Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nollywood Actresses Struggling To Get Pregnant – Husbands Threaten Divorce

They continue to deny but recent information indicates that few Nollywood actress are not having it rosy in their matrimonial home due to the fact that they've not been able to get pregnant and give their husbands children, months and years into their marriage.
However, two actresses stand out from the pack; Ini Edo who got married to Mr Philip about 4years ago and Stephenie Okereke who got married to Mr Linus about 14 months ago...
While Ini Edo is in her first marriage, Stephenie Okereke was married to a footballer but it ended in a messy divorce before settling with her new man in a fairy tale wedding. However, there has been no fairy tale kids in their homes thus far and both of them are not known to be pregnant, yet.

Sources say Ini's case is worse as her husband is already under immense pressure from family and friends to go for a divorce and marry a woman who would give him children. As for Stephanie, her husband doesn't understand "the stories" she's telling him about her inability to get pregnant. The guy is not happy!

Both ladies, said to be "wild" back in the day, are now going spiritual and are always saying they are hoping that the babies will come soon. But how long can these men wait?