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Billionaire Bachelors

Billionaire Bachelors
To the women out there, it still holds true that money cannot possibly replace the serenity that love could bring. However, the reality is that it would not hurt to marry someone who has the power to make all financial woes disappear, right? Daydreaming is never a bad thing, especially if there are still eligible bachelors out there who have not found their better half yet. For the single ladies who aspire to marry a billionaire some day, here are the top eligible bachelors to set your eyes on. Who knows? Sometimes, even the most far-fetched dreams do come true.

1. Mikhail Prokhorov Age: 47 Net Worth: $13.2 Billion

Yes, this self-made billionaire who is the current owner of New Jersey Nets is still single! Seems like wedding bells remains at a distance because this Russian billionaire has just handed the management of Onexim Holding to his trusted executives. This is because he entered the Russian politics. In 2012, he immersed himself to the presidential race and went head to head with Vladimir Putin, though he was not successful with this endeavor.
He currently lives in Moscow, Russia but continues his close management of the Nets. He bought this team in 2009. Currently, he is also investing his money in the development of Yo, the first hybrid car in Russia.

The Richest People Ever

The Richest People Ever
According to Forbes, Mexican Carlos Slim is the richest person in the world. His net worth stands at $74 Billion. He has made his billions from this telecom business. But he is way behind some of the others, if we consider the richest people to have lived ever.
Here is a listing of the 10 richest people ever. Even the #10 on this list has a net worth of $185 Billion, which is almost two and a half times more than Carlos Slim.

Carlos Slim Helu Biography: The Richest Man In The World

Carlos Slim Helu Biography: The Richest Man In The World
Considered by many to be without question the richest man in the world Carlos Slim Helu is an interesting individual that has a remarkable history and background. As a true native of Mexico born in populous Mexico City, Carlos Slim was born in the year 1940 to parents with a Lebanese background. His father actually emigrated from Lebanon to Mexico as a teenager in the early 1900s. His mother was also of Lebanese descent whose parents immigrated from Lebanon to Mexico around the turn of the 19th century. Carlos Slim Helu’s parents were married in the mid-1920s and eventually had six children. Introduced early in life to business strategies and practices by his astute father, Carlos quickly became skilled in all aspects of business. Barely a teenager, Carlos purchased shares in a national bank and was earning money by working at his father’s business. Carlos continued to move ahead in life by studying engineering at one of Mexico’s top universities.

The Top 10 Richest Cities in the World

The Top 10 Richest Cities in the World

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or the market value of all goods and services remains the standard by which wealth is measured. As of today, these are the top 10 richest cities in the world based on their 2013 GDP.

The Main Sheikhs Of Dubai

The Main Sheikhs Of Dubai
Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates and has the largest population of any city in the country and only trails Abu Dhabi in terms of largest land territory. Located on the Arabian Peninsula on the southeast side of the Persian Gulf, this city is often misrepresented as a state or country, and even at times, the entire nation has been dubbed Dubai.

In 2011, Dubai was listed by the United Nations as the 30th richest nation in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 2012, the International Monetary Fund ranked them 32nd in GDP with $361,912,000. Despite their fluctuating rank in GDP, Credit Suisse, a Zurich-based investment bank, reported that the wealth per adult in the UAE have tripled in the past 10 years from $56,577 in 2000 to $150,121 in 2010.

Warren Buffet The Biography: And His Path To Success

Warren Buffet The Biography: And His Path To Success
Crowned by a miscellany of catchy titles from the ‘Sage of Omaha’ to the ‘Wizard of Omaha’ and even dubbed the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ is the infamous American business magnate, Warren Buffett. Probably one of the most successful key investors to ever set foot on American soil, Buffett has been a raging success when the green notes are dragged into the equation – with a strong sense of personal frugality to boot. But how did he become one of Forbes most coveted billionaires? 
Exactly when and where did he ascend the throne to success?

The Early Days

Bestowed with a keen sense of frugality since he was a young urchin, Buffett was pretty much an ordinary child from a relatively normal parental background in Omaha. His fascination with mathematics and investment stocks christened him with the title ‘future stockbroker’ in his high school yearbook in 1947. Buffett’s interest in stock brokerage burgeoned to a full-blown passion by the time he set afoot at the Wharton Business School in the University of Pennsylvania for two years, before transferring to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the tender age of nineteen.

