Saturday, 17 August 2013

Abu Qatada's family leave UK for Jordan

THE family of hate preacher Abu Qatada have left the UK, following him back to Jordan.

abu qatada, family, deported, jordan, uk, taxpayersAbu Qatada, seen here with two unidentified women, has been followed to Jordan by his family
The Home Office confirmed that Qatada's wife and children had dropped their bid to stay in the UK, living off taxpayer's handouts in the process.
They now join the extremist in Jordan, after he was finally deported following a decade long legal battle that cost millions of pounds.
A Home Office spokesman said: "Abu Qatada's wife and five children have now left the UK.
"The family has formally agreed to drop an outstanding application for Indefinite Leave to Remain."
Abu Qatada was deported last monthAbu Qatada was deported last month
“Abu Qatada's wife and five children have now left the UK”
Home Office spokesman
His wife and children had apparently been living in a council house in Middlesex over recent months.
But neighbours protested against their presence and demanded they be moved out of the area.
Qatada, who is awaiting trial on terrorism charges, fled to Britain from Jordan in 1993 - arriving with his wife and their first three children.
He was granted leave to remain the following year after claiming asylum on the grounds of religious persecution.
After his arrest in 2002, he constantly won battles to avoid being deported back to Jordan but finally gave up his fight after the Jordanian government ratified a new treaty guaranteeing his right to a fair trial.