Monday, 30 March 2015

Nigeria 2015′ Live Election Update

Monday, March 30, 2015: 04:16pm:  INEC concludes first set of result announcement. To Continue by 08:00pm.

INEC RECs Begin Announcement of Results from States:   Nasarawa Results: REG. VOTERS: 1,222,054 ACCR VOTERS: 562,959 AA:40 AD:74 ACPN:95 ADC:105 APA:310 APC:236,838 CPP:131 HOPE:4 KOWA:48 NCP:222 PDP:273,460 PPN:164 UDP:23 UPP:33 VALID VOTES:511,547 VOTES CAST:521,641 REJECTED VOTES:10,094
Oyo Results: REG. VOTERS: 2,344,448 ACCR VOTERS: 1,073,849. Results : AA:6331 AD:6282 ACPN:8979 ADC:5000 APA:4,468 APC:528,620 CPP:6,674 HOPE:839 KOWA:1,312, NCP:1895, PDP:303,376, PPN:2842, UDP:1069, UPP:3665.

 FCT Results: REG VOTERS: 886,573, ACCR VOTERS: 344,056. Results AA 139, ACPN:342, AD:240 ADC:288, APA:674, APC:146,399, CPP:347, HOPE :83, KOWA:165, NCP:473, PDP:157,195, NPN:269, PPN: 269, UPP:96 VALID VOTES: 306,805, REJECTED VOTES: 9210, VOTES CAST: 316,015
Ondo Results: REG. VOTERS: 1,501,549 ACCR VOTERS: 618,040 Results: AA:386 AD:1237 ACPN:2406 ADC:1227 APA:1139 APC:299,889 CPP:1012 HOPE:184 KOWA:223 NCP:846 PDP:251,368 PPN:734 UDP:184 UPP:221.
Osun Results: REG. VOTERS:1,378,113 ACCR VOTERS:683,169, VALID VOTES: 642,615 VOTES CAST:663,373 REJECTED VOTES: 20,758. Results AA:377 AD:1667 ACPN:1731 ADC:937 APA:1306 APC:383,603 CPP:1029 HOPE:132 KOWA:255 NCP:767 PDP:249,929 PPN:599 UDP:124 UPP:159
Enugu Result: REG. VOTERS: 1,381,563 ACCR VOTERS: 616,112 RESULTS: Enugu AA:433 AD:269 ACPN:479 ADC:478 APA:715 APC:14,157 CPP:237 HOPE:110 KOWA:203 NCP:761 PDP:553,003 PPN:407 UDP:1,623 UPP:290
Ogun Result: REG VOTERS:1,709,409 VALID VOTES:533,172 VOTES CAST:559,613 REJECTED VOTES:26,441 RESULTS: AA:584 AD:1,927 ACPN:3072 ADC:1364 APA:1930 APC:308,290 CPP:978 HOPE:332 KOWA:432 NCP:815 PDP:207,950 PPN:4,339 UDP:562 UPP:597
Ekiti Result: Total votes cast 309,445. Rejected Votes: 8,759. RESULTS: AAA 94 ACPN 538, AD 854, ADC 424 APA 482, APC 120,331 CPP 330, HDP 94, KOWA 108, PDP 176,466, PPN 388, UPP 145.
Yobe – Monday, March 30, 2015: 01:21PM: The Resident Electoral Commission (REC) in Yobe state Mr Habu Zarma on Monday said election in 18 polling units in Geidam Local Government could not be held due to security reasons.
Akwa Ibom – Monday, March 30, 2015: 12:05: The All Progressives Congress takes protest to INEC office in Akwa Ibom to raise concerns with the electoral process, which they claim was flawed. 
Monday, March 30, 2015: 10:00: Protesting women and supporters of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State dispersed by the Police with tear gas. The women are calling for the cancellation of the result.
Ogun – Monday, March 30, 2015: 09:45: The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, General Mohammadu Buhari, has been declared winner in 13 local government areas of Ogun State while the Peoples Democratic Party won in 7 local governments areas.
According to the result announced by the presidential election collation officer for Ogun State, Professor Duro Oni, the  APC scored 308,290 votes to defeat the PDP which polled 207,950 votes
Kwara – Monday, March 30, 2015: 09:00 Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki of the All Progressives Congress (APC), declared winner of the Kwara Central Senatorial seat in 2015 senatorial election.
Saraki emerged winner with 118,879 votes, defeating his closest opponent from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Abdulrasak Abdulrahman, who polled 66,864.
Out of the 461,000 votes for the presidential election, the APC won with 302,000 and the Peoples Democratic Party scored 132,000 votes.
Monday, March 30, 2015: 00:21am: APC Governorship Candidate in Rivers State, Dakuku Peterside, says his party is in possession of a video evidence of rigging in Rivers State. He said that some persons who were supposed to be electoral personnel were caught on camera thumbprinting for the PDP. He promised to make the video available to Channels Television after it must have been presented to INEC.