His passion to learn and navigate the tight corners of the budding business world never wavered – he went on to pursue a Masters in Economics at the Columbia Business School shortly later.

The Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of Billionaires

The Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of Billionaires
The billionaires have all the money that they can ever need in a lifetime. But what
good would that be, if they do not have their respective women. Here are the hottest
wives and girlfriends of billionaires.

10. Malia Andelin

Malia Andelin
Malia Andelin used to work as a flight attendant on one of the jets of Viacom. It
was probably there that she got the attention of Sumner Redstone, the owner of
the National Amusements chain that in turns owns CBS Corporation, Viacom, MTV
Networks, BET and Paramount Pictures. He has been divorced twice, including the
first one when he left his wife of 55 years. Redstone is already 89 years old. Andelin
is estimated to be in her twenties. Talk about a May-December romance.

Billionaire Bachelorettes

Billionaire Bachelorettes

Some of them are not so young, some are wild, but most importantly, all of them are
free. Most may have earned their money through inheritance, but there is one who
earned her way to fortune. They are the billionaire bachelorettes.

8. Delphine Arnault – $2 billion

delphine arnault
Delphine Arnault is one of the richest women of France and in the world. She
graduated from the EDHEC Business School in Lille and the London School of
Economics. The daughter of Bernard Arnault, the Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.A., she first worked for McKinsey
& Company in Paris before joining her father’s company. She is the second biggest
individual stockholder in the company with 7.5 percent of all its shares. She serves
as the Human Resources Manager in the company, though she has also contributed
significantly in product development. Among the products she helped developed was
Dior Parfums. She got married in 2005 to Alessandro Vallarino Gancia, an Italian
heir to the Gancia dynasty of wines. The two got a divorce after five years, however.

The Top 10 Richest Female Rappers in the World

The Top 10 Richest Female Rappers in the World
They may not earn as much as Jay-Z and P. Diddy, but these women can certainly
hold their own. Here are the top 10 richest female rappers in the world.

10. MC Lyte – $8 million

2012 Grammy Awards
Her real name is Lana Michelle Moorer, but she is more popularly known as MC
Lyte. She was born on October 12, 1971 and the native of Brooklyn started rhyming
when she was only 12 years old. In 1986, she recorded her first song entitled “I
Cram to Understand U (Sam),” though it was originally written a couple of years
before. In 1988, she released Lyte as a Rock, the first album ever released by a
female solo rapper. The album was a critical success and featured the hit entitled
“Paper Thin.” She then released Eyes on This that featured the hit “Cha Cha Cha.”
She also appeared in movies like “Train Ride” and “Civil Brand.”

The Top 10 Youngest People to Become Billionaires

The Top 10 Youngest People to Become Billionaires
They are young and they have set the world on fire with the billions that they own.
Here is a list of the top 10 youngest people to become billionaires.

The Top 10 Celebrities with the Nicest Yachts

The Top 10 Celebrities with the Nicest Yachts
Famous people have the nicest toys and the following are no exception. Here are the
top 10 celebrities with the nicest yachts.

The Top 10 Celebrities with the Nicest Yachts

The Top 10 Celebrities with the Nicest Yachts
Famous people have the nicest toys and the following are no exception. Here are the
top 10 celebrities with the nicest yachts.

The Top 10 Richest Black People in the World

The Top 10 Richest Black People in the World
They say that black is beautiful, but these people can also add the word wealthy to
that. Here is a list of the top 10 richest black people in the world for 2013.

10. Robert L. Johnson – $550 million

Robert L. Johnson is the founder, former Chairman and ex-Chief Executive Officer
of Black Entertainment Television, or BET. He is considered as the first African
American to become a millionaire after becoming the first black person from
anywhere in the world to become part of Forbes Magazine’s list of the richest people
on earth. He also used to be the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, a franchise
of the National Basketball Association. The team is now controlled by Michael
Jordan. Johnson is also the founder and Chairman of RLJ Development.

