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"Since Age 9, I Had To Pay My Father With Sex Before He Lets Me Take Part In Church Activities" - 16-Year-Old Girl Speaks Out

A  father has been arrested and charged with raping his own young daughter, who told police that he would demand sexual favors in exchange for outings with friends and participation in school activities.  

The 46-year-old Utah resident, whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of the alleged victim, was taken into custody last week and charged Wednesday with nine counts of rape and a single count of sodomy on a child.
According to the accuser, who is now 16 years old, the abuse first started when she was only 9 years old.
Over the past seven years, the teen told police that her father, who also has two other children, raped her over 50 times.
The alleged victim explained that as she got older, her father would have sex with her more frequently. Most recently, the teen said that they would have encounters three to four times a week. 
The horrific allegations came out when the 16-year-old told a friend at a church camp about the sexual abuse, asking her to keep it a secret.
The friend, however, shared the information with her parents, who then relayed it to their church bishop. The cleric, in turn, reported the allegations to officials at the Division of Child and Family Services, who notified police on June 19.
During her interview with investigators, the unnamed teen said that whenever she wanted something or wanted to go out, she would have to 'pay' her father with sexual acts.
According to a police report, earlier this month, the 46-year-old man forced his daughter to have intercourse with him four times in exchange for allowing her out-of-town best friend to visit.
When the friend left, the father told his daughter 'that it was time to pay up,' the report stated.
The paper reported that after talking to police officers about the alleged abuse committed by her father, the 16-year-old made an emotional plea no to arrest him, saying that it would 'tear her family apart' and hurt her siblings.

PHOTOS: Bentley Unveils Its First Ever SUV

Roll over Range rover.  Bentley has unveiled a concept of what may be the most lavish production SUV ever built.
This week, Bentley Motors confirmed that it will proceed with the development of an entirely new car line: a Bentley luxury SUV.  It will go on sale in 2016.
True to the Bentley design DNA and the brand’s hallmarks of performance, quality and craftsmanship, the Bentley SUV will be the most powerful and luxurious SUV on the road.
According to research conducted over the last 15 months, customers already feel extremely positive about the concept of a Bentley SUV.
We are sure our  celebrities can't wait to flood instagram with photos of themselves in this ride in 2016.

Rihanna Breaks Down During Performance (Photo)

Rihanna gave fans a rare glimpse of her softer side after she broke down in tears during a recent performance in France.
The 25-year-old started blubbing to the crowd after an emotional performance of her hit song Stay, thanking them for their continued support. ‘Lille!’ I love my French fans, I love you all so much,’ she shouted out.
But the Only Girl In The World singer soon became overwhelmed by the crowd’s warm reception and screams of excitement that she could no longer hold in her emotions.
‘I don’t know what the f*** I’m crying about,’ the Bajan babe went on to tell the crowd, wiping a tear form her eye that could be seen from a big screen.
‘I can’t believe this s***,’ she laughed after, adding: ‘Y’all make me so happy. To stand here and feel the love in this room. The Diamonds tour is nearly coming to an end and I hate this part – I hate saying goodbye.’
RiRi soon put her emotions to one side and continued with the gig held at the Grand Stade Lille Metropole.

Govt Makes Offers To Varsity Teachers

There seems to be no end in sight to the ongoing university lecturers’ strike, with the Federal Government saying yesterday that the 2009 agreement it signed with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) cannot be implemented.

