Thursday, 6 June 2013

Charly Boy's Daughter Adaeze Opens Up About Life As An Oputa

Ada is obviously a contrast of the Charlyboy’s personal. In this interview, Ada bares her mind on who she is and the effect of the Charlyboy brand on her.
photo Ada is obviously a contrast of the Charlyboy’s personal. In this interview, Ada bares her mind on who she is and the effect of the Charlyboy brand on her.
You have been introduced to Dominique Oputa, this is her immediate elder sister, Adaeze Oputa. Adaeze graduated with magna cum laude from South Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business relations (public marketing and advertising concentration) and an MBA in Management Information Systems. Currently, she works in Education Management (for profit educational sector) as an Associate Director on the Admissions Board. Ada also hosts and produces an entertainment TV show on Fuxion Television in Atlanta, called The Entertainment Scoop
Could you tell us a little about yourself?
Well, I’m Adaeze Oputa… daughter of Charles and Diane Oputa. I graduated with magna cum laude from South Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business relations (public marketing and advertising concentration) and an MBA in Management Information Systems. Currently, I work in education management (for profit educational sector) as an associate director on the admissions board. I love working in education especially with young adults, providing structure is my calling. I also host and produce an entertainment television show on Fuxion Television, Atlanta called The Entertainment Scoop. The show details mainly current events in the African Entertainment industry.
Do you imagine yourself wearing tattoos and piercings? What is your own take on it?
I have a small tattoo, which I got out of peer pressure when I was much-much younger. I’m not opposed to tattoos or piercings. I feel that these things are subjective means of expression actualized in art and it just happens to be on the body. Some paint on canvas, some on buildings, and others on their skin – to each, its own.
From what you said earlier, your educational background differs from your professional background. Why didn’t you study something more related to what you are practicing now? Do you enjoy what you are doing and is it what you have always aspired to do?
My educational background actually makes me versatile professionally and doesn’t necessarily box me into a specific profession. In regards to my television show – it’s something I have always dreamed of doing, but was only afraid to venture into it because of my father’s success in that area. I always felt like I needed something that was my own and in so doing, I tried hard to stifle my creative aspirations. It took a lot of convincing and grooming from my managers to have reached this point.
I enjoy my professional life and get fulfillment from what I do. I also love producing and being in front of the camera. Although, I don’t have formal training, I’ve learnt a lot in the little amount of time I have been with Fuxion Television and I am grateful for the experience. I work with a great team of professionals and I cannot wait for the world to see what we have to offer.
Tell us about your television show and any other projects you may be working on
Fuxion Television is head quartered in Atlanta Georgia and is a multicultural television station. We started airing officially in January of 2013 and we hit the ground running. Currently we are airing a wide variety of shows and one of them is The Entertainment Scoop hosted and produced by yours truly. We also have an online app that we just launched which allows our audience to watch our shows from any part of the world on your cell phone, laptop, ipad and so on. All you have to do is log on to our website to watch our station live or look for our app on Google market place. Also follow us on twitter @fuxion TV ATL and find us on face book as well.
Are you happy with whom your father is, especially his persona? If yes or no; why?
We don't choose our family, I'm glad I was born into the legacy that is Oputa. Mr. Oputa is my father, not Charlyboy.
Could you say you are proud of your family name? Has being Charlyboy’s daughter helped you?
Of course, I am proud of my family. We have a proud and rich legacy and I hope I am able to continue that. I wouldn't say my father’s name has helped or hindered my knowledge in anyway. I operate as an individual and I always have.
What are your reactions when people speak negatively about the brand/ your father.
 The brand is in the public eye and anything/ anyone in the public eye is subject to scrutiny. So I'm indifferent about it, to answer your question.
The brand has been rumored to being gay, illuminati, or a voodist among other weird stuff. What is your take on that?
What Charlyboy puts out and who my father is are two different things.
Do you think there is any trait you have taken from your father, whether good or bad?
I'm his daughter,  and like him, I am head strong, focused, determined about my dream, and I celebrate my individuality.
The brand is very controversial, how does that affect you as a young lady?
 Ask Charlyboy. However, when issues like that arise, we address them and move on.
How did you feel growing up as a child, hearing different rumours about your dad?
Growing up, my household was the norm, so I saw nothing wrong with it. As I got older and heard some of the rumours, it helped me understand that people may not exactly understand the brand, and it’s something that I’ve grown to understand and accept. Everyone walks their own path in life, my dad is walking his, and we all are doing the same and rumours cannot change that.
Has there been any difference between the message of the brand and your philosophy?
Well, not exactly. The same message of individuality, tenacity, focus and chasing your dreams as typical of the brand, all form the bedrock of my philosophy .  Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life….
Would you have preferred a quiet life for the brand?
You use the term "The Brand" and I'm not sure if you are referring to My father or his profession. At any rate, I don't think I have a preference. Its the life he /the brand chose and it works for him/ the brand. Quiet is relative, I think he is low key in his personal life but some people may beg to differ from afar.
Apart from being your father, what are the benefits you think the brand can give to the society?
He has encouraged young people to imbibe creative freedom and that of expression, inspiring them to look inwards, while chasing their dreams tenaciously.
Who is Lady D?
My beautiful mother.
It appears you have been on your own for a very long time, how has your mom contributed in the journey so far?
My mom and I are best friends, so we lean on each other for advice, especially in this stage of my life. I think that relationship is extremely important. She visits me very often (maybe too often) laughs. When she visits we, talk about every possible thing under the sun, and to me, that’s essential – communication is the key to every relationship.
Are you aware of the reality TV show? What’s your take on it? Don’t you think everyone is doing something like it right now, and this is just one of those things?
I am aware, in fact we are currently working on revamping the present concept that features the entire family. I know a short reel was leaked earlier on in the year, and since then, we have restructured the script and we will be giving our viewers something very fresh – something you have never seen before. The show will provide a realistic insight on the family, our struggles, triumphs, trials and so much more, a real view on what family life is about. Everyone has always been interested in our family structure and how things really go down in the house that punk built. So, this show is long overdue. 
Your parents have stayed  together,  for over thirty-five years. What do you think is responsible for that and is there anything to learn from what they share? If so,  what?
Love, Patience, Understanding and God.
Since you come from a rich heritage, what do you think you have to do to top that?
A lot, and I feel as though I'm well on my way by Gods Grace.