The Top Ten Luxury Retreats in the World

The Top Ten Luxury Retreats in the World
Where do you escape to if you want to get away from it all? Most people will want to take a vacation in some faraway place, be it a secluded mountain spot in South America or isolated beach resort in the Caribbean. The problem with this, however, is that you have to plan things carefully. You have to make sure that you make a reservation early and you have to ascertain that the place you are going to is not a noisy tourist trap.
How nice would it be then if you have a place to retreat to that you could call your own? It will be your home away from home. It will be your retreat house where you could imbibe in luxury while taking a break from the hectic pace of work. If money is not an object, then you should aim for the best and the most luxurious. Here are the top ten luxury retreats in the world.

The Top Five Most Expensive Luxury Vacation Rentals

The Top Five Most Expensive Luxury Vacation Rentals
You tend to spoil yourself rotten during vacations. After all, it is a vacation, in which you are free from the everyday trappings of work or school. You book yourself a deluxe medium sized room in a decent hotel that serves good meals and decent service. You hope it would complement your nice day on the fine sands of the nearby beach, or on the slopes where you did some snowboarding or skiing, or on the mountains where you hiked and communed with nature, or in the city where you simply absorbed the sights and culture that the place has to offer. Or sometimes, you just hope that the room will provide a nice place to lay your head and relax.
But whomever it was who said that man’s desire is insatiable got it right. No matter how clean your room is, with a spacious area, soft bed, fluffy pillows and well appointed bathrooms, you will still look for an even cleaner and bigger one with softer beds, fluffier pillows and better bathrooms. No matter how decent and fast the service may be, you will still pine for even more decent and faster response, to the point that only a butler or maid specially assigned to serve only your needs would satisfy you.
Such luxury vacation rentals are indeed available in the market. If you are rich and awash with cash, then these places are perfect, as they will provide you a home away from home in those few days of vacation. You will not miss your multi-storied castle of a mansion while staying in these equally luxurious vacation rentals.
If you are not exactly floating with money, maybe a luxury vacation rental is exactly what you need to remind you of what you are striving and working hard for.  Being served hand and foot 24 hours a day will allow you a glimpse of luxury, the kind that the rich or powerful or famous are accustomed to, the type that you should aspire to regularly avail of one day.
Here then is a list of the top five most expensive luxury vacation rentals in the world today.

The Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands

The Top 10 Luxury Shoe Brands
Diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, but shoes are her weakness. Women always seem to have a reason and justification to buy a new pair. Some would rather go hungry than bypass the latest pair from the most popular brand. In Imelda Marcos’ case, she would rather see her people go hungry than pass up the chance to collect 3,000 pairs. At that rate, she need not repeat a pair even if she wears a new one every day for more than eight years.
Such is the power of shoes over women, and this is even more pronounced if the most popular brands are involved. Here is a list of the top 10 luxury shoe brands in the world.

Best Luxury Resorts in the World

Best Luxury Resorts in the World
Summer is the best season to go out with the family. The warm atmosphere gives you the chance to enjoy the nature. One of the best ways to relax under the heat of the sun is to go to a place where you can play, rest or just lure yourself with the beauty of the nature. Luxury resorts are the most convenient places to consider for these activities. In this article, we are going to discuss the best Luxury Resorts in the world. If you are thinking of sorting all the items from your brochure and travel magazines, bother no more because here is a list of the most fascinating resorts where you can experience first class relaxation.

W Hotel Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known for its natural beauty. W Hotel is a good place for sight seeing. The overlooking view of the Puerto Rico Bay and the mountains surrounding it are just two of the best offers of this resort. They suggest horseback riding allowing you to wander around the rich mountains. Aside from diving and swimming, they also have Spa services, fitness center and a wet bar where you can enjoy the rest of the night. W Hotel is built in a way that the stylistic and modern designs will not be in contrast with the natural grandeur of the island. It allows the clients to experience top of the line hotel services without removing their chance to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Wakaya Club, Fiji

Located in the corner of the Pacific, Fiji Island is gifted with white sand and breathtaking view of the ocean. This little place is the best destination for people who are looking for a secluded paradise where the breeze of modernization cannot be traced. Wakaya Club is a luxury resort on the western side of the Island. Privacy is the main course offered in the package. It has its own cottages where you can enjoy the sight of the wide ocean. It has a private garden and a personal wet bar. The living room is spacious and the flooring is made of Yaka wood. This is a perfect place where you can spend with your partner or just by yourself. This is a perfect place where you can give yourself a break.

