Friday, 31 May 2013


ABOVE: Luis Suarez is still a Kop idol
He is a genuine talent but he is also a maverick
Red All Over The Land editor John Pearman
31st May 2013

By Jack Wilson

LUIS SUAREZ still has "100 per cent" backing from Liverpool supporters, according to the editor of a Reds fanzine.

Suarez's future at Anfield is in doubt after he claimed now was "a good moment for a change of environment".

The 26-year-old striker - who is currently serving a 10-game ban for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic - has indicated he is no longer prepared to put up with what he perceives as unjust treatment from the English media.

Red All Over The Land editor John Pearman said: "I would say that their [the fans] support for him is 100 per cent.

"They have defended him to the hilt and I think they will continue to do that.

"He is totally different to a lot of other players in the English game.

"He is a genuine talent but he is also a maverick - he will do things, and has done things, on impulse, a little bit like Eric Cantona used to do with Manchester United.

"With him being a star footballer, it gets highlighted very, very quickly.

"I dare say when he is over there [in Uruguay], he does sometimes speak without thinking.

"However, I can understand where he is coming from - he has been hounded somewhat by the English media.

"Suarez seems to be an easy target for them."

Real Madrid are understood to be leading the race for Suarez's signature.

It's thought a bid of around £40m will activate a release clause in the Kop idol's contract.