Monday, 29 July 2013

Hiring Tips For Small Business Owners

Experts say a business is only as good as the people it employs. As any small business expands, there will be need for adequate assistance and inputs from employees. The entrepreneur, therefore, has to source for workers to help him achieve his goal. Some small business entrepreneurs spend so much time trying to market their business, as well as undertaking other tasks.
By Ademola Alawiye
At this point, it is important for the entrepreneur to employ the services of another worker to help out with assigned duties. Working so hard may make an entrepreneur forsake some of his marital obligations and this may not augur well with the entrepreneur’s spouse.
Management experts say that hiring an employee is a big step and a big responsibility. According to them, it has both tangible and intangible factors to consider, adding that there are many favourable sources of information on hiring the right person after advertising, writing a job description, conducting interviews, getting employee to mention a few.
They point out that to avoid being sanctioned by the government or regulatory agencies, small business entrepreneurs must understand some basic information before they start hiring workers. Below are tips to guide a small business owner when hiring employees.
Work description
The employees you seek must know what they will offer when they work for you. This can be achieved by adequately detailing the job description for interested persons who will visit your office for employment opportunity. The job description should be used to determine necessary skills needed for the position, the employee’s education status and his/her experience.
The entrepreneur should also use the job description to find out whether he can afford to hire somebody with those qualifications. The entrepreneur should remember to include all costs of a new employee, not just the monthly wage. This, however depends on what terms of payment is agreed with the employee. Entrepreneurs should also consider other benefits which the employee will receive after resuming duty and working for some time with the company. They note that the entrepreneur might seek the services of an accountant to help him with the estimation.
Advertise for the right person
Advertising for the right person is important because it gives you the chance of getting the best talents that will help move your business good steps forward. The entrepreneur knows that he can afford to hire, the next line of action is to find the right person for the job. The first step is spreading the information through classified ads, word-of-mouth, and using the services of employment agencies.
Other channels of circulating the search could be through schools, associations, and religious groups. After you have screened applications and interviewed outstanding candidates, you should check the references of applicants carefully. When the job is offered and accepted by suitably qualified persons, the entrepreneur should let the employees fill out employment forms according to the demands of the business.