Monday, 22 July 2013

10 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Photo - Tosyn’s Ten 10s: Why Women Cheat
Beazy, Sisi Yemmie and I spoke about cheating, whether people can stay faithful, and why women cheat! Find below ten of the reasons I got while speaking with friends and family, and even via comments on a facebook post!!!
10. Women cheat because they are human
Okay so of course the debate became more about whether women cheat more than men and we couldn’t come to a conclusion. But, we did agree that either party could cheat because they are human and make mistakes. Being a woman doesn’t come with an anti-cheating chip…
9. Women cheat because they are bored
With time on the hands or even with a table full of projects, boredom can set in. Craving something interesting or different can lead to a partner that strays.
8. Women cheat to revenge!
‘Been cheated on; will cheat’ is similar to ‘Been hurt Will hurt’ mantra some people hold. Anger or hurt can lead people down a revenge path!
7. Women cheat because something is missing.
It might be something that used to be there or was never there and then you meet someone who brings it.
6. Women cheat when they get what they want
Let me explain! Sometimes you know what it is you want exactly. You may even be dating or married to the man of your dreams. And then one day you breathe and realise you have what you want so…what next?!
Panic central is next! It can lead to some questionable decisions.
(Ps, remember carrie in ‘sex and the city’? What did she do after getting Mr Big?)
5. Women cheat because they also give in to temptation.
I always laugh when some of my male friends talk about how they can’t resist temptation and that’s why men can’t be monogamous. I ask about women and they say, of course women can be. Truth is, the average girl stays monogamous because she chooses to and sticks to that. Just like guys, girls get tempted.
It’s that colleague at work that sometimes does push ups when you walk by, or the helpful neighbour you bump into in the mornings or the friend you’ve always known who now suddenly becomes single, flirty, and possibly sexy…
4. Women cheat to pay the bills
As controversial as this may come across, some women make the decision to cheat in order to get ahead in some way, or for financial reasons like paying the bill, or ‘paying’. Anyone remember how Forest Gump got admitted into school again?
3. Women cheat because they like adventure
Danger! Doing something you shouldn’t be doing! Maybe you’ll get caught, but that’s what makes it even more irresistible! Planning your schedule, meeting up in strange places, looking over your shoulder!!! Woohoo! Your best spy has nothing on a woman who’s cheating (or for that matter, who suspects you’re cheating).
2. Women cheat because they aren’t getting any.
1. Women cheat because they CAN.
One of the shortest comments I got on facebook and kind of summarises everything else up. Believe me, there are over a hundred reasons a woman can cheat so I’d like to hear from you. 
Why do you think women cheat?!