Thursday, 20 June 2013

5 Ways to Increase Your Value in the Work Place

Adding value is one of the best ways to keep your job in these turbulent economic times. Think like a boss; put yourself in the position of your employer or the leader of your organization.
What qualities would you look out for in employees whom you would advance within your management structure? In today’s intricate economy, it is not enough to do the bare minimum anymore; you have to go over and above in order to keep your job and progress up the corporate ladder. In other words, you have to make conscious effort and go beyond the boundaries, think and do things outside the box, break out from regular routines. The way you are viewed will not only impact your success at your present workplace, but it will also affect recommendations and references (referrals). Become that leader you want to see, be the asset that organizations will always seek after.

The Power of communication

Communicating with people is an opportunity not only to transfer information, but also to build relationships. Your work place is just an apparent medium of communication. With all the forms of electronic communication available today, our conversations are becoming more and more impersonal. You will find that if you have a good relationship with the people who you work with (and for), you will be far more likely to get chosen for a leadership role. Learn the difference between e-communication and real communication. Go beyond the sphere of text messaging and e-mails. You create more value when you interact with people physically.

Expand Your Responsibilities

Don’t ever take for granted the fact that you can surpass you regular goals and targets. As an organization, or as an employee, simply doing a little more than what is expected will go a long way in the general perception of your performance, which automatically increases your value to the organization. Going along with the concept of over-delivering, it’s important to gradually expand your responsibilities .Volunteering to take on some of that additional work will position you as a team player.

Master your craft

This is a very important aspect of increasing your value. Becoming an expert at something that is important to the organization will make you an invaluable resource. Participate in industry events, increase you skills, do whatever you can to position yourself within your company and your industry. It will make your company, and in turn, you, look very good which is an additional also to your personal value and that of your organization.

Strive for excellence in your work

Be excellent in all that you do, even if it requires you going beyond the regular 9am-5pm routine. Keep your workplace clean. No matter how much stuff piles up on your desk, do your best to keep it organized. Appearance means a lot, take pride in how you dress and groom yourself. Respond to emails as soon as possible, or after business hours if necessary. Upper level management knows who’s contributing during non-business hours.

Avoid speaking poorly of your co-workers

Speaking negatively about your co-workers will not only dent your relationships, but it will undercut your credibility. Instead, be the voice of encouragement, praise, and support. If your workplace is truly a home-away-from-home, then why speak inappropriately of your co-workers? Remember words are weapons; a little kind word will go very far.

Watch your social media brand. Your personality is revealed in how you express yourself via words and pictures. How your co-workers view your social media posts will have a huge impact on how they view you as a person. There is no distinction between your personal and professional life in the social media world. What you let out tells a lot about what you have in you.

Making your company and your boss look good will elevate your career and is a plus to your professional value. There are many ways to stand out as someone valuable, respectable and to be admired, you just have to go beyond the regular. Be attentive to those attributes of your senior colleagues in your organization. There’s a lot you can learn and emulate by observing successful people. If you want to elevate your influence and credibility within your workplace, then build a brand for yourself that makes you stand out from the rest