The union went on strike early in the month over what it called the failure of the government to fully implement the agreement. It vowed not to go back to work, until the government implements the agreement. The government said the complexity of the agreement had been responsible for the continued breakdown of negotiations between the two parties.
Labour Minister Emeka Wogu stated this while briefing the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on the activities of his ministry. It was at the party’s national secretariat in Abuja. Wogu, however, said the government had entered into another round of talks with the varsity teachers, making some undisclosed offers to the teachers.
“We have made offer to ASUU. It is as complex as presented. Negotiation is ongoing. The National Assembly is equally involved. We believe they will soon call off the strike. I personally and passionately appeal to them to call off the strike. “It will not affect the negotiation, if they call off the strike. It is better for them to be inside than outside. Students have equally appealed to them.”
The minister added: “I inherited an agreement signed by the Federal Government with ASUU and that agreement is practically impossible for any administration to implement. We are still discussing with them. If I leave here, I am going to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) where we are meeting with them. I hope that very soon, we will resolve it.”
Wogu expressed the government’s reservations about the agreement it earlier signed with ASUU, which has necessitated the setting up of yet another negotiation team, headed by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Senator Anyim Pius Anyim. The nine-point agreement the government entered into with ASUU include: funding requirements for the revitalisation of Nigerian universities; Federal Government’s assistance to state universities; establishment of NUPEMCO; and progressive increase in annual budgetary allocation to the education sector to 26 per cent between 2009 and 2020.
Other components of the agreement are: payment of earned allowances; amendment to the pension/retirement age of academics non professorial cadre from 65 to 70 years; and reinstatement of prematurely dissolved Governing Councils. Also included in the agreement are: transfer of Federal Government’s landed property to the universities and setting up of research development councils and provision of research equipment to laboratories and classrooms in the nation’s universities.
On job creation efforts of the government, Wogu told the PDP leadership that the Community Service Scheme Women and Youth Empowerment Programme of the Subsidy Re-Investment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) of the Federal Government had already engaged 120,000 persons out of the 185,000 targeted for employment this year. He said since social security is an evolving structure, Nigeria is still basically trying to grow the concept to an acceptable international standard. “We are at the stage of putting in place a social security policy that would reflect the nation’s needs and level of economic development, taking into consideration the traditional as well as the modern socio-cultural values and norms,” he said.
With the passing of the Employee Compensation Act in 2010, he said the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund was resuscitated and currently functioning, adding that it has the new mandate to provide social security services to the disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the society. Wogu said the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) was in the fore-front of job creation, especially in skills acquisition and empowerment of unemployed people.

Salman Khan: Bollywood Star Charged With Homicide

Salman Khan: Bollywood Star Charged With Homicide
Bollywood star Salman Khan has been charged with culpable homicide by a court in the Indian city of Mumbai for a hit-and-run incident 10 years ago.
The actor pleaded not guilty - if convicted, he faces 10 years in prison. The trial will begin on 19 August.
In September 2002, he allegedly drove his car into a bakery in Mumbai, killing a man sleeping on the street.
So far, he has been tried for the lesser offence of "death caused by negligence".
Khan is one of Bollywood's biggest stars and has starred in more than 80 Hindi-language films, including Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Maine Pyar Kiya and Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun.
Late on the night of 28 September 2002, Khan's Toyota Land Cruiser rammed into the American Express bakery in the Bandra area of Mumbai, authorities say.
The vehicle ran over five people sleeping on the streets, killing 38-year-old Noor Ullah Khan and seriously injuring three others. Another person received minor injuries.
Trial delays
On Wednesday, the actor appeared before the sessions court, dressed in a grey shirt and black trousers.
The judge exempted the actor from being present in court during the trial, although he will have to appear if asked to.
Khan was initially charged with culpable homicide. But he successfully challenged that charge in court and it was reduced to "causing death by negligence".
The trial finally began at the Bandra Magistrate Court in 2006.
The court heard several witnesses between 2006 and 2011 but in March 2011 the prosecution asked for the more serious charge to be reinstated.
In February this year, the court ruled that the actor could be tried for the more serious charge of "culpable homicide not amounting to murder".
Khan challenged the ruling in the Bombay High Court, which rejected his petition last month.
There have been several complaints about delays to the trial - the case has stretched on for more than a decade. Mumbai police deny causing deliberate delays.
Correspondents say it is not unusual in India for cases to go on for many years, even decades, and there have long been complaints about the laborious nature and slow pace of the country's judicial system.
Khan is a hugely popular and successful actor. He has often been described as a "bad boy" heart-throb.
In 2006, he was sentenced to five years in prison for hunting a protected deer, but he was released on bail after spending less than a week in jail.

The Smell Of Freedom: 51 Prisoners Released

Reprieve has come the way of 51 awaiting trial inmates at the five prison formations across the three senatorial districts of Ogun state as the state Chief Judge, Justice Tokunbo Olopade granted amnesty to the inmates in a bid to decongest the prisons in the state.

