Friday, 7 June 2013


ABOVE: Paris Jackson showed off her new hair on Twitter weeks before her death
There are kids at my school that talk so bad behind my back, and they don’t think I can hear them.
Paris Jackson
7th June 2013

By Katie Begley

PARIS JACKSON'S suicide bid came just days after internet trolls told her to kill herself because she was “ugly”.

The unhappy teen was subjected to a barrage of foul abuse, with one bully even willing her to get cancer.

Just 48 hours later, distraught Paris took a meat cleaver to her wrists and overdosed on pills.

One Twitter user called kingwbu appeared to have started a hate campaign against the 15-year-old, telling her: “You need cancer.”

Sources close to the family say Michael Jackson’s daughter had told relatives just hours before her suicide bid that she wished she could “speak to my dad”.

The family friend said: “She went on to explain how Michael had been able to talk to her, how they understood each other and had a unique bond. The family think she may have hinted she wanted to see him in Heaven.”

Paris was staying at the Los Angeles home of her 51-year-old mum Debbie Rowe when she was rushed to hospital in the early hours of Wednesday.She was later said to be “doing OK” but was put on 72-hour psychiatric watch amid fears she may make another attempt on her life.

The youngster has previously admitted she has been bullied at school.

“A lot of people don’t like me,” she said. “There are kids at my school that talk so bad behind my back, and they don’t think I can hear them.

“A lot of times I can hear them, and a lot of times my friends will tell me what they say.”

To add further misery, last night Dr Conrad Murray, who was jailed after administering the drug that accidentally led to the King Of Pop’s death, recorded a message to her from prison.

In the recording he quotes one of Jacko’s songs as he tells her: “You are not alone.”

He then offers to share memories of her father if she gets in touch with him.

Lawyer Tom Mesereau, who defended Jacko in 2005 against allegations of child abuse, said Paris was struggling to deal with fame in the wake of her father’s fatal heart attack in June 2009.

“Michael was a very, very devoted father and very protective of his children,” he told ITV1 show Daybreak yesterday.

“Everywhere they went they were followed, they were examined, they were dissected, they were criticised. And obviously this has caught up to her, and it’s really a tragedy.

“She’s a beautiful, brilliant, popular, kind-hearted, lovely young girl who clearly has some troubles that have to be addressed.”

Paris’s suicide attempt shocked her school pal Sophie Jastrow, who just days earlier had posted a picture of the two of them larking around.

Sophie tweeted: “So f***ing sad right now, shaking right now, literally I can’t even focus.”

Paris was due to give evidence later this month in a lawsuit her family have filed against her dad’s tour promotors AEG, claiming they were negligent in hiring Murray as his doctor.