Monday, 22 July 2013

My girlfriend slept with my best mate in our bed- can I ever trust her again?

I FIRST realised that my girl was having sex with my best mate when I discovered his wallet in our bed.

cheating, girlfriend, trust. relationshipif your girlfriend repeatedly cheats, it's time to end the relationship
I had come home early from work and I thought that I’d surprise my woman by finally putting up the curtains she bought in the January sales.
I pulled our bed away from the wall and out fell the wallet. Naturally I peered inside.
There was a £20 note, a condom foil and an ID card with my best mate’s name and picture on it and I went ballistic.
I called him up and asked him if he’d lost anything. He tried to pretend that he didn’t know what I was talking about but then my girl walked in and I threw the wallet at her feet.
She begged for my forgiveness. She swore they’d only had sex once – when I was away with work on business – and that they’d both regretted it ever since.
But just three weeks later, I walked in through the back door to find the two of them having sex on the kitchen worktop. His jeans were pulled down around his ankles and she was screaming her head off.
I started throwing stuff. Flour, fruit, sugar and mugs rained down on them as they scrambled to get away.
Now my girl is asking me to be patient. She admits there is something between them but they need time to work it out. He won’t return my calls and she’s currently staying with her sister. Is it all over or can I trust her to come back to me and behave herself?
“What you can’t do is allow these two to ruin the rest of your life or make you feel bitter or angry”
JANE SAYS: I honestly think your relationship is a lost cause. First you discover that your best mate has been having sex with your girl in your bed. Then you walk into your own kitchen and he’s at it again.
The man is shameless and the woman is deluded. What has to be sorted out? Why can’t she finish with him and come straight back to you? I’m in no doubt that she’s trying to diffuse this situation by playing for time.
She’s too cowardly to admit that things are over with you because she’s with him now. Instead she’s tap-dancing like crazy and throwing up this smoke screen in the hope that you’ll calm down and won’t cause too much of a scene.
Let her go. Be the bigger person and don’t give her the drama or the attention she craves. Text your ex-mate and tell him he can have her. Organise for her stuff to be picked up and carry on with your life.
It’s a shame that you’ve been so badly let down by the two people you liked and trusted the most but that’s too bad. What you can’t do is allow these two to ruin the rest of your life or make you feel bitter or angry.
If she saw fit to have sex with your mate in your home, then she clearly wasn’t the girl for you