Justice Olopade while addressing newsmen disclosed that 25 inmates were set free at the Ibara Prison in Abeokuta, eight at Ijebu-Ode, one in Sagamu prison, four in Ilaro in Yewa South local government and 13 in Oba prison in Obafemi -Owode local government area of the state.
She further said that the prisoners found themselves in prison custody either as a result of being victims of awaiting trial cases or having no witness to stand against them in their cases, adding that some of the freed prisoners had no case file from the Police to the Ministry of Justice, which according to her often affected provision of appropriate legal advice for them.
According to her, those granted amnesty by the Chief Judge is that, majority of them had spent between three to five years in the prison yard without any trial while the case files of some of them is no where to be found.
“It is a quarterly exercise in line with the constitutional provisions and we hope those that have been released will go back into the society to reintegrate themselves responsibly.”
“There is the need for the judiciary to work harder in order to ensure that old cases are quickly dispensed off, especially with those of 2010 and 2011 whose files are yet to be treated.
All those old cases that have been identified would be sought after and dispense away within due time. “By October this year, all old cases would have been done away with.
The magistrate and the Directorate of Public Prosecution are doing fine but, they must not rest on their oars. The majority of the inmates that were set free by the Chief Judge of Ogun State, Justice Olopade in the course of the visit were male.

The Man Who Tried To Poison Obama

Shortly after the days of the Boston Marathon tragedy, it was publicly announced that an apparent assassination attempt had been carried out on President Obama.

The Man Who Tried To Poison Obama
Letters tainted with the deadly poison substance ricin were detected, and the search for the culprit was immediately commenced. 
Investigators came across the phrase "I am KC and I approved this message" within the letter, and the link seemed obvious when the sending address was considered.
The Tupelo, MS address led them to a local Elvis impersonator named Kevin Curtis who was reported to use that catchphrase frequently.
But, as any experienced investigator knows, the link could not possibly be that easy. 
Curtis was baffled by the accusations, and snippets of interviews played nationally left us confused as to whether Curtis was guilty as sin or truly as bewildered as he claimed.
The guy was a fountain spewing an endless stream of hilarious quotes, and he case turned bizarre as he spoke of a man he believed was framing him.
As the case unraveled Curtis seemed less and less crazy and evidence led investigators to a new suspect, J. Everett Dutschke, who appears cornered by the trail of facts.
The facts and timeline of the case can be hard to sort out, but that's what we're here for.

Former HipTV Presenter, Dorisha Welcomes Baby Girl

Photo - Former HipTV Presenter Dorisha Welcomes Baby Girl
Former Hip TV presenter Dorisha and hubby Gbenga Afolabi have welcomed their first child, a sweet baby girl.
Dorisha delivered her daughter about two weeks ago at a hospital in the US.
The cute baby has been named Bella Rose.
We say a big congratulations to the couple.

15 Paintings of George Bush You Need To See

Inspired By Winston Churchill, George W. Bush has recently acquired a passion for painting, and the results are surprisingly interesting.

1. Dog Charges at Prisoner
This prison painting explores darker themes than many of his works. Thank goodness for the blue sky brightening things up!
2. A Glowing Sunset
15 Paintings of George Bush That You Need To See
What art portfolio would be complete without a glowing sunset? It's a cliche that's not very well executed, but it's a sunset all the same.
3. A Shaggy Dog Wants to Play Fetch
15 Paintings of George Bush That You Need To See
George W. Bush is exploring more familiar territory here. It might not be very sophisticated, but there's a certain charm to this picture of a shaggy dog hoping to play fetch. You'd throw the yellow ball, wouldn't you?
4. A Man and His Pup
15 Paintings of George Bush That You Need To See
Oh look, George W. can paint puppies too. Perhaps this painting is meant to symbolize the former president's younger days. Or perhaps he just likes puppies!
5. A Day on the Green
15 Paintings of George Bush That You Need To See
George W. Bush's obsession with golf has long been documented, so it makes sense he'd set a landscape on a golfing green. However, the creepy point of view isn't so predictable. Don't you get the feeling that the guy spying on the golfers is up to no good?
6. A Pair of Dogs Again
15 Paintings of George Bush That You Need To See
George W. Bush's failing to give any depth to his art is his undoing. These dogs might just innocently sleeping or resting. But then again, they might be dead!
7. Osama Bin Laden, Clown Style
15 Paintings of George Bush That You Need To See
George W. Bush made no secret of his hatred for Osama Bin Laden. You might expect a Bush painting featuring the terrorist tyrant to be a sombre affair, but instead Bush has given his image a playful makeover. If he adopted this clown face more often, perhaps he wouldn't have been so despised!

