Thursday, 6 June 2013

Poorest President In The World Turns Down Peace Prize Nomination

Known for its simplicity, the President of Uruguay, José "Pepe" Mujica doesn't want to compete for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Poorest President In The World Tturns Down Peace Prize Nomination
The Dutch NGO Drugs Peace Institute launched a campaign to accompany the indication of the Uruguayan leader for his initiative to grant the State control of production, distribution and sale of marijuana to fight drug trafficking.
"Mujica is the first president who proposed to end this war that serves no one, only to vested interests," said the president of the NGO, Frans Bronkhorst.
After 77 years, the president of Uruguay lives on a small farm on the outskirts of Montevideo with his wife, where he grows flowers and vegetables to sell in local markets.
His monthly salary is $12.500, 90% of which he donates for the construction of housing.
Poorest President In The World Tturns Down Peace Prize Nomination
In an interview last Friday, 31 May, Mujica said:
"They are crazy. That peace prize, prize or anything.
If you give me a prize would be such an honor for the humble Uruguay to get a few pesos more to make houses.
In Uruguay we have many single women with 4 and 5 children because men abandoned them and fight for them to have a decent roof.
Well, for that would make sense. But the peace it takes in, and the prize I already have.
The award is in the streets of my country. In the embrace of my companions, in humble homes, in bars, in ordinary people.
In my country I walk down the street and I eat at this bar without any paraphernalia people of the state. "