Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Expert: Politicians Are Responsible For Cultism In Nigeria

Photo - Expert: Politicians Are Responsible For Cultism In Nigeria
The Director, Citizens Network For Peace And Development, Mr. Paul Abbey has attributed the recurrence of cultist activities in amongst youths in Nigerian universities and society to the fact that “past leadership have miscounted their usefulness”.

Abbey, who spoke as a guest on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, also said that “the youths in Nigeria are mostly misguided”.
He however commended the security agencies for their efforts in the curbing the menace but noted that the number of the cultists has outgrown them (security agents) due to the “manufacturers who are mostly men of timber and caliber, the politicians who are disgruntled, those who cannot go through the windows of winning of election but want to use might to get there”.
Abbey thanked the police officer cum politician and Governor of Bayelsa state, Seriacke Dickson for stepping up the ante against cultism. Citing Dickson’s record as a police officer, Abbey said the governor is trying to import his crime fighting skill and knowledge to impact positively on the youths.
He urged those skeptical of the oil-rich state governor ‘s action to “have nothing to fear about” noting that that “Governor Dickson’s action is a right action in the right direction”.
He also warned that many cultists are loose in the society and must be brought out of their miscreant inclined schedule.
The youths, according to the director, are lured into the unacceptable act due to lack of education which has put them (youths) in a position not to be able to make informed decisions that will better their lives.