Dramatic Rescue: Girl, 5, Gets Stuck On The Outsise of Apartment Block On the 24th Floor

Dramatic Rescue: Girl, 5, Gets Stuck On The Outsise of Apartment Block On the 24th Floor

China -- A little girl whose head got trapped in window railings 70 metres high in a tower block has been rescued by firefighters The five-year-old had climbed out of the living room window apparently because she wanted to take a 'look around'.
Footage shown by China's state broadcaster shows she had apparently managed to squeeze her body through the security bars on the outside of the window, but her head did not fit through.
Dramatic Rescue: Girl, 5, Gets Stuck On The Outsise of Apartment Block On the 24th Floor
In fact, her head being stuck may have prevented her from falling the 24 floors to the ground. According to local media reports, the alarm was raised on Saturday by a neighbour who heard the little girl crying.
She had apparently been locked in on her own at her home, in Daye, Hubei province, central China. Firefighters and police broke into the flat, while a local resident, suspended by a rope tied around his waist, climbed out of an adjacent window to help the child.
Dramatic Rescue: Girl, 5, Gets Stuck On The Outsise of Apartment Block On the 24th Floor
He put his arm around the child as she teetered on the edge of the railings, and wrapped a blanket behind her, to take some weight off her feet. Her shoes were barely on anymore after standing for some time on the narrow rail, her head stuck and bent forward through the bars.
Emergency services eventually got access to the terrified little girl from a window close to where she was stuck. They used bolt cutters to free her before carefully pulling her back to safety.
Dramatic Rescue: Girl, 5, Gets Stuck On The Outsise of Apartment Block On the 24th Floor
Dramatic Rescue: Girl, 5, Gets Stuck On The Outsise of Apartment Block On the 24th Floor
Dramatic Rescue: Girl, 5, Gets Stuck On The Outsise of Apartment Block On the 24th Floor

Malaika Firth Joins Prada As First Black Model Since Naomi Campbell

Photo - Malaika Firth Joins Prada As First Black Model Since Naomi Campbell
Kenyan model Malaika Firth is breaking grounds as she becomes the first black model to be cast by Prada since 1994.
Firth is one of the fresh faces in a new print ad campaign by the fashion giant which aims to break racial boundaries.
The UK-based model is the label’s first black model since Naomi Campbell. And the milestone has been the talk of the town for many weeks now.
Malaika, 19, is one of seven in the new ad campaign, starring alongside heavyweight Christy Turlington and Chinese model Fei Fei Sun. She’s been a model since early 2011, having been signed up by Premier Model Management in the UK at the request of her mother Jecinta.
Anthony Gordon, Premier’s Scouting Director is quoted on the website as saying: "When Malaika first came into the agency, I was struck by her sweet, but exotic looks and delicate bone structure. After working with her in the studio for 20 mins, I was even more confident about her potential as her personality is fantastic..."
The 5’9 model cited Halle Berry as her style icon and mentioned Kenya as the most special place in the whole world for her.

CHILD MARRAIGE: 'Mohammed Married Aisha At 9 - Senator Defends Teen Marraige

Controversial Nigerian Senator and former governor of Zamfara State, Senator Ahmad Yerima, has defended his marraige to a 13 year old Egyptian girl.

