Friday, 14 June 2013

NAMA Calls Plane Seen At Fuel Station A “Tricycle”

Photo - NAMA Calls Plane Seen At Fuel Station A “Tricycle”
The General Manager, Air Traffic Control Operations of the Nigerian Air Space Management Agency (NAMA), Mr John Onyegiri today cleared the air on a “junk” plane that was seen at Dapsey Fuel Station in Igando, Lagos, South West Nigeria.
The “junk”, according to him was being towed by a van to an unknown destination for “education purposes”.
Onyegiri said: “You can’t call this one an aircraft anymore; this is like towing a junk”.
He further explained that the wings of the plane had to be taken off to ease movement and traffic on the road.
He called the plane a “tricycle” after the wings had been removed.
“Aircrafts have wings, so to be able to tow it as a junk, they have to take off the wings and it becomes a tricycle.
“So they hook it up and take it somewhere else for tourism, for education purposes”.
He also said the airport is littered with “eyesores” like that that are yet to be removed by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).