Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Man Walks 40km Through Forest With Pregnant Wife On Shoulder To Save Her Life

In an effort to save his pregnant wife and their child, a man walked through forest for about 40km in heavy rains carrying the ailing woman on his shoulders to get her to a hospital, India.
Man Walks 40km Through Forest With Pregnant Wife On Shoulder To Save Her LifeThe tribal youth, Ayyappan, carried his seven-month pregnant wife, Sudha set off for the hospital from the Konni forests on Tuesday last week.
Ayappan walked to Kokkathod, said to be about 40km from the place he was staying in the forest, and then managed to get a jeep to take his wife to Pathnamthitta district hospital from where she was referred to Kottayam medical college hospital as she had convulsions.
"The woman's life had been saved since she was carried all the way, but the baby could not be saved.
Labour was induced for the delivery of the dead foetus," Dr Kunjamma Roy, head of the Gynaecology department of the Kottayam Medical college hospital told PTI.
The delivery was on Wednesday and the mother is recovering, she said.
When the woman was brought to the hospital, she had oedema, high blood pressure and convulsions. Convulsions during pregnancy can affect both mother and child, Dr Roy said.
The couple were living in the Konni forests and eked out a living by selling honey and various other products from the forest.
As media reports came in about the couple, offers of financial assistance have started pouring in.