Telling Arabic news channel that if Prophet Mohammed (SAW) could marry Aisha at age 9 there was nothing wrong in marrying his wife at age 13.CHILD MARRAIGE: 'Mohammed Married Aisha At 9 - Senator Defends Teen Marraige (VIDEO)

West Ham hopeful over deal for QPR striker Loic Remy

WEST HAM are hopeful of agreeing a deal with QPR to sign striker Loic Remy.

Remy is a key target for West Ham as they look to add to their attack
Manager Sam Allardyce is keen to add to his strike force having seen a move for Estudiantes forward Duvan Zapata fall through last week.
Co-chariman David Sullivan expressed the club's desire to add to their attacking options over his son's Twitter account.
"We are happy with the rest of the team - all we need now is pace and goals," the 64-year-old said.
Remy could be playing in claret and blue next seasonRemy could be playing in claret and blue next season
A move for Zapata broke down over a work permitA move for Zapata broke down over a work permit
“We are happy with the rest of the team - all we need now is pace and goals”
West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan
He added: "We need goalscorers not defenders."
Record signing Andy Carroll is currently continuing with his rehabilitation from a heel injury sustained last season and is set to miss the start of the new campaign.
Remy, who signed for QPR in a £8m deal in January, is Allardyce’s key target after a work permit for Zapata was rejected.
QPR manager Harry Redknapp is hoping to keep the Frenchman at the club, unless an offer equivalent to their January outlay is matched.

EXCLUSIVE: Wayne Rooney switches clubs... on a round of golf near Chelsea HQ

WAYNE ROONEY has been playing golf at an exclusive course just ten miles from Chelsea’s training ground in spite of his current hamstring injury.

Wayne RooneyWayne Rooney gets in the swing of things
Chelsea last week failed with a £20m bid for the unsettled striker, who faces a race against time to be fit for the start of the new season.
Rooney was sent home from Manchester United’s pre-season tour of Asia and Australia with the injury - which the club said would sideline him for up to a month.
But despite his fitness concerns, Rooney travelled down to the London area over the weekend and played at the member’s only Queenwood Golf Club in Surrey, where a host of Cheslea stars play.
Unsettled Rooney seen here in his hotelUnsettled Rooney seen here in his hotel
Rooney was subject of a bid from Chelsea last weekRooney was subject of a bid from Chelsea last week
Rooney takes time out after playing golf earlier near to Chelsea's training groundRooney takes time out after playing golf earlier near to Chelsea's training ground
“He was spotted at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire on Saturday night, before journeying to Surrey on Sunday”
He was spotted at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire on Saturday night, before journeying to Surrey on Sunday.
Queenwood is one of the most exclusive golf courses in Europe, where members can only join by invitation.
Some of the world’s top professional golfers and high rollers are members, and so secretive is the club about joining that membership fees are not made public, though Starsport understands they are in excess of £200,000.
News that Rooney was so close to Chelsea’s Cobham base will be interesting to Old Trafford officials, with United insisting they do not want to sell their £240,000-a-week striker.

Tottenham told to pay €30m for Valencia's Roberto Soldado or face losing the striker

TOTTENHAM are facing heartbreak in their pursuit of Valencia striker Roberto Soldado after their bid was rejected.

Tottenham's bid for Soldado was rejected by Valencia
The 28-year-old was identified as a key target for Andre Villas-Boas, who only has two strikers in Jermain Defoe and Emmanuel Adebayor.
But Valencia President Armadeo Salvo has told the Tottenham they must met the striker's €30m buy-out-clause or face heartbreak.
He said: "Soldado can go if he wants - for €30m and under our conditions. Valencia never had any intention of selling Soldado. If he goes then it is because the €30m figure has been met, not a cent less or a cent more."
Villas-Boas wants the Spanish international with him at White Hart LaneVillas-Boas wants the Spanish international with him at White Hart Lane
Soldado is the leading Spanish goalscorer in La Liga over the past three seasonsSoldado is the leading Spanish goalscorer in La Liga over the past three seasons
“If he goes then it is because the €30m figure has been met, not a cent less or a cent more”
Valencia President Armadeo Salvo
If a deal is sanctioned by the club's hierarchy,Tottenham will break their transfer record for the second time this summer after the £17m purchase of Brazilian midfielder Paulinho.
Soldado impressed last season scoring 30 goals in 46 games for Valencia and Villas-Boas did not hide his admiration for the striker ahead of the Barclays Asia Trophy in Hong Kong.
“At the moment, he’s just one of the players we are interested in," the 35-year-old said.
"It’s not a lie to anybody that we’ve been looking for a striker to strengthen our squad and to have more strength in depth.
Villas-Boas is looking to add to his strikeforceVillas-Boas is looking to add to his strikeforce
The 35-year-old speaking in Hong KongThe 35-year-old speaking in Hong Kong
“Roberto is one of the players we have been following and his career speaks for itself. He’s a great striker. But there isn’t a deal being struck at the moment, it’s just interest and conversations.”
The Spanish international represented his country at this summer's FIFA Confederations Cup scoring once as they finished runners-up to hosts Brazil.

