Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ledley King: Spurs fans deserve a new stadium

LEDLEY KING has thrown his weight behind Tottenham's plans to build a new stadium.

Ledley KingLedley King has backed Spurs' plans for a new stadium
The current capacity at White Hart Lane is just 37,000 and rivals including Arsenal and Manchester United hold a massive advantage in bringing in fans - and money.
Spurs put in a bid for the Olympic Stadium which was knocked back and they have now turned their attentions to building a new ground at White Hart Lane.
Legend King, now a club ambassador, can't wait.
He said: "I think the club deserves it and I think the fans deserves it - we've got a huge fan-base.
"We've moved to the new training facilities and the next step is the stadium.
White Hart Lane seats just 37,000White Hart Lane seats just 37,000
“We've got the players to play in big stadiums”
Ledley King
"We've got the players to play in big stadiums.
"The club have signed players with top quality even though we're not in the Champions League.
"It shows we will be a Champions League team and a club that are moving forward - the stadium is hopefully the next step towards it."
Spurs are now looking at raising some of the £350m they need to build it by selling the naming rights.
Spurs failed in their bid for the Olympic StadiumSpurs failed in their bid for the Olympic Stadium