Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Want To Be Better At Blogging? Try These

There is no doubt that we are in the information age, an age where everything is influenced by the correct use of appropriate information.  It is no surprise that the currency of this age is information. As expected, the individual that has the correct quantity of information at the right time has the potential to increase popularity and create wealth.
Blogging has taken centrestage with more and more individuals making an effort to drift a blog as one of the ways to establish a digital presence. Most blogs on the Internet are not optimally utilised. However, the few that have been able to stand out have become a resource centre and an avenue for wealth for their respective owners.
Here are a few of the recommendations on becoming a successful blogger -
Find your niche: It is important that you find a niche and be known for it. You could decide to blog about vehicle, health, current happenings etc. It is important to keep your information fresh and relevant.
Keep it short:  In my opinion, you should endeavour to keep each post less than 600 words.  Most readers would prefer a brief post to a lengthy one.
Define your ideal readers: Once you’ve found your niche, you need to know who your readers are. For example, if you write about child care; the ideal readers are child care givers. Tailor your writing to your readers and it would be more meaningful.
Be original: The amount of originality you put into your blog would help establish your blog and make it standout from the numerous others on the Internet.
Be interesting: Find a place for humour on your blog; make your blog interesting enough; give your readers something to look forward to on every paragraph.
Feedback: Create a system that allows you to receive comments and feedbacks from readers on your blog. It is important that you provide your audience with an opportunity to participate. Their input would also inspire the kind of content you provide.
Negative criticism:  It is important that you prepare your mind because it is very certain that you would receive some negative criticism. Some individuals will question your motive, your source etc. Learn what you can from them and move on.