Paolo Di Canio's Mackem revolution picks up pace

SUNDERLAND manager Paolo Di Canio claims his ­revolution is taking shape now that he has cleaned up the mess left by Martin O’Neill.

Di Canio, smile, SunderlandDi Canio has high hopes
The outspoken Italian reckons the Black Cats were not fit enough, not working for each ­other and not playing good enough football last season.
But Di Canio is predicting ­better things to come after a whirlwind summer which he hopes will make sure there is no repeat of last season’s ­relegation battle.
He has already signed nine players, off-loaded 10, instigated rigorous training regimes, tried to instil a different mentality and changed the backroom staff.
There are concerns that Di Canio has changed too much, too soon but he insists change was necessary after the decline of the club under old boss O’Neill.
The former Swindon chief said: “Obviously we made a ­revolution. I wasn’t worried at the beginning and now even less so because I’ve seen the lads working so hard.
“It takes a bit longer but I’m very happy. I’m not worried for the future.
“We’re still in the middle of pre-season so you can’t say the team is 100 per cent fit.
“But you’re going to see straight away a team that plays together and tries to play football. It didn’t happen last year.
O'Neill struggled to get the best out of his playersO'Neill struggled to get the best out of his players
“It takes a bit longer but I’m very happy. I’m not worried for the future.”
Paolo Di Canio
“More importantly this team will be completely ready for the start of the season. When you change a lot it’s difficult to think about a finishing place.
“The plan you make at the start of the season can change, it ­depends how you start.
“But our plan is to play better football and I’m sure we’ll finish in a more comfortable position this season because the players we’ve brought in are very good.
“Obviously it is important to work hard physically but it was important to change the ­mentality that I found here.
“Already I can tell you that something has changed a lot and this tells me that we’re going to have a very good season.”
Di Canio confirmed that ­Argentinian full-back Gino ­Peruzzi, 21, will not be joining his list of new arrivals because a medical revealed a damaged knee ligament.
Peruzzi’s current club Velez Sarsfield claimed a deal would be completed when Sunderland ­returned from taking part in the Asia Trophy in Hong Kong but the move has been put on hold.
Di Canio, whose side take on Tottenham in the opening game of the pre-season tournament ­today, said: “At the moment, there is no chance of Gino ­Peruzzi joining us.
“We have to make sure about some situations. My club is not a club that can sign a player who is injured at the moment, even though it’s not a crucial injury.
“We are not Manchester City, who can think about buying a talented player with an injury and wait for him to be ready.”

Karl Henry signs for QPR in two-year deal

QPR have completed the signing of Karl Henry from Wolves.

Karl Henry, Wolves, QPRKarl Henry has become QPR's thrd summer signing
The 30-year-old midfielder has agreed a two-year contract to become boss Harry Redknapp’s third signing of the summer.

Jose Mourinho salutes ‘perfect’ Ashley Cole

JOSE MOURINHO claims Ashley Cole is a model ­professional who owes Chelsea nothing.