Hotel le Toiny Cote Sauvage Island, ST. Barts

Surrounded by the Caribbean seas, this island is comprised of landscape suitable for golf. The natural beauty found in this place includes a view of green surroundings from the hotel. The eye-relaxing view of the Island is accompanied with a very comforting hotel atmosphere. The open cottage and dining place where you can sit and enjoy the surroundings is just one of the coolest offers of the place. The sea is a great place for surfers. The waves are just good enough for diving, surfing and fishing activities. It is indeed a great place for the whole family.

Burj Al-Arab, Dubai

From its magnificent architectural design to its award-winning restaurants, Burj Al-Arab is a great destination for you and your family. The elegant interior and first class accommodation gives you a priceless resort experience. It has well trained employees who are going to give you first class services. They also offer helicopter rides for you to enjoy the scenic views and visit the Jumeirah beach nearby. Another service they offer is the chance to go around with the assistance of a personal chauffer. You are given access to everything you need. The only thing you are expected to do is enjoy and relax.

Le Sirenuse Almafi Coast, Italy

One of the unique features of this resort is its unusual location. While majority of resorts can be found in a secluded area, Le Sirenuse is located in the middle of Positano Village. Originally, this hotel serves as a private dwelling to the Marchese Sersale family until they decided to turn it into a 59-room hotel. Private rooms are designed in a way that clients will have an overlooking view of the Bay of Positano from its balconies. Another exceptional feature of Le Sirenuse is its very own designer boutique and the handmade tiles perfectly arranged in its floors. Its restaurant offers breathtaking view of the sea and the outstandingly designed houses in the village. They also have great Italian foods and cheerful musicians.

Amanruya Resort Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey

Turkey is one of the few places blessed with rich history and culture. The region of Aegean is known as a venue for many important events in the Greek mythology. Setting a foot in this historical place will give you a chance to feel and remember the colorful lives of the Greeks and Romans. Amanruya is one of the best luxury resort found in this place. You will be charmed with its classic Mediterranean atmosphere. It has its own boutique, library and art gallery. It has a 50 meter swimming pool where you can spend time with your family under the sun. The location of the hotel is not only good for relaxation but also perfect for sight seeing. You will be able to view the sea from your room because the hotel is built in a hillside.

The Turtle Island, Fiji

Are you looking for private adventure with your loved one? The Turtle Island is the best place for you. It has won Trip Advisor’s 2012 Certificate of Excellence Award. The island maintains its first class accommodation by allowing only 14 couples at a time. The clients are given their private places in the Island where they will be are allowed to experience the best services the resort can offer. The cuisines served in this luxury resort are all coming from the same Island, from the seafood, fruits and vegetables. The welcoming hosts are ready to serve in such a way that the visitors will experience a once in a lifetime vacation. The best thing about the Island is the hosts’ willingness to let you experience and understand their culture. Indeed, Turtle Island offers a heavenly vacation.

10 Most Expensive Luxury Cars To Own

10 Most Expensive Luxury Cars To Own
Here’s selection of  costliest  10 forbes Most Expensive Luxury Cars To Own
Forbes comparison is based on the average transaction price for 117 vehicles in various premium market segments defined by Vincentric and compared them to the cost of ownership to see which vehicles cost the most in the long run.

Premium Compact

Volvo C30
Average market price: $24,256
Average total cost of ownership: $40,897

The Worlds Most Luxurious Prisons

The Worlds Most Luxurious Prisons
We never want to end up in prison, it’s a place we go when we do things we aren’t supposed to. There are some awful prisons in countries like Ghana, Barbados, Russia, Latvia, and even America. There are also some countries that have amazing prisons, where inmates are treated very well and have some pretty posh living conditions. Here are some of the most luxurious prisons in the world.

Bastoy Prison, Norway

This prison in Norway houses 100 inmates who live in cottages on the beach. The pass times of these inmates include horseback riding, sun bathing, fishing, hiking, and tennis. They are required to work on the prison farm, but they are also able to eat the fresh foods that come out of this farm.

