Monday, 22 July 2013

Ask Naij: "I Can't Say No To Sex"

I keep having sex with the guys I serve at the cafe where I work but I always feel cheap and used afterwards.

I’m a single woman of 28. I’ve worked as a waitress for the past three years. Most of our customers are lorry drivers. Some of them flirt with me and ask about “extras”. I give them my phone number and meet up with them after work.
The sex is mostly very passionate but in the morning I wake up in a stranger’s lorry, or with some guy in my bed and no idea of who they really are.
There was one guy last week I really liked. We had the most amazing sex. As soon as we got through the door we were ripping each other’s clothes off and kissing wildly. He was gentle but it was really passionate.
Afterwards we got dressed almost without a word. As he turned towards the door he said he’d see me around. I knew he wasn’t serious about seeing me again. It’s what all the guys say and sadly he was no different.
But I just can’t seem to stop myself sleeping with guys I’ve just met. Sometimes it feels like I’m trying to prove a point but I always end up feeling cheap and used. I want to stop this.
I’d love to find a guy to settle down and have a family with but I can’t say no to sex, even though sometimes I’d prefer just a kiss and a cuddle. It’s always the same. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.
Why can’t I keep a guy for more than one night?