Thursday, 13 June 2013

PHOTOS: Naked Man Attacks People At Train Station

A naked man went crazy and began alternately fighting people, assaulting commuters and doing gymnastics.
The man ran amok inside the train station in the San Francisco Subway, frightening passengers including a young woman who ended up falling over in herself in an attempt to get away.
Then the naked nuisance takes on a member of BART staff (Bay Area Rapid Transit) as he is chased around the concourse before turning his attentions to an older man who was making his way through the ticket barriers.
In between there are some impressive acrobatics as the man bounced off the turnstiles and the ticket machines of the 16th Street BART station in the city's Mission District.
One passenger even kicks him in the butt as he walks his bike along the stations landing whilst another customer is wrestled by the man for no apparent reason.
Some passersby stopped and stared, others jumped in to help, but the vast majority seemed to do their best to ignore the unfolding situation completely.