Monday, 29 July 2013

Brave little girl stuns burglar who attacked her mum

A girl aged five scared off an intruder who had broken into her home and attacked her mother

girl, thief, burglar, attack, hero, brave, child,Brave: Celina-Jayne Boxall's quick thinking meant the burglar left empty-handed
Brave Celina-Jayne Boxall dialled 999 and told police someone was in her house after a thief stormed in and punched mum Stevie, 28, in the face.
“We are so proud of her, she is a real hero”
Mum, Stevie
The attacker was so stunned by the schoolgirl’s quick-thinking actions that he ran out of the house in Hinckley, Leics, empty-handed.
Stevie said the intruder entered her home and tried to snatch her handbag as she was about to take her four children to school.
She said: “Celina-Jayne said: ‘Mummy are you OK?’ and handed me the phone and the police were on the other end.
“We are so proud of her, she is a real hero.”