Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mobile Shawarma Palace: Heaven on Wheels…

Mobile Shawarma Palace; heaven on wheels…
Healthy living is a subject that is believed to be anathema to the concept of fast food.
Long have fast food outlets been a pariah for those who love to eat and live healthy, as the general belief is that they tend to serve foods lacking in major minerals and are coincidentally highly fatty in content.
With the choice of Shawarma however, one can easily get a unique blend of health and fun in an oblong wrap of pita.

Mobile Shawarma palace is a unique and innovative fast food concept that offers quality meals at an excellent value and on the go.
Bringing traditional Middle Eastern food to the modern Nigerian lifestyle is a concept our denizens agree we have mastered in a genuine and efficient way, making it easy for all customers to enjoy the goodness of our very own Shawarma which is simply a little piece of heaven right here on earth.
You haven't had a shawarma until you've tasted MSB's shawarma, it elevates fast food to the level of haute cuisine.

Mobile Shawarma Palace takes both mobile and online orders and delivers in a fast and efficient manner anywhere within the Lagos axis. It is simply healthy meals on wheels.
Or call the hotlines on: 01-8445107, 08190458165,08091186756