Thursday, 12 December 2013

STRANGE: 3 Nigerian Men Die In US (MA) Under Similar Circumstances

Photo: 3 Nigerian men die in the US under similar circumstances
A 57-year-old Nigerian, Mr. Benjamin Chibuogwu, was found dead in his apartment on Saturday in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.
Native of Awka in Anambra state, Mr. Chibuogwu recently attended the Awka Convention in New Jersey over the Thanksgiving weekend.
The man's body was discovered by his brother only three days after Mr. Chibuogwu had died. 
Mr. Chibuogwu was in divorce and lived alone. He has 5 children - three girls and two boys. Chibuogwu popularly known as "Benny Chuks" briefly played professional soccer with Vasco Da Gama Football Club of Enugu before coming to America.
There is a strange fact: earlier this year, Elias Onyechi, a 60-year-old Nigerian man based in Lowell, was also found dead in his apartment. He was also divorced with five children.
Moreover, this summer another Nigerian, 54-year-old Sonny Asoa, formerly resident of Lowell, died in Revere, Massachusetts. The man lived alone after having divorced his wife.