Justice Center Leoben, Austria

I’m pretty sure that these prison cells are nicer than some of the college dorms that my friends have lived in! They are for sure nicer than some of the apartments I’ve lived in. These cells include a kitchenette, bathroom, closet, and storage space. Looks like something out of an Ikea ad.

Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

Pondok Bambu Prison
In Indonesia, if you have the big bucks, you’re not going to spend time in the clinker, you’re going to spend time in hotel with pumped up security! This white collar prison looks more like a 4 star resort than a place in which to pay your debt to society. This prison shows how corrupt the legal system in Indonesia can be. The rooms are decked out with designer furniture, karaoke machines, fridges, bathrooms, and personal climate controlled air condition.

Top 10 Richest Indian Politicians

Top 10 Richest Indian Politicians
Once perennially portrayed as a large country drowning in an uncontrollably increasing population and a suffocating poverty, India has now emerged from the shadows and proved that its large population is no deterrent to revving up their economy. Now, the country is among the fastest growing economy in the world, with growth rates surpassing that of most countries in Asia.
It has an emerging educated middle class, a thriving BPO industry, and a developing technology and automobile industry. While there still remainS in the country many pockets of poverty, many of the ruling class are already the billion rewards of the country’s growing economy.
In this list, you will find the top 10 richest Indian politicians, all of them worth about or more than a few crores rupees, a unit of measure which means 10,000,000 rupees.

10. Jaya Bachchan

Formerly an actress and now still a legend on India’s silver screen, Jaya Bachchan became a member of parliament in Rajya Sabha under the Samajwadi Party. In 2010, she said that she had all intentions of completing her parliamentary terms, and in 2012, she made that come true when she was re-elected. She is the only woman on this list.
The former actress and her husband, Amitabh Bachchan, owns 494 crore rupees, including 344 crore rupees and 140 crore rupees in movable and immovable assets, respectively. Of this, she owns about a quarter, at 92 crore rupees.

The 10 Richest Athletes In The World

The 10 Richest Athletes In The World
One of the most admired activities today is sports. There are athletes who take sports with the passion, dedication and seriousness it deserves. In turn, they change the game into a good income and earn a lot of money. Understandably, some of the richest people in the world today are sportsmen.
The following are the top richest athletes in the world

Top 10 Most Famous Drug Dealers of All Times

Top 10 Most Famous Drug Dealers of All Times

10 Most Loved CEOs In The World

10 Most Loved CEOs In The World
The list below shows 10 Most loved Amazing CEO’s in the world

10. Tim Cook

Tim Cook is the Chief Executive Officer of Apple. He was named the CEO in 2011 when Steve Jobs resigned. Tim Cook filled the position of one of the greatest visionaries of our time. Cook had worked for 14 years at Apple gaining great experience. He makes decisions in an organization that has revolutionized the manner in which people view and use technology. He is a soft-spoken man and works hard. He begins sending emails at 4.30 am before he even starts his morning jog.

9. Daniel Levy

Daniel Levy is the CEO of Premier League Football Club since 2001. He is a Cambridge Economics graduate. He was the CEO of Minor football clubs such as AEK Athens before taking the big role. His management skills have made the club participate for the initial time in UEFA Champions League

Meet the Poorest President in the World

People anywhere in the world are used to the campaign promises of politicians. The poor will be prioritized, leaders will set the example, the government will spend within its means and the doors of authorities are always open to all sectors of society.
Then, once in office, all the promises will just vanish into thin air.
The Latin American region has seen a revolution of sorts the past few years. Popular presidents whose political beliefs are left of center have been elected in different South American countries. They have been walking the walk and have gone beyond the usual lip service of politicians. From Venezuela and Bolivia to Brazil and Chile, leaders who seem to be genuinely concerned with the plight of the people have been taking charge.
Uruguay has not been left behind in this recent wave. The country has elected a former leftist guerrilla as its president. Jose Mujica, an atheist, vegetarian, former member of the Tupamaro, Volkswagen Beetle-owner who has eschewed the privilege of living in a palace reserved for the country’s head of government for a humble farm in the outskirts of the capital of Montevideo, is known as the poorest president in the world and he is proud of it.
Jose Mujica

