Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Worlds Most Luxurious Prisons

The Worlds Most Luxurious Prisons
We never want to end up in prison, it’s a place we go when we do things we aren’t supposed to. There are some awful prisons in countries like Ghana, Barbados, Russia, Latvia, and even America. There are also some countries that have amazing prisons, where inmates are treated very well and have some pretty posh living conditions. Here are some of the most luxurious prisons in the world.

Bastoy Prison, Norway

This prison in Norway houses 100 inmates who live in cottages on the beach. The pass times of these inmates include horseback riding, sun bathing, fishing, hiking, and tennis. They are required to work on the prison farm, but they are also able to eat the fresh foods that come out of this farm.

Justice Center Leoben, Austria

I’m pretty sure that these prison cells are nicer than some of the college dorms that my friends have lived in! They are for sure nicer than some of the apartments I’ve lived in. These cells include a kitchenette, bathroom, closet, and storage space. Looks like something out of an Ikea ad.

Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

Pondok Bambu Prison
In Indonesia, if you have the big bucks, you’re not going to spend time in the clinker, you’re going to spend time in hotel with pumped up security! This white collar prison looks more like a 4 star resort than a place in which to pay your debt to society. This prison shows how corrupt the legal system in Indonesia can be. The rooms are decked out with designer furniture, karaoke machines, fridges, bathrooms, and personal climate controlled air condition.