Presidential Election Results

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Ilejemeje:                      PDP-3,799,          APC- 3,000.jonathan-buhari-cartoon
Ekiti South West:     PDP-10,220;           APC -7,195.
Efon:                              PDP- 5,699,         APC-3,103
Irepodun/Ifelodun:    PDP-11,895;             APC- 7,970.
Oye:                               PDP-11,262;            APC- 8,574.
Emure:                          PDP- 6,822 ;             APC 5,353.
Ikere:                            PDP-14,091;             APC- 7,990.
Ekiti West:                   PDP-10,003,         APC-8,001
Ado:                              PDP-25,419,         APC-14,414
Ikole:                            PDP-13,306;             APC-10,026.
Gbonyin:                      PDP- 8,792;          APC 6,334
Ekiti East:                    PDP-11,922 ;            APC-8,274.
Moba:                           PDP- 8,687;          APC- 7,492
Ise/Orun:                      PDP-9,158;               APC 5,675
Boluwaduro:                APC- 5288,             PDP-4413.
Egbedore:                     APC- 9577                 PDP- 6507.
Ila:                     APC- 11576,             PDP- 7647
Boripe:                     APC-12152,             PDP- 7457
Ife North:                     APC-8369,                 PDP- 7921
Ife South:                     APC-9793,                 PDP-9283
Ife  East:                     APC-12513,             PDP-15532
Olorunda:                     APC- 23,342,         PDP-7958
Atakumosa West:         APC- 6639,             PDP-4734
Ife East:                     APC 12513,             PDP-15532
Odo Otin:                     APC-13351,             PDP-10230
Isokan:                     APC-10187,             PDP-6974
Orolu:                     APC-8466,                PDP-6360
Atakunmosa East: APC 6639,                 PDP-4734
Ifelodun:                     APC 17040,             PDP 9847
Irepodun:                     APC-12485,             PDP-7750
Ayedaade:                     APC- 13560,             PDP- 9466
Olaoluwa:                     APC 8125,                 PDP 5910
Odeda:                         APC-11,102;             PDP -4,456
Imeko Afon:                         APC-7,657;                 PDP-12,153
Sagamu:                         APC-15,761,             PDP -17,263
Ijebu Ode:                         APC -14,043,             PDP -8,972
Remo North:                     APC- 6,164,             PDP -9,278
Ewekoro:                         APC -9,626,             PDP -3,227
Obafemi-Owode:             APC -15,207,             PDP -5,786.
Ijebu North-East:         APC- 7638,                 PDP-6163.
Odogboolu:                         APC -11623,             PDP -11405.
Abeokuta North:             APC 21213,                 PDP 5,742
OYO WEST:                         APC-16,431;             PDP- 5,381.
ATISBO:                         APC-9,090;                 PDP-6,392
SAKI WEST:                     APC- 7,208;             PDP-5,368
ATIBA:                         APC-16,755;             PDP- 6,443
IWAJOWA:                         APC-8,715;                 PDP-7,389
ONA ARA:                         APC- 12,291;             PDP-7,175
IBARAPA EAST:             APC-10,482;             PDP-7,009
IDO:                         APC-17,235;             PDP- 6,538
OLUYOLE:                         APC-19,642;             PDP-6,956;
KAJOLA:                        APC-14,538;             PDP- 11,045
AFIJIO:                         APC- 8,001;             PDP-5,738
OORELOPE:                     APC-9,425;                 PDP -5,384
IREPO:                         APC-10,380;             PDP -4,979
ITESIWAJU:                     APC-7,257;                 PDP-7,605
Kibiya:                          APC- 23,000;                 PDP- 4,999
Gabasawa:                        APC-31,000;                 PDP- 8,840
Bagwai:                         APC- 3 8,750;             PDP 8,159
Kunchi:                          APC-24,542;                 PDP 2,921
Tsanyawa:                        APC-32,662;                PDP 4,819
Gaya:                         APC -38,085;                PDP 1,888
Marte:                 APC 426;                 PDP 742
Kala Balge:                 APC 1766-                 PDP 98
Askira Uba:                 APC, 5220                 PDP, 1308
Ngala:                 APC 2764;                 PDP 241
Kukuwa:                 APC 5662,                 PDP 230
Mobbar                 APC 4487,                 PDP 108
Abadam                 APC 2657,                 PDP 70
Ngazai                 APC, 3521,             PDP 211
Kaga                 APC 6133                 PDP 202
Mafa                 APC 7140,                 PDP 178
Dikwa                 APC 3031,                 PDP 114
Gwoza                 APC 15702,             PDP 1414
Gubio                 APC 6481                 PDP 306
Munguno                 APC 5461,                 PDP 181
Bama                 APC 11133             PDP 193
Guzamala                 APC 2720                 PDP 397
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