Richest Presidents in the World

With power come not only the fame but also, more importantly, the fortune. Heads of state or government are supposed to be the servants of the people, but it may be an extremely difficult and even thankless job.
Those who serve should have a real and sincere love for his mother country to perform such a role.
Real servants should be one with his people and must know what the ordinary man is feeling. That is why a lot of admiration comes the way of Jose Mujica (The Poorest President in the World), the President of Uruguay who has eschewed all the perks of his power to live with and among ordinary Uruguayans. But sometimes, it may also help to be rich because it will allow the person to focus on his job without worrying about money to provide for his family.
And money worries, these heads of state and government do not have. Here now is a list of the top 10 richest presidents in the world.
Sebastian Pinera, President of Chile – $2.4 billion
Sebastian Pinera
Sebastian Pinera came to power in 2010 after being elected as the first billionaire to be sworn in as President of Chile. He owned Chilevision, a terrestrial television channel that broadcasted all over Chile. He also owned 27 percent of LAN Airlines after purchasing the shares of Scandinavian Airlines in the former state-owned firm in 1994. He also held a 13 percent share in Colo Colo, one of the country’s most popular football clubs. He was also responsible for introducing credit cards to Chile in the 70s.

BEHOLD: First Motorcycle Produced In Nigeria

BEHOLD: First Motorcycle Produced In Nigeria
The Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of NASENI, Engr. Dr. Mohammed Sani Haruna, riding on the made-in-Nigeria motorcycle
Only recently President Goodluck Jonathan inaugurated the National Space Council and entrusted it to make Nigeria produce motor vehicles, boats and aircrafts in short notice. This Tuesday, the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) presented the first exclusively Nigerian motorcycle, NASENI M1, in Nnewi, Anambra State.

Mourinho Pleased To Work With Michael Emenalo

Jose Mourinho insists he is looking forward to working with Chelsea's technical director Michael Emenalo as he gets down to work in his second stint as Blues boss.
photo Jose Mourinho insists he is looking forward to working with Chelsea's technical director Michael Emenalo as he gets down to work in his second stint as Blues boss.
Emenalo's presence on the Chelsea technical staff has long been the subject of debate, with some in the media suggesting the Nigerian's close relationship with Blues owner Roman Abramovich has unsettled previous Blues managers.

ASUU Urges NANS To Step Up Activism

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on Monday called on the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) to step up their activism.
The President of the union, Dr Nasir Isa, while reacting to the recent fatal accident that claimed the lives of some NANS officers, urged the association to compel the government to increase the annual budgetary allocation to the education sector to at least 26 per cent.
Isa said the fate that befell the five officers of the association called for declaration of emergency in the education sector by the Federal Government.

NUC Investigate Student’s Death During UNIUYO Riot

Photo - NUC Investigate Student’s Death During UNIUYO Riot
The National Universities Commission, the Nigerian Police, as well as the council of the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, are to investigate the killing of one of the university’s students during last Wednesday’s protest.

44.5m Would Enter The Labour Market By 2014 Unless...

African workers have warned world leaders on the dangers of abandoning the unemployed and other vulnerable people in the world or 44.5 million workers would enter the labour market by June 2014.
Under the umbrella of the Organisation of African Trade Union Unity, OATUU, the workers argued that just as the state did not abandon troubled private business interest to the so-called market forces, it should not abandon the poor, indisposed, unemployed, homeless, sick, aged and the hapless to the insatiable thirst of the market forces.
Speaking through the Secretary-General of OATUU, Mr. Owei Lakemfa, at plenary of the International Labour Organisation, ILO, they called on ILO to reject the policies of allowing market forces to control the economy.

Man Attempts Suicide After Killing ‘Unfaithful’ Wife

Photo - Man Attempts Suicide After Killing ‘Unfaithful’ Wife
The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 36-year-old man, Daniel Kanjo, for allegedly killing his 24-year-old wife, Meno Kanjo, in Elemoro, Ajah area of the state.
According to police investigations, Daniel stabbed his wife to death after catching her making love to another man in a bush near their home.
According to a police source at Elemoro Divison, after stabbing his wife to death, the suspect also stabbed himself in the stomach and in the neck.