Saturday, 15 June 2013

Northern Governors’ Forum Meeting Is Dead – Gov Suswam

Governor Gabriel Suswam has declared that with the high level of distrust and wrangling among Governors in the country, the meeting of northern Governors may have ceased to exist.
Also, his Plateau State counterpart and factional chairman of Nigerian Governors’ Forum, NGF, Governor Jonah Jang has accused opposition parties of being the architects behind the crisis within the forum, adding that their aim was to destabilise the ruling People’s Democratic Party, (PDP).
Gabriel Suswam and Jonah Jang Suswam who made this declaration yesterday while fielding questions from newsmen in Makurdi, said some governors in the north were not playing by the rules and by so doing negating the principles of honour.
He said since the governors could not trust each other and stand in unison on issues of common interest, it was no longer tenable for most members to belong to the forum.
He said, “There is no pretense about it, some of us find it hard to belong to a meeting where decisions reached are flagrantly flaunted. ”It is no longer honourable to belong to the meeting of northern Governors because we cannot pretend that we belong to a meeting, and when certain decisions are reached, members would go out and take a contrary position.
”I’ll find it difficult to sit in such a meeting, it is certainly not honourable to do such a thing and that is the position of some of us and I do not see anything wrong with that because we are not compelled to be part of the meeting.
”But I think there is need for us to talk to ourselves because it will certainly be difficult for us to come together to discuss any issue anymore, when you know that the people will go out and do the opposite.” While recalling reasons responsible for this development, Suswam said, “why would 18 of us in the North unanimously reach a decision in our meeting that Governor Jang should be the next chairman of the Nigeria Governor’s Forum, which was also affirmed by the PDP Governors’ forum only for our members who endorsed that decision to turn their backs against our unanimous position; it means the house is divided against itself,” he added.