Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mass Funeral For Italy Bus Victims

A funeral has been held near the southern Italian town of Pozzuoli for the 38 victims of Sunday's bus crash.

Prime Minister Enrico Letta was among about 4,000 people at the service, which was held in a sports hall.
Bishop of Pozzuoli, Gennaro Pascarella, urged the authorities to clarify the causes of the accident, saying: "We must ensure this never happens again." The coach lost control on a viaduct near Monteforte Irpino, hitting several other cars and plunging into a ravine.
In his homily, Bishop Pascarella appealed for support for the bereaved families. "Political and religious institutions should not leave our brothers alone, especially those who have found themselves without any economic support,'' he said.
Families and friends of those killed in the accident crowded around the flower-draped coffins, lined up in front of the altar.
"We feel terrible. We all know each other here. We are all a bit like brothers and sisters," said one man, Franco, who said he had lost a friend in the accident.
Before the ceremony, relatives of the dead wept and clutched the coffins, placing flowers, photographs and other memorabilia for their loved ones.
One coffin was adorned with a photo of the deceased's wedding day, and a scarf in the colours of the football team, Napoli.