Ashley Cole, Chelsea, Jose MourinhoAshley Cole says he's got to keep working hard
Cole reckons he was below his best during Mourinho’s first spell at ­Stamford Bridge and is eager to do better this time around.
But the Special One insists Cole is the “perfect player” – a model ­professional who always gives his best.
Mourinho said: “He is a great boy and a great professional. I don’t ­remember one single action that made the manager feel it wasn’t ­professional.
“He always worked hard and was always committed. He is never late, ­always gives his maximum in training and matches.
“He is always a group man. He’s very humble, very polite. I only know him in this way. He is a perfect player.
“He gave me everything when I was here. So he owes me ­nothing.”
That is quite a statement about a player who has often been in hot water during his career.
The England star courted controversy when he accidently shot a work experience student with an air rifle and was fined £90,000 for his “bunch of tw@ts” tweet about the FA last year.
But Mourinho was not around for either incident – and had nothing but praise for the full-back.
He was speaking after Cole gave a rare interview in which he made the frank ­admission about his past form for Chelsea.
The 32-year-old has won every honour in the club game since joining the Blues from Arsenal in 2006.
But Cole said: “Having the manager back now from 2006 when he bought me, I still feel I owe him something.
Jose Mourinho says Ashley Cole is a model professionalJose Mourinho says Ashley Cole is a model professional
“He is always a group man. He’s very humble, very polite. I only know him in this way. He is a perfect player.”
Jose Mourinho
“I didn’t play as well as I could back then – or as well as I have for ­Chelsea since – when Mourinho bought me. I owe him a lot.
“I wouldn’t say I’ve had an ­unfulfilled Chelsea career. I’ve been lucky enough to win a few trophies. I hope to win more.
“Having the manager back, we can do it all together. As players we owe it to the boss to win the league or the Champions League again.”
Cole cost Chelsea just £5m, with William Gallas going in the other direction to Arsenal.
Mourinho described that as a “fantastic deal” yesterday – and still hopes to pull off another by tempting Wayne Rooney to the club.
Asked whether anyone could say ‘No’ to Mourinho, Cole smiled and said: “For me, of course, I jumped at the chance. He’s a great manager.
“He proved how good he is with the number of trophies he’s won with different teams.
“He’s great at motivating players and keeping you on your toes, ­doing what you should be doing. It’s a pleasure to play under him.”
Cole’s job this season is to earn a new deal of his own with his contract up next summer.
He said: “I’ve got to keep training hard, playing well and keep my place in the team. I love Chelsea.”

Crystal Palace in Carlton Cole hold-up

CRYSTAL PALACE'S hopes of landing Carlton Cole are hanging in the balance.

Carlton Cole, West Ham, Crystal Palace,Palace aren't keen on paying Cole too much more than their current earners
“Cole was on around £40,000 a week at West Ham and is reluctant to drop.”
Boss Ian Holloway wants ex-West Ham striker Cole to spearhead the Premier League new boys' attack.
But Cole's potential free transfer move to Selhurst Park is in danger due to his wage demands.
Cole was on around £40,000 a week at West Ham and is reluctant to drop.
But Palace aren't keen on paying Cole too much more than their current earners, who are paid in the region of £18,000 a week.
They are optimistic a deal can still be done if Cole can be persuaded to accept a compromise deal of lower wages that is topped up by bonuses.

David Moyes at a loss after new pre-season blow

MANCHESTER UNITED manager David Moyes was gutted after seeing his side lose a friendly against Yokohama F Marinos last night.

