Thursday, 1 August 2013

Burglar caught red-handed doing a runner with a bag of swag!

IF ever there was a classic burglar pose, then this would surely be it.

burglary, clacton, essex, odd newsRodney Geisha was spotted making off with his swag
All Rodney Geisha needs is a buglar mask round his eyes and he would fit the whole look of to a tee!
The cheeky thief was caught bang to rights fleeing the scene of the burglary, carrying his loot - which included a laptop, XBox games, electric items, cash and two bottles of Jack Daniels, valued at a total of £1,500 - in a bag over his shoulder.
But, sadly for him, an eagle-eyed onlooker caught him as he jumped over a fence of a house in Clacton, Essex.
And an oblivious Geisha, 41, went about his business while another witness followed him, giving a full running commentary of his movements to Essex Police.
Det Con Claire March of Clacton CID, said: "The two witnesses were brilliant and their quick-thinking has meant another burglar is behind bars.
Geisha was sentenced to four years in jailGeisha was sentenced to four years in jail
“The two witnesses were brilliant and their quick-thinking has meant another burglar is behind bars”
Det Con Claire March
"The photograph and the running commentary describing Geisha’s movements was absolutely compelling evidence and he had no option but to plead guilty.
"The victim of the burglary is delighted too because all his stolen property was recovered although he was left with a huge repair bill for all the damage that Geisha caused."
Praising the work of the public in catching the thief, she added: "I hope that this superb example of the public helping police to catch criminals will be an inspiration to everyone in the county.
"The two witnesses did a superb job and we, and the victim of the burglary, are very grateful to them."
Geisha, who has previous convictions for burglary, was jailed for four years.