Friday, 6 December 2013

FIFA 2014 World Cup: Final Draw Results. Nigeria Is In Passable Group F

World Cup: Final Draw 
Good Evening, Nigeria and welcome to FIFA 2014 World Cup Draw.
Everything is set at the Costa do Sauipe Resort, Brazil, for the start of the draw! shall provide live updates as they happen.
There could easily be two, if not three “groups of death”. There are a lot of very strong teams out there.
The balls will be picked in 5-7 minutes, we shall fill-in the gaps below, LIVE:
17:40 With the eyes of the world waiting for the draw, FIFA respond by giving a gymnastics / dance display celebrating... er, well we've no idea. It's not bad, if a bit X-Factor runner-up. 
17:43 The pre-draw disposition: Pot 1 is the seeded teams, with hosts Brazil automatically in group A.
Pot 2 is Africa and South America - plus one randomly-drawn European team, which could be England.
Pot 3 is Australasia and North/Central America, while Pot 4 is Europe. 
17:45 Pele is now on stage - talking about his dad crying in 1950 after Brazil lost the World Cup final at the Maracana.
17:49 The official presentation now moves to video clips of all the towns that will host matches in the tournament - lots of montages of colourful houses, funky beaches and people dancing with big smiles on their faces. Honestly, we want the draw to get started as much as you do :)
17:52 The men making the draws are now being introduced - and first up is Sir Geoff Hurst. Cafu, Fabio Cannavaro, Zinedine Zidane, Mario Kempes, Fernando Hierro, Lothar Matthaeus and Alcides Ghiggia are the other men who'll be involved... 
17:55 IT'S ON:
Group A
- Brazil
- Croatia
- Mexico
- Cameroon
Group B ('Group of Death')
- Spain
- Netherlands
- Chile 
- Australia
Group C
- Columbia
- Greece
- Ivory Coast
- Japan
Group D ('Group of Death')
- Uruguay
- Costa Rica
- England
- Italy
Group E ('Group of Life')
- Switzerland
- Ecuador
- France
- Honduras
Group F
- Argentina
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Iran
Group G
- Germany
- Portugal
- Ghana
- United States of America
Group H ('Group of Life')
- Belgium
- Algeria
- Russia
- South Korea

18:21 The draw is over. More reactions, comments and analysis will follow soon. Thanks for joining us!