David Moyes, Old trafford, everton, manager,Moyes desperately wanted to have a successful pre-season
A 3-2 defeat on their Far East tour was their second loss in three tour games so far and Moyes said: "I am disappointed with the goals we conceded."
Moyes, who took over from Sir Alex Ferguson last month, desperately wanted to have a successful pre-season after moving to Old Trafford from Everton.
But, after going behind within a minute, United were always up against it and the defeat left Moyes down in the mouth.
Just 27 seconds had gone when Yokohama went ahead. United bounced back through Jesse Lingard's third goal of the tour and a Masakazu Tashiro own-goal.
But they were unable to build on their advantage, with Danny Welbeck and local hero Shinji Kagawa spurning good chances.
United were eventually picked off, with Yoshihito Fujita bagging the winner three minutes from time, leaving Moyes "disappointed."
Moyes confirmed Rio Ferdinand had been rested after featuring in both games so far, while Michael Carrick was still feeling the effects of a tight groin, which forced him out of training yesterday.
Moyes also played down concerns over Welbeck and Robin van Persie, who came off at halftime.
Lingard is congratulated by Van PeriseLingard is congratulated by Van Perise
“Moyes was happy that Kagawa played 30 minutes despite only reporting for duty yesterday.”
He said: "Robin just felt his thigh in the first half and we didn't want to take any chances. Danny Welbeck felt his groin when he came on.
"We've just got to make sure they're all OK, especially with so many games coming up. We've still got a few games before the season starts."
Moyes was happy that Kagawa played 30 minutes despite only reporting for duty yesterday.
It was enough to earn him man of the match from the sponsors, although even Kagawa looked embarrassed as he collected his prize.
Meanwhile, United's Darren Fletcher hopes to be back in action in September as he recovers from two seasons of illness worries. He will miss the start of the campaign after a bowel operation.
Darren Fletcher hopes to be back in action in September as he recovers from two seasons of illness worries. He will miss the start of the campaign after a bowel operation.

Eyong Enoh's Fulham move in doubt

FULHAM fear their move for Eyong Enoh has been hijacked by Olympiakos.

Eyong Enoh, Ajax, midfielder, Eyong Enoh could return to Fulham permanently after spending last season on loan at Craven Cottage
“Martin Jol has baulked at the £2m asking price for the Cameroon international”
They want to bring back the Ajax midfielder on a permanent basis following last season's loan spell.
But Martin Jol has baulked at the £2m asking price for the Cameroon international.
Now Eyong, 27, has opened talks with the Greek side.
Fulham could now step up their interest in Evian's Mohammed Rabiu.
Aston Villa outcast Darren Bent, Spurs midfielder Tom Huddlestone and Wolves winger Bakary Sako are also on Jol's wish list.
Fulham are signing Birmingham starlet Foday Nabay for £300,000.

Lionel Messi's first choice gets Barcelona job

LIONEL MESSI got his way yesterday when Barcelona announced Gerardo Martino as their new coach.

Lionel Messi, Barcelona, Martino, new coach,Messi had been rooting for Martino to get the job
“I like Martino. He is a great coach. He gets his teams playing well and we all respect him.”
Lionel Messi, speaking last year
Argentina star Messi is a big fan of Martino and was rooting for his countryman to replace Tito Vilanova, who has stepped down to battle cancer.
Messi and Martino both hail from Rosario and his appointment is intended to keep the four-time Ballon d'Or winner happy.
Speaking a year ago, Messi said: "I like Martino. He is a great coach. He gets his teams playing well and we all respect him."
Martino, 50, led Newell's Old Boys to the Argentinian title last season but recently severed ties with the club. He has agreed a two-year contract at Barca.

Raheem Sterling is raring to get going again

LIVERPOOL winger Raheem Sterling is ready to fly once again when the new Premier League season starts.

Sterling, rodgers, Liverpool, summer, recuperationRodgers believes a summer of recuperation has been beneficial to Sterling, above
Manager Brendan Rodgers is confident Sterling will begin the new campaign with the impact he did last season and then maintain a higher standard throughout.
Sterling, who is becoming a Kop hero with his speedy, attacking play, was handed a surprise start against Manchester City last August aged just 17. He then became a crowd favourite by starting the next 15 matches, during which time he also made his full England debut.
After signing his first major contract he remained a key part of Rodgers' first-team plans until injury saw his season ended in late March.
But Rodgers believes a summer of recuperation has been beneficial and expects even more from the player this time around.
Rodgers is willing to give Sterling another chanceRodgers is willing to give Sterling another chance
“I thought he was outstanding the other night against an Indonesia XI when he played really well.”
Brendan Rodgers
He has already showed that Rodgers is right to have faith in him with goals in both of Liverpool's friendlies so far.
Rodgers said: "I thought he was outstanding the other night against an Indonesia XI when he played really well.
"He's come back refreshed. He did work over the course of pre-season and was back and forward from his holidays into Melwood preparing himself well.
"He looks so fit, he looks sharp, he looks better than last summer when I came in and I think he'll play a big part for us again this season."