Friday, 31 May 2013

PHOTOS: Celebrity Sexaholics: Top 10 Stars That Are Addicted To Sex

Check out TOP TEN celebrity 'sexaholics' who aren't shy to talk about their sexual addictions.
1) Kanye West
'Sex addict from a young age' ... Kanye with girlfriend Kim Kardashian
The rapper has always spoken openly about addiction, admitting he has battle with an overactive libido since childhood.
During an interview with Details magazine in 2009, Kim Kardashian's boyfriend revealed: “People ask me a lot about my drive.
“I think it comes from, like, having a sexual addiction at a really young age.”
He later told The Sun in an interview: “I think I have a sexual problem, a sexual addiction. I want to do it all the time."

2) Russell Brand

 Russ's love of the opposite sex is the worst-kept secret in showbiz.
In 2007, he estimated he'd bedded more than 2,000 women, prompting friends to coax him into rehab to treat his overwhelming sexual appetite.
The funnyman admits the experience was a sobering one, revealing: "There aren't hot blondes ripping off their clothes and saying, 'I'm gorgeous, and I just can't get enough!' It's just sleazy men pleasuring themselves in dark corners. Let's not shy away from it: they're paedophiles and perverts."
It seemed to have the desired effect - in 2009 he was tamed into marriage by Katy Perry.
But the relationship lasted just 14 months and Russell admitted he bounced straight back to his old ways - telling US shock jock Howard Stern: "I had a bit of a reaction (after the divorce).
"Like if you've been on a diet of rice for a while and then suddenly Willy Wonka said, 'I need you to run my chocolate factory'."
3) David Duchovny
Break-up ... Duchovny's addiction ended his marriage to Tea Leoni
The actor plays a womanising writer in US TV show Californication.
So it was a case of life imitating art in 2008 when Duchovny checked into rehab to be treated for sex addiction.
Soon after his stint in the clinic it was announced he'd split from actress wife Tea Leoni - amid rumours he'd cheated on her with a string of women.
The couple later reconciled, only to split for good in 2011.
4) Tiger Woods
Web of lies ... Tiger's claimed to have bedded 121 women
The golfing superstar's sex addiction came to light in 2009 when his wife Elin Nordegren found saucy text messages he'd sent to mistress Rachel Uchitel.
The resulting scandal lifted the lid on adultery on a grand scale.
Women came forward in their droves claiming to have romped with the millionaire while he was taking part in tournaments across the US.
After months of remaining silent, Tiger issued a statement, admitting he'd cheated and apologising to his wiife.
He then revealed plans to check into rehab "for issues", reported to be sex addiction therapy.
Although Tiger never confirmed the number of women he cheated with during his marriage to Elin - reports claim the number is as high as 121.
5) Jesse James

Therapy ... Jesse James admits he used sex to self destruct
The TV mechanic's six-year marriage to Sandra Bullock collapsed March 2010, after he was caught cheating on her with a tattoo artist called Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee.
McGee exposed the affair by selling her story to a US tabloid - forcing James to fess up to his Oscar-winning wife of six-years.
With his marriage in tatters, James, 43, checked himself into rehab in Arizona to be treated for sex addiction - amid rumours he'd cheated on Bullock with numerous other women.
In a later TV interview, he addressed his problems, explaining: "I don't think I have a sex addiction where I'm running around trying to have sex with everyone and I can't stop... I think I do things to sabotage my life, including having extramarital affairs, texting, overworking myself, injuring myself, doing stunts and stupid things."
6) Charlie Sheen

Prolific ... Charlie Sheen (with ex-wife Brooke Mueller) has bedded more than 5,000 women
Back in 2006, the womanising movie star came second in a Maxim magazine list of the top 10 living sex legends.
It was alleged he'd romped with a mindblowing 5,000 women. And he's certainly added to the tally since then.
A penchant for prostitutes and his well-publicized relationship with porn star 'Goddesses' Bree Olsen and Natalie Kenly both point towards sex addiction.
And he finally confessed that he's probably hooked during a heart-to-heart with US TV doctor Mehmet Oz in January
When asked if he's an addict, Charlie told Dr Oz: "Sure. (But) I don't know the definition of it is."

7) Ulrika Jonsson

Self-discovery ... Ulrika (with husband Brian Monet) confronted her addiction on a Channel 4 documentary
The TV presenter was stunned to discover she was a sex addict herself, while studying the subject for a Channel 4 documentary in 2007.
Ulrika visited therapists in the US to discover the true nature of the disease and what defines it.
The 45-year-old - who has been married three times and had a well-publicised affair with ex-England boss Sven Goran Eriksson - learned an addict was someone whose sexual behaviour damages their life.
And she came to the conclusion that she fits the profile.
She said: "I suppose thousands of us, who believed we were just unlucky or ill-used, might fit the bill (as an addict)."
Ulrika went onto examine the roots and causes of her addiction.
After much soul searching she realised her troubled childhood, living with an adulterous and porn-addicted father, was largely responsible for her attitudes towards sex.
8) John Mayer
'Sexual napalm' ... Mayer was hooked on sex with his ex
The showbiz swordsman has more sexual conquests than he's had hit albums - with exes including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston and his current on-off squeeze Katy Perry.
But it was one particular lover that left Mayer hooked on sex.
In a cringeworthy confession, Mayer told a 2010 issue of Playboy magazine that he was addicted to sex with his ex Jessica Simpson.
Describing her as "sexual napalm", he said: "That girl, for me, is a drug. And drugs aren't good for you if you do lots of them. Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine to me."
He went on to add: "There are people in the world who have the power to change our values. Have you ever been with a girl who made you want to quit the rest of your life?
"Did you ever say, 'I want to quit my life and just f***in' snort you? If you charged me $10,000 to f**k you, I would start selling all my s**t just to keep f***ing you.'"
Simpson wasn't exactly flattered by his praise. She later told Oprah Winfrey: "I’m a little bit angry. I don't want people to know how I am in bed!"
9) Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan ... star admits she uses sex to overcome loneliness
If all the rumours about all her sexual conquests are true, the troubled starlet has hundreds of notches on her bedpost.
Confirmed conquests include Calum Best, Harry Morton, Brandon Davis, Aaron Carter, Wilmer Valderrama and McFly drummer Harry Judd.
When asked in 2007 if one of her numerous stints in rehab was related to an addiction to sex, she admitted: "It was a lot of stuff know."
She added: "I enjoy having sex. Being an actress is lonely. I hate sleeping alone."
10) Denise Welch
Maneater ... Denise Welch 'loves sex'
The Loose Woman star confessed her addiction last year when she was chosen to be the subject of one of Piers Morgan's Life Stories.
When challenged on allegations she'd bedded 1,000 men, Denise admitted she was obssession with sex.
The 55-year-old, who had only just split from hubby Tim Healy, told Piers: "I like sex. What’s the problem with being a sexaholic? I just like s****ing.”