It's an absolutely incredible opportunity for him.
"It's about bettering yourself as a player. Spurs are a very, very good side. They've got a great young manager in Andre Villas-Boas - but Real Madrid are huge.
"As a professional player this opportunity doesn't come around often. He's playing at the peak of his powers."

Andre Villas-Boas must splash Gareth Bale cash quickly

GARETH BALE was last week told by Real Madrid that it was ‘now or never’ for his move to the ­Bernabeu – and Tottenham now realise they are in the same position.

Gareth bale, Real madrid, Florentino Perez, Signing, transfer, avbSelling Gareth Bale could net Tottenham an eye-watering £100m
Boss Andre Villas-Boas is desperate to avoid a repeat of the transfer ­market mistakes that have cost them in the past.
So it is no surprise he wants Bale’s future resolved sooner ­rather than later.
Spurs could strike an incredible deal worth anything between £80m and £100m by selling their prized asset to Madrid.
It would be a world record transfer done with huge ­reluctance from the key men at White Hart Lane.
Gareth Bale seems to be edging closer to a dream move to Spanish giants Real MadridGareth Bale seems to be edging closer to a dream move to Spanish giants Real Madrid

Bale out! Winger just 'hours away' from joining Real Madrid

GARETH BALE is just hours away from joining Real Madrid, according to reports in Spain.

Gareth BakeGareth Bale's future at Spurs is uncertain
Both Marca and AS - two newspapers with offices close to the Bernabeu - have this morning claimed that the transfer is close to being finalised.
The papers both run giant images of Bale on their front pages.
Marca write that the deal could be completed in the matter of hours because 24-year-old Bale wants one thing: to play for Real Madrid.
Marca's verdict on Gareth BaleMarca's verdict on Gareth Bale
“The odds on Bale joining Madrid this transfer crashed into 2/5 this morning”
The relationship between Marca and Madrid is a close one and some accused Real of trying to unsettle the Welshman by using the paper.
AS, meanwhile, go with a front-page headline that "Bale has landed".
The odds on Bale joining Madrid this transfer crashed into 2/5 this morning before drifting to around 1/2.
He is now as big as 6/4 to stay at Tottenham with Paddy Power.
Manchester United were also interested in the wing wonder but they are set to miss out.
Today's front page of ASToday's front page of AS
Andre Villas-Boas has maintained Bale is going nowhereAndre Villas-Boas has maintained Bale is going nowhere

Liverpool ex boss Rafa Benitez eyeing deal for Martin Skrtel

NAPOLI are eyeing up a deal to bring another Liverpool stalwart to Serie A.

Liverpool's Martin Skrtel
Italian paper Il Mattino claims the Italian giants, who recently sold Edinson Cavani to PSG, want to strengthen their backline.
And Martin Skrtel, is the man they want to help strengthen their squad with.
The 28-year-old is the second player being targeted by ex Reds boss Rafa Benitez, having already sealed a deal for Pepe Reina.

“Martin Skrtel is a transfer target for Napoli”
The new Napoli chief signed Skrtel back in 2008, in a deal worth £6.5m from Russian side Zenit Saint Petersburg.
The Slovakian is facing added competition from former Manchester City star Kolo Toure and emerging star Andre Wisdom for a starting place.
If Liverpool do decide to let Skrtel go, it could speed up the team's bid for Greek star Kyriakos Papadopoulos, who's been a long-term target of Brendan Rodgers.
The north west club will have to pay around £13m to secure his services, who is regarded as a star player in the Schalke 04 squad.

Arsenal to miss out on Porto bound Brazil star

ARSENAL look set to be snubbed by Atletico Mineiro star Bernard.

Brazil playmaker Bernard
The Gunners sent scouts to watch the 20-year-old playmaker star in his team's Copa Libertadores triumph earlier this week.
And boss Arsene Wenger was said to be close to sealing his first big summer signing with a £20m bid for the pint sized star.
But having confirmed the north London outfit were interested in Bernard, the player's father also revealed his son had been convinced by Porto star Hulk to join him in Portugal.
He told O Jogo: "Nothing is decided yet, but we know there is an interest from Arsenal.
Bernard put in stellar performances for Brazil during the Confederations CupBernard put in stellar performances for Brazil during the Confederations Cup
“Nothing is decided yet, but we know there is an interest from Arsenal”
Bernard's father
"There has been nothing official from them. Hulk has convinced Bernard that Porto move would be better for him at this stage of his career. Porto would be a better move for his career."
And agent Adriano Spadotto has also indicated Bernard was most likely heading for Primeira Liga action or to Shakhtar Donetsk.
Arsene Wenger's interest in signing Bernard has been confirmedArsene Wenger's interest in signing Bernard has been confirmed
He said: "I can confirm that is the strongest possibility, but Shakhtar are interested too. He should join one of the two clubs.
"If it is up to me, Bernard will be a Porto player. As I have said, this would be the best solution for him. He would prefer to join a middling, but good, club in Europe rather than risk joining an elite club and not getting the chance to play.
"Bernard has great interest in going to Porto."
Bernard in action for Atletico MineiroBernard in action for Atletico Mineiro